Mathler Game and answer for today (April 2024)


Mathler is a free online puzzle game where you crack math equations instead of words. Love Wordle? Here’s how it’s similar…and different:

  • Color Clues: Green means the number/operation is correct AND in the right spot. Yellow means it’s used in the equation but in the wrong place. Gray means it’s not used at all.
  • Simple to Play, Tricky to Master: The concept is easy to grasp, but with numbers and math operations, the possibilities get complex fast!

About Mathler:

DeveloperDaniel Tait
Updated in2024

How to Play Mathler

  1. You first go to the official website of the game at
  2. Use the operations +, -, *, and / as well as the digits 0-9 to create an equation that equals the answer given.
  3. After the guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close to the math you guessed. Use them to refine your next guess.
  4. With the help of color clues. Find the equations and click on the enter button to submit
  5. Guess Mythler in 6 tries on each mode chosen by you
How to play Mathler Wordle Game?
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  • Easy Mathler
  • Mathler
  • Hard
Mathler Game Modes and Settings
Game Modes and Settings


  • You have to guess the solution in six or fewer tries
  • Each equation entered by the player must be a valid answer. So if the answer is 20, your guess cannot be 50+5-2 because it is not equal to 20. Right now, that’s one of the hardest things about it.
  • Equations follow the PEDMAS rule, which means you do them in the order of parenthesis, exponentiation, division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction.
  • Numbers and operations may be used more than once.

Tips and Tricks

  • Begin with simple equations using various numbers and operations to get as many clues as possible.
  • If the answer is a larger number, try multiplication early on.
  • Hard Mode might have restrictions on repeating numbers or operations, so get creative!

Mathler Answer Today

April 5, 2024129-21

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