Money Movers


Money Movers is a popular series of puzzle platformer games. Developed by Meow Beast and published by Y8, these games are known for their cooperative gameplay and challenging puzzles.

The series consists of multiple titles, with “Money Movers 1,” “Money Movers 2,” and “Money Movers 3” being some of the most notable entries.

NameMoney Movers 1
DeveloperMeow Beast
PublishJanuary 2018
ModesTwo players
PlatformsWeb Browser (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)

You’ll need to use your wits and teamwork to figure out how to get the money where it needs to go while avoiding the obstacles in your way.

The objective of the Money Movers Game

The main premise of the Money Movers series typically involves controlling two characters, often brothers, who are trying to retrieve stolen money or escape from various locations.

Players need to work together to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles like switches, lasers, moving platforms, and more in order to successfully complete each level. The games require coordination and strategy, making them a fun choice for two players.

How to play Money Movers

  • To move younger brother: WSAD
  • To move Elder (Fat) Brother: Arrow keys


Features of the Game

  1. Two-Player Co-op: The games are designed for two players to work together, with each player controlling one of the characters. You can either play with a friend or control both characters yourself if you prefer a solo experience.
  2. Puzzle Solving: The levels are filled with puzzles and challenges that require both characters to cooperate and use their unique abilities to progress.
  3. Multiple Levels: The Money Movers series usually offers a variety of levels, each with its own set of challenges and puzzles
Money Movers Game levels
Levels in the Game

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