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Poeltl Game: Tips and answers for today


Poeltl is another take on the popular word game Wordle. This daily guessing game challenges you to identify a mystery NBA player using only a few clues. Think you have what it takes to guess them all?

If you’re wondering what’s the solution to today’s Poeltl game, we’ll have it for you in this guide.

Each day Poeltl will challenge you with a new puzzle. After midnight you get a chance to try it out by visiting the official Poeltl website.

NamePoeltl – NBA Players Guessing Game
Other NameWordle NBA Players Edition
Developed byDunktown
Reset TimeMidnight Eastern Time (ET)
Official WebsitePoeltl.dunk.town

How To Play?

You do not require an account or need to be signed/logged in to play the Poeltl word game. This game can be played for free on the browser on mobile or PC.

Here is how you can play the Poeltl word puzzle game:

  1. Open the official Poeltl website: poeltl.dunk.town
  2. Now you see a blank box on the screen. Type in the name of any active NBA player and hit enter. Remember you have a maximum 8 attempts to guess the correct answer.
  3. Pay close attention to the colored boxes:
    • Green: Green in any column indicates a match!
    • Yellow (Team): Yellow in the team column indicates the player has played for that team, but isn’t currently on the roster.
    • Yellow (Conference): You’ve got the right conference (Eastern or Western).
    • Yellow (Position): Close! The player shares a similar position (e.g., both guards).
    • Yellow (Other Attributes): You’re within 2 of the player’s height, jersey number, division, or draft year.
  4. Use the clues to narrow down your options with each guess.
  5.  Stuck? Toggle on Silhouette Mode for a visual hint!

Poeltl Answer for Today

April 5, 2024DeMar DeRozan

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Tips for NBA Wordle Domination

  • Position Knowledge. Brush up on the five main basketball positions and their roles.
  • Pay Attention to Divisions. Knowing which teams belong in each division can be a big help.
  • Don’t Neglect the Numbers. Sometimes, jersey numbers or the player’s draft year can be the key to solving the puzzle.

Win or Learn

You have eight attempts to guess the mystery player. If you succeed, celebrate your basketball knowledge! If not, a new Poeltl puzzle awaits you at midnight Eastern Time.

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