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Octordle is a word puzzle game developed by Kenneth Crawford. It was officially released on February 15, 2022.

The game asks players to guess a total of 8 words in 13 tries, unlike Wordle where the players have to solve a single word in six maximum tries.

Official NameOctordle
Developer (s) Kenneth Crawford
GenrePuzzle Game
Official releaseFebruary 15, 2022
WebsiteClick here

Difference between Octordle and Wordle

Both games work on the same method but there are some distinctions that make them dissimilar from each other.

Words to guessSingleEight words
Tries6 maximum tries13 Maximum tries
Competition levelNormalHard
Total guesses16
Daily limits1More than one
ModesSingle2 (Daily and Free)


Even after having many differences, the games have quite similarities and functions as well, for example –

Color schemeGray, Pink, GreenGray, Pink, Green
Game typePuzzlePuzzle


The game is currently available on web browsers. The users willing to play Octordle online on their computer should visit the official website of the game mentioned below.

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Game Modes

Presently the game has two modes available for the players –

Let’s learn about them all in dept.

Daily Octordle: In this mode, the users can play a single puzzle game once for every 24 hrs interval which means it allows users to play one puzzle daily. It provides users with 13 maximum tries to guess the correct word. If a user fails to find the correct answer, he gets fails the puzzle for the day.

In this mode of the game, answers are not random and users all over the World will get the same puzzle for the day to solve.

Free Octordle: Free mode allows the players to guess 8 hidden words simultaneously, all words contain five-letter words. The game differs from the earlier mode as users get a new puzzle to solve one after one.

In simple words, if you complete a single puzzle, you will get a new puzzle. Users like the free mode of the game as it makes users free from daily limitations, users can solve an unlimited number of puzzles in a day without any restrictions.

How to play?

The game works the same as Wordle, we highly recommend you to please play Wordle first then try to play Octordle. To know more about gaming rules please visit this page – How to play Wordle?

Color code meaning –

GREEN means – The letter C is in the word and in the correct spot.

Yellow means – The letter A is in the word but in the wrong spot.

Gray or No color: The letters C, O, M, F, Y are not in the word in any spot.

Pro Tips

If you want to win the game you need to first understand the concept of the game. Before playing this game you can go for Wordle which is simpler than Octordle.

Thinking about how to arrange the words? See the below image –

Infrexa Games

Where to play

The game can be played online on your computer at Home, School or office. The game is available free for users to play according to their time and mood. To play Octordle now, hit the button below –


The game is a word game that requires you to process your mind and recall the words restricted by conditions. This game is one of the Best Top online games available on the internet for users to play for free on their computer.

The game is new but it gained so much popularity in a very short time. It is basically designed for school and college children however, it is popular among all ages of people.

Many people play this online game to have fun in their free time. It is considered one of the best online games for mental exercise.

The game gives you a total of 13 tries to guess the word with an unlimited number of puzzles in free mode. Play and try to win the game, it will help you to boost your memory for your studies.


Q.1 How does the game work?

It works the same as Wordle Unlimited works. To know about how Octordle works please refer to this page

Q.2 What does the clock mean in the game?

A clock implies that you have used your daily limits and will get the next try when the clock reaches 00 hrs. Simply, the game will be available the next day for you to play when it reaches 00 hrs.

Q.3 When does it reset?

It reset every 24 hrs from the time it was locked.

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