Monkey Mart

The Monkey Mart game lets you take charge of your own supermarket and manage different tasks such as restocking shelves, managing employees, and keeping customers happy.

PublishDecember 14, 2022
GenreAndroid, iOS, and Web browsers
PlatformsAndroid, iOS and Web browsers

With its cute characters, vibrant locations, and engaging gameplay, there’s never a dull moment in the world of Monkey Mart!

Monkey Mart Gameplay

Gameplay is the heart and soul of Monkey Mart, an exciting mobile game that allows players to run their own supermarket. The objective of the game is to manage a thriving store by stocking inventory, hiring employees, and keeping customers happy.

Players start with a small store and gradually expand its size by earning money through sales. Inventory management is crucial as items can go out of stock quickly if not replenished on time. Customers have different preferences in terms of what they buy which means that it’s important to keep track of what sells best.

To play the game you need to run around the market and grab the fresh crops and food items and then sell them to customers. Just stand in front of the customer to automatically collect the money. Confirm this by seeing a boost in coins/money.

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You can just tap on the hat and other icons to upgrade and customize your character. The players can also earn money by upgrading the mart. In the latest mart, your monkey is able to sell new items like – chocolate muffins, Fresh fruit Juices, Bananas, cookies, and ice cream! 

How to control the Movement of Monkey

To control the Monkey in the game use WSAD or arrow keys. It is important to mention that the character does all things automatically like grabbing the fresh crop and serving the customers.

Players just need to move the monkey to the right place where the game hints.

How to upgrade the Monkey Mart

Upgrading the Monkey Mart helps you to earn more money quickly. In the game, you have your monkey who acts like a chef and is liable to take care of the mart operations and prepare the delicious snacks, juices, and pastries. You can upgrade your chef by spending some money on him so that he can work faster to boost the productivity of the mart.

Another way to earn more money is by upgrading Assistants, Farmers, and Animals. These are an important part of the process management. When they work fast it will increase the overall revenue to the mart.

The third option is to upgrade the appliances and machines to speed up your production timing. If you serve your customers quickly and without waiting then too long, they will become happy and come again and again to your store.

When you have more money you can also switch next level and expand your mart. To do this just tap on the truck icon on the top of your screen and visit another branch.


The Monkey Mart game takes place in various locations, each with its unique features and obstacles. The primary location is the actual Monkey Mart store, where players control their monkey characters to collect items that shoppers drop on the floor. As players progress through levels, they encounter new environments such as jungles, beaches, and mountains.

In the jungle level, players must navigate through dense foliage while avoiding snakes and other dangerous animals lurking around every corner. On the beach level, monkeys can slide down water slides while collecting coconuts falling from palm trees above.

One of the most challenging locations is Mountaintop Village. Players need to use grappling hooks to swing over chasms and avoid boulders rolling down steep hillsides. Each location presents a unique set of challenges for gamers to overcome.

The visuals are stunning at each game location with high-quality graphics that keep gameplay engaging and immersive. The scenery changes frequently enough not to get too monotonous or repetitive throughout gameplay sessions.

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are cleverly placed secrets that add an extra layer of fun and excitement to the gameplay experience.

One Easter egg involves finding a hidden banana stash somewhere within one of the levels. If you manage to find it, your monkey character will receive a significant boost in health and energy for a limited time.

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Another Easter egg involves locating a secret portal that takes your character to an alternate dimension filled with even more challenging obstacles and enemies. This adds an extra level of difficulty but also offers great rewards if you can successfully complete it.

Where to play?

The Monkey Mart Unblocked is available on various websites like Poki and CrazyGames, but we recommend you to play it on Infrexa as here we provide the full-screen Monkey Mart Game experience to you. It is also unblocked on Infrexa.