Corpse Husband Face Reveal

Corpse Husband’s Face, Music, and YouTube Success Revealed


Corpse Husband, a renowned American YouTuber and musician, has captured the online world’s attention with his unique content.

Known for his deep voice and “faceless” persona, he has amassed over 7.42 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Despite the mystery surrounding his appearance, Corpse Husband has become a significant figure in the gaming and content creation community.

Biographical Details

Corpse Husband, born on August 8, 1997, hails from San Diego, California. His decision to become a YouTuber in 2020 quickly catapulted him to success.

He gained widespread recognition during the 2020 Among Us promotions, creating a substantial fan base.

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Artistic Achievements

Corpse Husband’s impact extends beyond gaming, as evidenced by his success in music. His track, “E-Girls Ruined My Life,” has been listened to over 200 million times on Spotify, contributing to his prominence in the social media realm.

Faceless Persona and Speculations

Maintaining a “faceless” image, Corpse Husband has never officially revealed his face online. Speculations and alleged leaks have circulated, but it’s essential to approach such information with caution.

A TikTok video in April 2022 offered a partial glimpse of his face, albeit with his trademark mask and hands covering most features.

Financial Success

Corpse Husband’s online endeavors have not only garnered fame but also financial success. Social Blade estimates his current income at $76,800, reflecting the impact of his stellar YouTube content and music on platforms like Spotify.

Respecting Privacy

Despite the curiosity surrounding his appearance, Corpse Husband remains committed to privacy. While fans may be eager for a face reveal, it’s crucial to respect his decision to keep certain aspects of his life private.


  1. Who is Corpse Husband?
    Corpse Husband is a popular American YouTuber and musician known for his deep voice and unique content creation.
  2. Why is Corpse famous?
    Corpse Husband gained fame for creating popular YouTube content, particularly in the horror games and true crime genres.
  3. What is Corpse’s real name?
    Corpse Husband’s real name is unknown, as he intentionally keeps his identity private.
  4. How old is Corpse Husband?
    As of January 2024, Corpse Husband is 26 years and 5 Months old.
  5. Where does Corpse belong?
    Corpse Husband is American and was born in San Diego, California.
  6. When is Corpse Husband’s birthday?
    Corpse Husband’s birthday is on August 8.

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