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Nerdle is a numeric version of the Wordle unlimited game which allows players to guess the solution in 6 maximum tries.

After each attempt, the color of the tiles changes to indicate how proximate your guess was to the answer.

Developer nameRichard and Marcus
Launched in yearJanuary 2022
CategoryWord Puzzle Game

If you wish to play the games like Wordle that help children to boost their math skills, then this is the ideal game for you.

Nerdle Game Rules

  • Players get 6 tries only to solve the equation
  • The players will have a total of 8 ‘Letters’ to form an equation and find the solution
  • A letter must include valid numbers only eg. – 0, 1, 2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
  • Users have to use one of five math symbols to create the equation eg.
    1. Add (+)
    2. Minus (-)
    3. Divide (/)
    4. Multiply (*),
    5. Equal (=)
  • Players are required to create an equation that is mathematically correct which means you can not enter 2+2 = 6. To achieve the ‘Correct equation rule’, the use of equal sign (=) is compulsory in all tries or rows.
  • After using any math symbols (+, -, *, /, =) a number (0, 1, 2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) is used prior and after the symbol. For example 2+2 = 4. You can not put an equation in this format 2+=2=4
  • Standard order operation applies to the game. For example – If you want to create an equation 20 + 30 = 50 then 30 + 20 = 50 is not enough.

Color code meaning

  • Black – The number is not included in the answer at any spot
  • Purple – The Number include in the solution but it is at the wrong spot
  • Green – The include in a solution and is at the correct spot

How to play Nerdle game

  • Find the game given below on this page.
  • You have total 8 blocks, enter the digits of your choice from 0123456789+-*/= in it to start the game.
  • While using these digits make sure that you have created an equation that is mathematically correct.
  • Use the ‘equal’ (=) math sign in every equation and try to balance both sides of the equation
  • Once you balance the equation hit the “Enter” button to submit your equation
  • See the color hints in the previous tries and keep playing and guessing the solution.

Important facts you should know

  • The game resets every day at midnight GMT. These are the different Time zones the game reset –
    • 4pm PST
    • 7pm EST
    • Midnight GMT
    • 1am CET
    • 9am JST
    • 11am AET
  • The Nerdle game has 4 variants. For example –
    • Mini – It is a simpler version of the Classic Nerdle which has 6 digits instead of 8.
    • Speed Nerdle: The game is time bunded where the players have to play as fast as can against the clock.
    • Instant: It has only one guess and one possible answer.
    • Pro: The Pro version of the Nerdle allows users to create their own game. If you want to create your own Nerdle to challenge your friend then this is only a variant for you.
  • You can not play this game more than once a day. If you fail then you have to wait for the next day to attempt it again, It generally reset at Midnight GMT.
  • Nerdle archive feature allows you to play the game for any previous day and for this, you have to just suffix the date of the game in its URL. For example, if you want to play the game on 13 August 2022 then you have to add this date after the game URL –

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