Vecna stranger things Season 4: Who plays Vecna in stranger things?

6 Interesting facts about Vecna | Stranger Things Season 4


Vecna Stranger Things: In the world of Stranger Things, if you’re going to be a villain, you might as well be the best one. In Season 4, that role was filled by creepy scientist-turned-demon lord Vecna.

The former servant of the evil god Lolth (from the Dungeons and Dragons universe) was sent back in time during Season 3 to bring about the end of all things.

His plot succeeded – but only for a moment. With his previous plans foiled, he played on his strengths and turned himself into an even more devious enemy.

If you’re still not convinced that Vecna should have been crowned as the Best Villain of Stranger Things Season 4, read out this article and see why we think so!

Who plays Vecna in Stranger Things?

Vecna is the main villain character of the popular Netflix Series “Stranger Things” played by the actor Jamie Campbell Bower (Henry Creel).

Henry Creel is an incredibly powerful telekinetic who was experimented on by Dr. Brenner and the Department of Energy, which allowed him to develop his powers.

He can lift items with his mind, move them around, and even crush them with his mind. At some point, he was captured by the government, and after being experimented on he escaped into the nearby forest and lived as a hermit.

He is later found by the Shadow Monster, who turns him into a slave fighter.

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Vecna Stranger Things Facts

Vecna was a former servant of Lolth and a powerful enemy of the Dungeons and Dragons universe. He was sent back in time to the present day and transformed himself into a human to avoid detection.

He started building a base of operations and recruiting followers. When he had enough power, he tried to open a portal to a place called the “Shadowfell,” which is the source of all darkness in the world.

Vecna’s plans were thwarted when the kids and their friends defeated the Shadow Monster and destroyed his incubator, ending his plans once again.

Vecna managed to escape and used his newfound powers to escape and travel through time to try to bring about the end of all things. He was defeated, but not before he succeeded in bringing about a different future.

1. Vecna has an entire Army of Brainwashed Slave Fighters

The Shadow Monster was almost uncatchable because it could take over anyone and transform them into mindless slaves.

It needs to find someone with a high amount of psychic power and an unstable mind to do so. Among these enslaved fighters was the “mindflayer.” The mindflayer is an ancient, powerful creature that can bend minds to its will.

In the past, the mindflayer was only able to be summoned in its true form, but it managed to escape and possess different humans, gaining control over them and making them part of its army.

It created several of these slave fighters, and even though they were defeated, the Shadow Monster is still out there.

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2. He can pull out his limbs and shoot fire from his eye

As the Shadow Monster’s powers grew, the kids were able to do less and less against it. They tried to defeat it in its human form, but it was too strong.

Later, they tried to reason with it, but it had no interest in their pleas. They discovered that they could only defeat it in its true form, so they waited for the right moment.

They orchestrated a distraction, and the kids jumped into action. Hopper and El coughed up a ton of “goo,” which was once part of the Shadow Monster.

They used it to try to entrap it, but it slipped out of their grasp. Meanwhile, Dustin used his new strength to pull off one of the Shadow Monster’s arms.

The arm transformed into the mindflayer and escaped. It went to the one person who would welcome it – Vecna.

The Shadow Monster’s leader used a device to transfer the mindflayer’s powers to himself, and the kids were unable to defeat him.

3. He has a Cosmic Lens that can see everything in the Universe

Shortly after the Shadow Monster escaped, Vecna began to use a device called the “cosmic lens” to see everything in the universe.

He used it to try to find the Shadow Monster and start the process of taking it over. He also used it to find the kids and knew exactly when and where they would show up to try to stop him.

The lens was able to transmit what it saw to the person wearing it, so Vecna knew exactly what he was doing when he put it on.

The kids tried several times to destroy the lens, but they were unable to. They tried a number of ways, but nothing worked.

When they had almost given up, Eleven remembered that she was also able to see everything in the universe and stopped the lens.

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4. His flesh is incredibly tough and impenetrable

One of the most disturbing parts of Vecna’s transformation is his transformation into an incredibly tough and impenetrable creature.

His hands turned into fleshy versions of what he was wearing and pants became his legs and his shirt became his torso.

His face became a kind of mask, and it is incredibly hard to penetrate. The skin is almost impenetrable, and it is extremely hard to cut him with anything, let alone a knife.

He is able to shrug off El’s powers of telekinesis and Hopper’s strength. Even at the end of the season, when the kids and their friends all have their powers at full strength, they are unable to defeat him.

They can’t even hurt him. They have to find another way to stop him, and they do so by finding his weakness and getting him to turn into a human again.

5. His Demon arm is a magic weapon all its own

Vecna is able to conjure one of his arms from his torso when he needs it. The arm is a weapon in and of itself. It is incredibly strong and can slice through concrete, steel, and almost any other material you could think of.

When it is fully formed, it is a giant fiery arm with a hand the size of a car. It is incredibly powerful and can lift entire cars with ease and use them as weapons.

It is a dangerous weapon that has to be subdued before it can do any serious damage.

6. Bonus: he’s basically a Dragon man with tentacles

Vecna’s transformation into an incredible villain is helped along by the fact that he is basically a dragon man with tentacles.

He has tentacles coming out of his torso, and he has scales instead of skin. Basically, he is a half dragon and half tentacle monster.

He is able to use his tentacles to grab and constrict his enemies, burning them with his fire breath at the same time.

He is able to use his tentacles to grab and lift his enemies into the air, leaving them unable to fight back. They are able to help him maintain his balance and keep him upright when he would otherwise tip over.

He can use them as weapons against his enemies, but his demon arm is much more effective.

Conclusion | Vecna Stranger Things

Vecna might have been defeated, but he’s still out there. The best way to handle a villain like this is to keep fighting, even when it seems like there’s no hope of winning.

That’s how the kids are able to defeat Vecna in the first place, and that’s why the best villains are the ones who keep coming back for more.

There will always be another evil threat to the world, and there will always be new heroes to rise up and try to stop them.

Vecna might have been the best villain on Stranger Things Season 4, but now it’s time for the kids to become the best heroes.

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