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How do you play Crosswordle? Here is the answer for today April 2024


Crosswordle is a captivating single-player word puzzle game similar to Wordle Unlimited with some little differences. It offers a unique twist on traditional crossword puzzles, providing players with an answer instead of a hidden word to decipher.

The game’s time-bound challenges and color-coded clues add layers of excitement and strategy, making it a captivating experience for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.

Whether you’re a seasoned wordsmith or a novice puzzle solver, Crosswordle promises hours of intellectual stimulation and linguistic discovery. So grab your thinking cap and embark on a journey of word-filled adventure with Crosswordle!

How to play?

It can be played by a single player at a time. To play, the player needs a computer or mobile with an active internet connection. The game can be played with a time limit or without a time limit.

The game starts with a ‘final word’ (Normally an English word) given in-game. The player then has to guess all the related words. If the user guesses all words correctly, he wins the game otherwise loses it for the day. Please follow the below steps to play the game

Step 1: Start from the 4th row

Visit the official website. On your window/screen, you will have the game with its answer provided on the bottom grid. The bottom grid is also called the ‘Final row’. The objective of the game is to fill in the grid with the correct letters.

Here’s an example of a starting grid: In the final grid you have the word – WEDGE. The word consists of five letters.

Crosswordle game play step 1

Step 2: See the Color-Coded Guidance

See the color labels carefully. Each color provides valuable hints for your next move:

  • Green squares: Indicate a letter that is correct and in the right position.
  • Yellow squares: Suggest a letter that is present in the word but occupies a different position.
  • Grey squares: Signal the absence of the letter in the target word.
Crosswordle game play step 2

Step 3: Select letters from the final word ‘WEDGE’ for the yellow grids, excluding ‘D’ and ‘G’.

You should start the game from the 4th row. In the Green grid – you have to enter – E in it because it shows the correct position for the letter ‘E’.

In the next step, two yellow grids imply these letters should be extracted from the final word “WEDGE’. But unlike ‘E’ we can not take ‘D & G’ in these grids now because they are yellow. It means the letters should be taken from ‘WEDGE’ except ‘D and G’ from the 5th row.

By the way, we choose ‘E and D’.

Crosswordle game play step 3

Step 4: Choose any letter outside the final word for the black grids

In the 4th step, we have two ‘Black’ grids to fill the letters. As mentioned earlier, Black grids do not consist of a letter from the final word ” WEDGE”.

This means whichever letters we are going to select should be any letter outside the ‘letters in the final word’.

Crosswordle game play step 4

We have selected ‘N’ and ‘Y’ from the above instructions. If you look carefully, you will find that the ‘N’ and ‘Y’ letters are not included in the final word “WEDGE”.

This is the procedure to play the game. If you miss the steps, please read all the above steps carefully again and again.

Step 5: Repeating the Process

For now, you have sufficient knowledge of how to play the game. Continue filling in the grids based on the color-coded clues until you’ve successfully deciphered all the related words.

You can see the below image, in which we won the game. You may please try the same.

Crosswordle game play step 5

What should not do while playing Crosswordle

  1. Enter valid English words: Only enter words recognized by the English language. If you enter an invalid word, a red strip will appear in the top right corner of the grid.
  1. Use each letter only once: Each letter can only be used once in the puzzle. Once you have used a letter, you cannot use it again.
  1. Avoid letters with red indicators: If you see a red triangle or strip next to a letter, it means that the letter cannot be used in the puzzle.

Additional Tips and Tricks

  • Skim the clue list to get a general idea of the puzzle’s theme.
  • Pay attention to wordplay, as many clues may involve puns or other linguistic twists.
  • Take your time and don’t rush. Enjoy the process of solving the puzzle.
  • Keep an eye out for common crosswordese – words that frequently appear in crosswords but not in everyday language.
  • If you’re stuck, consider using a dictionary to gain a new perspective on a clue.

Crosswordle answer for today


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