Gun Mayhem 2


Gun Mayhem 2 is a free online flash game. It is the sequel to “Gun Mayhem”. In the game, you control a character in a platform-style arena.

As a player, your main objective is to shoot and eliminate your opponents while navigating the platforms. The game features various weapons, power-ups, and different game modes.

NameGun Mayhem 2
DeveloperKevin Gu developed Gun Mayhem 2
PublisherRocket Jump Technology
ReleaseAugust 2012
GenreAction, Shooter, Fast-paced,
ModesSingle Player
PlatformAndroid, iOS, Web browser

There are various modes in the game including Campaign, Custom Game, Challenges, and Last Man Standing. The game can be played with up to 4 players.

The customer mode game offers 7 sub-game modes: Last Man Standing, Last Team Standing, Survival, 1 Hit 1 kill, Gun game, Gun game Reverse, and Jetpack.

Gun Mayhem 2 Game Modes
Gun Mayhem 2 Game Modes


The game can be started by selecting the preferred game mode. Customize the appearance and color of your character like their shirt, face, and hat. You can also choose their character’s perks and weapon loadout.

The main objective in each round is to knock opponents off the stage and prevent them from returning. You can do this by shooting and pushing opponents.

Utilize a series of your unique abilities like jumps and double jumps to avoid being thrown off the stage. Mastering movement and evasion techniques is crucial for survival.

There are various weapons including pistols, machine guns, SMGs (Submachine Guns), explosives like TNT, and grenades. Choose the weapon that best suits your playstyle and strategy.

The game requires high speed and dynamic action. Quick reactions and adaptability are crucial for success. The ultimate aim of the game is to become the Gun Mayhem 2 champion.



  • Arrow keys = move
  • Z = primary weapon
  • X = secondary weapon


  • WASD = move
  • T = primary weapon
  • Y = secondary weapon


  • Num pad /789 = move
  • Num pad * = primary weapon
  • Num pad – = secondary weapon


  • Num pad 5123 = move
  • Num pad 0 = primary weapon
  • Num pad . = secondary weapon

The weapons

In “Gun Mayhem 2,” you have access to a variety of weapons, such as handguns, Submachine Gun (SMG), Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Sniper, Dynamite etc.



Q.1 How do I get started?

Ans: Getting started with Gun Mayhem is easy! Just head to the Infrexa game’s official website and start playing immediately.

Q.2 What type of game is Gun Mayhem?

Ans: Gun Mayhem is a free-to-play online multiplayer shooter.

Q.3 How many players can play the game?

Ans: The game supports up to 4 players at a time. This includes both human and AI-controlled opponents.

Q.4 How to beat de materializer in Gun Mayhem 2?

Ans: To defeat the “De Materializer” boss, you’ll need to employ a combination of strategic movement, precise shooting, and careful timing. Here are some steps to help you beat this boss:

  1. Keep Moving: Dodge its laser attacks by constantly moving around the arena.
  2. Target the Core: Focus your fire on the glowing core when it’s vulnerable.
  3. Avoid Energy Waves: Jump or move between platforms to avoid its energy waves.
  4. Utilize Cover: Use available cover to shield yourself from attacks.
  5. Watch for Laser Sweeps: Time your movements to avoid wide laser sweeps.
  6. Manage Ammo: Reload when safe, ensuring you have enough ammo for crucial moments.
  7. Learn Patterns: Pay attention to its attack patterns to improve your strategy.

Q.5 How to beat the Terminator in Gun Mayhem 2

Ans: While beating de materialize you need to keep moving, however, in the case of terminator you should adopt a different strategy:

  1. Stay Mobile: Keep moving to avoid the Terminator’s attacks. It has powerful projectiles that can deal significant damage.
  2. Exploit Weak Points: Aim for the Terminator’s head and chest for maximum damage. These are its vulnerable areas.
  3. Avoid Close Combat: Stay at a medium to long range to minimize the risk of taking damage from its powerful melee attacks.
  4. Dodge and Strafe: Use quick side-to-side movements (strafing) to avoid the Terminator’s attacks while maintaining your aim.
  5. Watch for Energy Blasts: The Terminator can shoot energy blasts. Keep an eye on its movements to anticipate and dodge them.

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