Spacebar Clicker


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Spacebar Clicker is an incremental video game that requires rapidly clicking the Space bar button on the keyboard. The game can be played online on your desktop browser even without downloading.

PLAY: Cookie Clicker

How To Play?

Hit the spacebar as fast as you can to score the points.

Each time you press the space bar counts towards your score. And, your total number of clicks is displayed along with your high score. The Spacebar Clicker is unblocked on Infrexa to play online for free.

How to win Spacebar Clicker game?

  • The key to winning in this game is to have a fast clicking speed. Try to improve your clicking speed. You can practice by using online click speed tests or try tapping your fingers rapidly on a table.
  • Use two fingers: Some players find it helpful to use two fingers (usually their index and middle finger) instead of one when tapping the spacebar repeatedly.

How to speed up clicking in the Spacebar Clicker game?

You can spend your points and upgrade your clicks in the Games: There are total 3 boosts available to improve your clicking speed –

Crazy Bird

A crazy bird will help you. It doesn’t really comprehend what a spacebar is, so it will peck at the entire keyboard until it manages to strike the spacebar, which happens once every 5 seconds.


A low keyGen Y will help you press the spacebar. It’s a bit slow, but they can hit it 3x a second.


A Gen Z kid can help you press the keyboard. Despite being unfamiliar with keyboards, they possess great proficiency, 20x a second.

By using the above boosts you can speed up your clicking clicking speed up to 30x. Then the game will automatically click and also increase your score.

Earlier I was not liking this game, but when I played it 5-6 times I love playing it. The feature i love most about the spacebar clicker is, it starts getting automatically clicked after some time when I add some boost to it.

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