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Pool 8 ball, also known as American Pool Cue, is a cue sport in which two or more players use cue sticks to hit sixteen billiard balls around a pool table.

The object of the game is to sink the eight ball after legally pocketing either all of the solid-colored balls (1 through 7) or all of the striped balls (9 through 15), depending on which group the player has been assigned.

You can play Pool 8 ball online against AI on your computer or mobile web browsers for free without login or sign-up required.

The game is played on a rectangular pool table with six pockets, one at each corner and one in the middle of each long side. The balls are arranged in a triangle at the break spot, with the eight ball in the center. The player who breaks the balls starts the game, and players take turns shooting until one player pockets the eight ball under the correct conditions.

Pool 8 ball game Wiki

Rating4.6 (27 M reviews)
AgesE (Everyone)
ModesSingle Player, Multi-player
PlatformsMobile and Desktop Web-browser

How to play Pool 8 ball online?

When you open the game page first, it asks you to choose the difficulty level of the game. There are three game modes:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
8 Ball Pool Game Modes Easy, Medium, Hard
Game Modes Easy, Medium, Hard

After selecting the right game mode, skip the tutorial and click on the Play Now Button, given on the center of the page.

To strike the cue ball, aim with your mouse, then hold and drag to pull the cue back. Release the cue to hit. The further you pull the cue back, the stronger your strike will be.

Pool 8 ball online: Hold and drag to pull the cue back
Hold and drag to pull the cue back

You can see the exact aim of your cue and the approximate aim of the first ball hit the cue ball.

Pool 8 ball Gameplay
Hitting the balls

Aiming carefully will let you choose where the next ball will go after it’s been hit. You can watch the lines to predict the ball’s direction and movement.

Pool 8 ball online: Aim Carefully
Aim Carefully

You can add some spin or English to alter the movement of the cue ball by clicking the aim icon. Try it out for more precise shots.

Add some spin
Add some spin

When you put a ball in a pocket the right way, you get to take another turn for free. You can keep doing this many times in a row. But if you make a mistake and break the rules, it’s called a “foul” and you lose your streak. Then, it’s your opponent’s turn to play. If your opponent misses or makes a mistake, then it’s your turn to play again.

Cue ball Rules

When permitted, you may manually place the cue ball anywhere on the table. If the cue ball is highlighted with a circle, you can drag it to move it before striking.

After your opponent’s fouls, you always get a chance to move the cue ball.


Before types are determined, any player is safe to hit any ball of any color. However, you foul when:

  • You don’t hit any balls or cushions (table edge) with the cue ball.
  • The ball you hit does not hit anything else, is not pocketed, and does not hit a cushion
  • When you hit an opponent’s ball first.
  • The cue ball pocketed directly without hitting a ball
  • You foul when you hit the black 8 ball while you still have colored balls.

Game Controls

  • Move your mouse to aim the ball
  • Drag the left mouse button backward to adjust the force, and release it to shoot

How the scoring works in the Game

  • Players get points for each pocketed shot. These points increase the score. A player gets more points for the more impressive shot.
  • Players can also score additional points by performing special feats for example – Pocketing multiple balls in one shot.
  • If you follow the rules till the end of the game, you are rewarded with additional points like – if you pocket all balls correctly, pocket the 8 ball, and commit no fouls.


Why Choose Online Pool 8 Ball?

  • Accessibility: Play anytime, anywhere, with just a web browser or mobile device. No physical equipment required!
  • Global Competition: Challenge players from around the world, testing your skills against diverse playing styles and strategies.
  • Social Connection: Interact with other players, build friendships, and enjoy the vibrant online community.
  • Continuous Learning: The online format offers endless opportunities to learn, experiment, and improve your game.

How to Download on your phone

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Q.1 How to play pool ball online?

Ans: Play this game online on any reputable site including this site. You can either play against other players or against the computer. If you are playing against other players, you can chat with them using the chat feature on the game site.

Q.2 What is the objective of American Pool Cue?

Ans: The objective of pool ball online is to pot all of your balls into the pockets before your opponent does. The first player to pot all of their balls wins the game.

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