Duotrigordle game

Duotrigordle Game

Duotrigordle game: If you are interested in playing games then you must have heard about wordle and Quordle game because it keeps players busy guessing the word, but are you tired of playing the same game and try some new games like – the Duotrigordle game where you have to guess 32 different words within 37 attempts.


It is very different from other games because guessing 32 words simultaneously is not an easy task. Each word referred to as the answer therein has five letters only.

Players can get a chance to open a new game every 5 hours.

What is Duotrigordle game?

Duotrigordle is a puzzle game, it was developed by Brian Chen, who wanted to bring something new and exciting in comparison to other games and hence came up with the puzzle where you need to guess 32 words at once.

NameDuotrigordle – Thirty Two 5 Letter wordle Game
Developed byBryan Chen

Initially, you might think that Duotrigordle game is difficult, but as you progress, guessing the words becomes easier.

It’s the same with these types of puzzle games like where have you been “continuous practice makes men perfect”.

It is a mind game where you need to think up 32 different words with limited effort.

This helps our brain to think in different directions because there is no connection between words, so playing such games is a lot of fun.

Duotrigordle game is available for free on the internet, and you can play it anytime and anywhere.

The game comes with an interactive interface to get all the necessary information right on the main screen of the game. So players must try at least once.

How to play Duotrigordal game?

It is a simple pastime that has become more viral due to its simplicity but in this case, Duotrigordle game is very hard to solve today and the fact that players have only 32 daily attempts to solve its challenge.

This is a completely free word-guessing game that doesn’t require you to download anything or install the game.

The Duotrigordle game has a 32-grid system where you focus all of your attention on guessing a word as fast as possible, in 2 or 3 attempts at most each word.

  • First, you guess the hidden word in thirty-seven tries.
  • Each attempt must be a valid Five letter word. The game will show the color of the letters after each attempt indicating how close you are to hitting the word.
  • You have to solve 32 words in one go.

Duotrigordle allows players to play the game up to 5 times a day. After you’ve completed your daily Duotrigordle, all you have to do is go back and tap or click Free Duotrigordle.

After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close the player’s guess word was.

Duotrigordal Game Rules

The object of the Duotrigordle game is to guess four words in 32 attempts, so the 19th attempt requires that the player be able to decipher at least 19 words out of 32 attempts. A word can be repeated in letters. The clues for each letter are free.

The Duotrigordle game is the version where you only have to guess 4 words ( having 5 letters) in 37 tries. When you type your 5-letter word, in each attempt it will tell you which letters are present in the chosen word and if it is in the correct position.

The letter positioned in the right place will turn green, and if this word is present but it is not in the correct position it will turn yellow.

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Duotrigordle also tells you which part of the quadrilateral the letter is in, because half the color of the letter depends on which word it corresponds to.

When you type a guess in the Duotrigordle game, you will guess that word for all 32 words you are solving. All the 32 words you are solving will be different.

Duotrigordle Game

The following are the explanations for the above image

  • It does not contain any letter in the upper left word.
  • The word in the top right has the letter R at the wrong place and the letter D at the right place.
  • The letter L is in the wrong place in the bottom left word.
  • In the lower right word the letter O is at the correct position and the letter D is at the wrong place.

You have to guess 37 times to get all 32 words correct. A new daily Duotrigordle will be available in 5 hours.

Duotrigordal Game website

If you want to play, you can play this game online for free by clicking on duotrigordle.com. Each day, a five-letter word is chosen that the player aims to guess within 33 attempts.

Many people search Duotrigordal or Sidewordle to find a game similar to Wordle with 32 hidden words but if you want to play the real Duotrigordal game we drop you a link to the DuoTrigordal website. Play Duotrigordal game and share your stats with us!

Duotrigordle game today answer 23 February 2023

Here we have mentioned the answer collection list of all the words released today. This table is updated on a daily basis and the correct answers for today’s game are given below.


The Duotrigordle Power Solution List has been tested by NCERT Infrexa team which is 100% accurate.

23 February 2023 Answer Puzzle



The game is very challenging for the player to guess a total of 32 words within 37 attempts, but if you like something new in a word game then there is nothing better than the Duotrigordle game.

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The Duotrigordle game uses techniques and tricks that help solve puzzles, so Payoff tries to teach them how to solve puzzles.


Once you start playing Duotrigordle game, you will come across this totally new exciting game


Q.1 How many times can I play the game in 1 day?

Ans – This game is not a daily game as a new puzzle is uploaded every 5 hours. So around 5 games can be played in 1 day and this players have to check when new puzzle gate is uploaded.

Q.2 What problems do players face while playing the game?

Ans – There are 32 puzzles so you have to scroll up and down to change the puzzles. Duotrigordle doesn’t have the option to show which puzzle has been solved on the main screen.

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