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Do you love word games? Wordle 2 (often refers to simply playing Wordle multiple times) is a great way to exercise your brain and have fun.

If you enjoy Wordle, here’s a guide to playing Wordle 2 online, plus info on where to find similar brain-boosting games.

About Wordle 2:

NameWordle 2
Developed byJosh Wardle
Game PageScroll above

Wordle 2 is a free online game – no downloads are needed. All you need is a computer (or mobile device), an internet connection, and a few minutes to play.

If you want more brain-boosting challenges, check out the Brain Games section. Here we offer Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and other logic-based games.

How to play Wordle 2 game?

Wordle 2 is all about guessing a secret word, similar to Wordle Unlimited. Your goal is to find the hidden word within six tries by making strategic guesses.

If you are a beginner, my advice is to start with a simple 4×6 mode (4 words with 6 tries). When you get used to the gameplay and get your feelings, you can fully try your hand at more difficult modes like 10×6 or 11×6.

You get 6 attempts to guess the regardless of your variation selected. After each guess, the letters are illuminated in different colors as clues.

  • Green: A letter is in the correct position.
  • Yellow: A letter is in the word, but the position is wrong.
  • Gray: A letter isn’t in the word at all.
How to play Wordle 2 game?
Wordle 2 Gameplay

The above image explains the color clues with examples.

Wordle 2 answer today

Wordle 2 changes the answer after every attempt, so there’s no single answer for today or any other day.

Tips and tricks to win the game

  • Don’t try to guess all the words in the first line accurately. There are no detailed premises or clues for you about the word in the first line. Therefore it is impossible to guess correctly. Think of your first keyword entry as a sort of sacrifice to find clues to the words in the line below.
  • Use the colored letter hints to refine your next guesses.
  • Use popular words in the first line: It helps to increase the accuracy to get more suggestions for you later. For example, TEARS are T, E, and A with 3 consecutive common words. From there you will get more strength for the letter below. This tip will get you to victory fast.
  • Use the correct word on the first turn for all the cells in the same row below: This is a perfect trick to speed up finding the final answer.
  • It is entirely possible for a letter to appear twice: A letter can appear more than once within the hidden word. BANAL is an example of a recent Wordle result. It has the same letter A that appears twice. So if you have a green A in your answer, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be another A in the hidden cells.
  • Use the clues from the already guessed answer: You can change the positions of the colored words in the answer above to find their correct positions. Or exclude the word gray because it’s not in the answer at all. \

Similar Games

There are more than 32 games like Wordle, a few of them are below:

Important Note: When people talk about “Wordle 2” they often mean playing multiple Wordle puzzles in a day, not a separate game.

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