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Top 8 New York Times Games you should play in 2024


New York Times Games (NYT Games) has introduced a variety of interactive games designed to lure us out of our homes and into the wintry landscape, sending shivers down the spines of local deer and birds.

For those eager to welcome the chilly weather and indulge in a fascination for peculiar creatures, read on as we present The New York Times’ Best Video Games of 2024 So Far.

A standout feature of these games is their daily updates, providing a fresh challenge each day. As new games are introduced, the official answers for previous challenges are promptly published on the New York Times website.

Join us on a curated tour of the top 8 New York Times Games, promising to whisk you away to enchanting winter realms, each offering a distinctive blend of challenge and charm:

Conquer 8 Winter Worlds in New York Times Games

With everything from word puzzles to coloring books, there’s something for everyone. Check out the ‘Best New York Times Games’ below –

1. Wordle unlimited

Remember the daily excitement of Wordle, the game where you guess a five-letter word in six tries? Wordle Unlimited brings that excitement back with lots of rounds of word-twisting fun.

No need to wait for the next challenge – jump into a bunch of puzzles that are ready to test your deductive skills and help you learn new words.

Wordle Unlimited
Wordle Unlimited

The game is completely free and requires no signup or login. You can visit the New York Times Games section and play it on desktop and mobile devices.

There are several games like Wordle, but Wordle is one of the simplest and most fun ones to play. If you’re feeling a bit out of practice, Wordle Unlimited lets you pick past puzzles to practice specific word combinations. Whether you’re really good at word games or just getting started, Wordle Unlimited is here for endless nights of brainy fun during the winter.

2. The Crosswords

The Crosswords in NYT Games are like snowy mountains with tricky clues. Picture yourself at the bottom of a Crossword grid, solving puzzles and revealing words with each clue. It’s like climbing a mountain, and as you conquer each clue, your confidence grows.

The gameplay is an adventure – solving puzzles and discovering words. When you reach the summit and solve the last clue, it’s a warm reward for your mental climb.

The Crosswords | New York Times Games
The Crosswords

A horizontal answer connects with a vertical one, like branches interlocking in the frost. Suddenly, a clue you didn’t get earlier falls into place, lighting up a whole chain of words. The joy of figuring it out feels like warm cocoa on a frozen night.

The beauty of Crosswords is not just in winning but in the journey. Each clue is a small adventure, revealing unexpected connections between words. So, for a winter wonderland for your mind, grab a pen, put on your thinking cap, and enjoy the game!

3. Spelling Bee

If spelling class was a mix of love and hate for you, you’re not alone! The Spelling Bee game on New York Times Games lets you relive that experience. In this game, you get seven letters arranged in a hive-like pattern, with one letter in the center.

Spelling Bee
Spelling Bee

Your task is to make as many words as you can using these letters, and the catch is that you must include the central “hive letter” in each word.

It’s a challenge that brings back those school spelling vibes. Whether you loved acing spelling tests or sometimes had a little struggle, this game is a fun way to put your skills to the test. Give it a go and see how many words you can buzz into existence!

4. Sudoku

One of the most popular games on New York Times Games is this puzzle gem, available in Easy, Medium, and Hard modes. Take a look at the image below – it features a 9×9 grid, divided into nine 3×3 subgrids.

Sudoku | New York Times Games

Your mission? Fill in the grid so that every row, column, and subgrid has the numbers 1 to 9, without repeating any. Some numbers are already given as clues to kick things off.

Get ready to engage your brain! Players use logic and deduction to complete the puzzle by placing the correct numbers in the empty squares. The challenge is finding the right spot for each number while following the rules. It’s a fantastic game to test your wits and keep your mind sharp!

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5. The Mini Crosswords

Mini Crosswords is a fantastic game for those looking to boost their skills. You get to pick topics and difficulty levels, and if you feel creative, you can even make your own puzzles.

The Mini Crosswords
The Mini Crosswords

Starting is easy – just click ‘start,’ and you’re all set to play as many Mini Crosswords as you like.

The game offers a compact 5×5 grid, and the challenge is to fill it using the given clues, creating words both horizontally and vertically.

What’s neat is that the clues are short and often include wordplay or puns. Unlike bigger crosswords, the Mini Crossword is designed to be quick, and perfect for finishing in just a few minutes.

It’s a hit in The New York Times, providing a daily dose of fun and accessible word puzzles for readers. So, ready to give your brain a mini workout? Click ‘start’ and enjoy the wordy adventure!

6. Letter Boxed

Let’s take a break from word games and move on to the Letter Boxed game. In this game, you have several letters in front of you and you have to work out what they are.

In this New York Times game, players are presented with a set of letter tiles arranged in a square. The objective is to form a by using these letters.

Letter Boxed | New York Times Games
Letter Boxed

However, each word must include at least one of the letters from each of the two outer arms. Players can select letters in any order, but they must be adjacent to one another in the square.

The game is perfect for those who enjoy inventive wordplay, offering a refreshing spin on language puzzles. Dive into Letter Boxed for an engaging mental workout and a novel approach to spelling fun!

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7. Tiles

This is a great game for anyone who’s new to the world of crosswords and is looking to try something a little bit different. There are lots of different topics to choose from and difficulty levels.


In the game, you have a grid of colored tiles. The aim is to flip the tiles so that they all match in color. Each tile can be flipped along with its adjacent tiles, causing a chain reaction.

The challenge lies in finding the right sequence of flips to solve the puzzle in the fewest moves possible. Anyone looking to explore a different crossword experience should play

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8. Vertex

If you love a visual challenge, check out The Daily Vertex – it’s like a winter wonderland of hidden beauty. Every day, there’s a new picture to discover, covered in dots that seem random at first. But here’s the magic: by connecting the dots following their numbers, you reveal a stunning image. It could be a beautiful landscape, cute animals, or famous landmarks.


Enjoy the calm and focus of drawing lines carefully, and witness a winter scene coming to life right before your eyes. It’s a celebration of patience and the joy of solving puzzles – a perfect way to spend your time!

New York Times Games

New York Times Games, launched in 2007, is a premier destination for innovative and engaging games. Owned by The New York Times, it offers a diverse collection of addictive and fun mind games.

Company Overview:

NameNew York Times Games
Found inMay 22, 2007
Owner (s)New York Times

With options for desktop, mobile, and tablet play, it’s the perfect place to kickstart your New Year with entertainment. Explore their range of free games and discover a world of gaming excellence at

Explore their range of free games and learn more about New York Times Games Subscription and Discount at


As a player, the New York Times Games winter collection is thrilling. Wordle Unlimited is a joy for its simplicity and endless word-twisting fun. The Crosswords is a snowy mountain climb of adventure, wordplay, and a rewarding journey. Spelling Bee sparks nostalgia with its hive-like challenge.

Sudoku remains a timeless classic for brain-engaging puzzles suitable for all skill levels. The Mini Crosswords is quick and enjoyable, perfect for short gaming sessions. Letter Boxed introduces a fresh take on word games.

Tiles ventures into color-matching territory, offering a unique crossword experience. Vertex with its visual charm transforms puzzle-solving into an art. The subscription and discounts enhance the overall gaming adventure, making it an irresistible winter destination.

Seize the challenges, unlock premium features, and make your winter gaming journey in 2024 even more rewarding.

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