Fact-checking Policy

Fact-checking Policy

We are committed to fighting against any fraudulent or misinformation being spread on Infrexa. To make its scope broaden this Fact-checking Policy is universally applicable to each member of Infrex India.

Infrex India or Infrexa itself is a certified member of the non-partisan International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) that works with various independent organizations in many countries to identify, review and take necessary action on the contents trying to spread misinformation or to manipulate the original version of the information.

For the removal of doubts, it is necessary to highlight that we do not extensively cover all news topics, we cover the news that is intended to serve educational purposes only, therefore, fact-checking policy plays a very vital role when it comes to delivering the accurate piece of information to our users, that Infrexa envisages.


  • Feedback, rating and reporting options for the content. Please refer to the “General Grievance Policy” here
  • ‘General content Policies’ implemented through “Error codes
  • Infrexa enforces a special “review” of content just before the content goes published or live. Please read the Opinion Disclaimer here.
  • Issue a correction or dispute a rating through the dedicated Support desk

This fact-checking policy aims to identify, flag and address viral misinformation, particularly, information that has no basis in facts, a widely publicized falsehood, a piece of fashioned information intended to invite reflexive, unthinking acceptance by the greatest number of persons of the most varied social identities, the information that promotes frauds, fakes, scams and invalid claims etc.

Our specialists take prompt action on receiving feedback, negative reviews, or dispute, particularly those that are timely or trending and considerably affects the larger public interests.

Fact-checking specialists or partners may not entertain claims or disputes that are inconsequential or consists of minor inaccuracies. We reserve the rights and are at liberty to accept or reject any claims or disputes based on these guidelines including at our sole discretion.


We understand “individual rights” and hence we try to strike a balance in such a way that our policies do not interfere with someone’s right to freedom of free speech and expression, opinions and debate, clearly satirical or humorous content that is too personal, or business disputes.

How the Fact-checking Policy Works

The policy includes 5 major steps –

  1. Identify false news: We identify potential misinformation using signals, such as feedback, rating and reporting from the people. Please refer to the “General Grievance Policy“.
  1. Review content: On receipt of the feedback, dispute, or excessive negative ratings or reporting our Fact-checkers review the content, check its facts, rate its accuracy and prepare a ‘confidential note’ under Error code – 420.
  1. Flag the content: When our checkers send recommendations in their private notes, we put a label “Immature content” under Error code – 413 to content that’s been reviewed by fact-checking partners, so people can read the additional context. We also remove any ads on these types of content to discourage the author from creating such types of content in the future.
  1. Hide or delete the information: If the fact-checker rates a piece of content as False, Dangerous or Derogatory content, Altered or Partly false, Misrepresentative Content or Enabling Dishonest Behavior under Error codes – 411, 412, 413, 417, 418, 421 going ahead, we either restrict the content to be published (Error code – 404) or take published content down (Error code – 419) immediately from the website/app.
  1. Take punitive actions: Authors that repeatedly share misinformation even after intimation will face some strong actions which include – Suspension of account or termination of their membership on Infrexa etc. If needed, we also inform the Respective authorities or Legal agencies to take further punitive proceedings in the matter.