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Mathler Game: Like Wordle, Mathler is a simple game that you can play for free on the internet. There are no ads while you playing the game.


The game allows the players to play the game once per day, with each new puzzle appearing at 7 p.m. ET.

Unlike Wordle, you already get the answer in this game – and in this case, it’s a number. The challenge here is to find the equation needed to arrive at the number using the digits 0-9 and the functions in the +, -, * and / six boxes.

However, this mathler game is more difficult than it sounds, because there are so many ways you can reach the answer on any given day. For example, if the answer is 20, the solution may be 1*5+15 or it may be 30-8-2; The hard part is figuring out which path will be right.

What is Mathler Game

Mathler is a Cool-Math puzzle game available for free to play on the internet.

Like Wordle, it gives you some clues: if a number is correct and in the right place it will be green if it is correct but in the wrong place it will be yellow, and if it is wrong it will be gray.

Name Mathler
DeveloperDaniel Tait
Developed inFebruary 2022
Modes1. Easy Mathler, 2. Mathler, 3. Hard 4. Killer

Fix that and you’ll see a familiar pop-up listing your games played, success rate, longest streak, and guess distribution. And of course, there’s also a share button so you can tell the world how smart you are, with solutions cleverly hidden away.

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This game was created by Daniel Tait and appears to be a new game – so you have a good chance of getting here early before the rest of the world finds out about it.

How to play Mathler Wordle Game?

Mathler Wordle Game requires Mathematical equations to be revealed in order to win the game. You don’t need an account or need to be logged in to play the game.

The game is free to play on a browser, mobile, or PC. You can follow the complete instruction on how to play Mathler Math Puzzle game given below:

  • You first go to the official website of Mathler game
  • Now you will get three-mode in which mini mathler mode has six squares to fill. The classic mathler has 8 squares where all symbols and maths users just need to rearrange to correct position
  • Guess Mythler in 6 tries on each mode chosen by you
  • Each guess must have valid 5, 6, 8 maths and equation marks. Find these equations and click on enter button to submit
  • After the guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close to the math you guessed
How to play Mathler Wordle Game?
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What are the rules of the mathler game?

As is the case with Wordle, Mathler is light on the rules and heavy on the simplicity:

  • You have to guess the solution in six or fewer tries
  • Each equation entered by the player must be a valid answer. So if the answer is 20, your guess cannot be 50+5-2 because it is not equal to 20. Right now, that’s one of the hardest things about it.
  • Equations follow the PEDMAS rule, which means you do them in the order of parenthesis, exponentiation, division, multiplication, addition, and then subtraction.
  • A correct entry turns green
  • Correct entry in the wrong place turns yellow
  • The incorrect entry is grayed out
  • Numbers and operations may be used more than once

Mathler math wordley answer today 23 February 2023

We have mentioned the Maths Wordal Answer List below. This table is updated on a daily basis and the correct answers to today’s math game are mentioned.

The Mathler answer List has been tested by NCERT Infrexa team which is supposed to be 100% correct.

DateMathler Answers
Most Recent[Refresh]
Today 23 – February – 202345-24
Updated on10 Mins ago
Update frequencyPeriodic/daily


Q.1 What is the Mathler game?

Ans – It is a game in which players guess a mathematical operation. The user must find the hidden count in 6 guesses. After all the guesswork, the colors will show how close you were to the answers.

Q.2 How do you play the Mathler game?

Ans – The object of the game is to guess a mysterious mathematical operation with the numbers known as Mathler in six tries.

With each attempt, the colored blocks change to show how close the players are to guessing the math of the day. It has 3 difficulty modes, you can start the game in easy mode with squares and 1 operator.

Q.3 What is the objective of Mathler’s game?

Ans – It generates as many clues as possible to guess the hidden calculation in Mathler game. These numbers include from 0 to 9, or addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division sign: 0123456789, +-*/=

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