VyprVPN: Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

VyprVPN: Features, Pricing, Pros, Cons, and top competitors


Looking for a budget-friendly and user-friendly VPN? VyprVPN might be your match.

While it lacks the bells and whistles of some competitors, it shines in simplicity and affordability. Developed by the team behind Viber, VyprVPN aims to banish VPN frustration with a clean interface and straightforward setup.

Company Overview

Founded in 2009 by Golden Frog, VyprVPN has carved a niche in the competitive VPN market by prioritizing user-friendliness and robust security.

Legal NameGolden Frog, Inc.
FounderRon Yokubaitis
SpeedUp to 70 Mbps (estimated)
Pricing$12.95 (Monthly)

One of the standout features of VyprVPN is its emphasis on lightning-fast speeds, ensuring a smooth and efficient online connection for users.

VyprVPN Features

VyprVPN is a secure and reliable VPN service that offers a wide range of features to protect your online privacy, secure your devices, and unblock geo-restricted content around the world. Here are some of the key features of VyprVPN:

  • No-Log VPN: VyprVPN is committed to a strict no-logs policy. This means they never collect, store, or share any data about your online activities, ensuring your privacy remains intact.
  • DNS Leak Protection: VyprVPN safeguards your DNS requests, preventing accidental exposure of your true location and identity.
  • VyprDNS™ Privacy: Take control of your DNS with VyprVPN’s proprietary encrypted DNS service. It shields your browsing history from third-party interference and censorship attempts.
  • Chameleon™ Protocol: This innovative technology disguises VPN traffic as regular web traffic, making it difficult for ISPs, governments, and other entities to detect and block your VPN connection.
  • Split Tunneling: Enjoy granular control over your VPN usage. VyprVPN’s split tunneling feature allows you to choose which apps and websites use the VPN tunnel and which ones connect directly to the internet.
  • Multiple VPN Protocols: VyprVPN offers a range of secure VPN protocols, including the cutting-edge WireGuard®, to optimize your connection for speed and security based on your needs.
  • Vast IP Network: Access content from around the world with over 300,000 IP addresses available in 70+ countries.
  • Geo-Restriction Bypass: VyprVPN empowers you to unblock websites, streaming services, social media platforms, and other content that may be restricted in your location.
  • 30-Day Free Trial: Explore VyprVPN’s features with confidence thanks to a 30-day risk-free trial period.
  • Multi-Device Compatibility: Protect up to 5 devices simultaneously, covering your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.
  • Intuitive Interface: VyprVPN’s apps are designed for simplicity, making it easy to navigate settings and features, even for users new to VPNs.

Cons of Using VyprVPN


VyprVPN provides two main plans: a monthly plan and a 12-month plan. Here’s a brief overview of both options.

VyprVPN - The best VPN for Roblox
Plan TypePricing
1 Month$15
12 Month$100

Depending on your requirements, you can opt for either the first or second plan. If you’re unsure which plan suits you best, consider starting with the 1-month plan.

As earlier mentioned in the features section, VyprVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to cancel the service if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

VyprVPN’s Top 5 Competitors

While VyprVPN offers a compelling set of features, it’s always good to weigh your options before making a choice. Here’s a breakdown of its top 5 competitors, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses:

1. NordVPN

  • Strengths: Massive server network (5500+), excellent security features (including Double VPN and obfuscation), strong encryption, 30-day free trial, affordable long-term plans.
  • Weaknesses: Can be slightly slower than some competitors, user interface not as intuitive as VyprVPN, no Chameleon™ technology.

2. CyberGhost

  • Strengths: Large server network (7900+), budget-friendly pricing, user-friendly interface, 45-day money-back guarantee, unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • Weaknesses: Not as feature-rich as some competitors, weaker encryption options, occasional connection drops reported by users.

3. ExpressVPN

  • Strengths: Blazing-fast speeds, top-notch security features (including Lightway protocol and Perfect Forward Secrecy), user-friendly app, 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Weaknesses: More expensive than most competitors, smaller server network (3000+), no native split tunneling on some platforms.

4. IPVanish

  • Strengths: Unlimited connections, WireGuard® protocol support, affordable plans, user-friendly interface, no-logs policy.
  • Weaknesses: Occasional performance issues reported, smaller server network (1900+), customer support could be improved.

5. ProtonVPN

  • Strengths: Robust security features (including Secure Core servers and multi-hop connections), privacy-focused with open-source code, built-in ad blocker and malware scanner, free tier available.
  • Weaknesses: A relatively new player in the market, smaller server network (1200+), slower speeds than some competitors.

Quick Comparison Table with pricing and features

This table shows – VyprVPN vs. Top Competitors: A Feature-by-Feature Breakdown

Pricing (Monthly)$15$11.95$12.99$12.95$10.99Free (limited)
Server Network700+5500+7900+3000+1900+1200+
Simultaneous Connections5675Unlimited10 (free), Unlimited (paid)
No-Log PolicyYesYesYesYesYesYes
Chameleon™ ProtocolYesNoNoNoNoNo
DNS Leak ProtectionYesYesYesYesYesYes
Split TunnelingYesYesYesLimitedYesNo
VPN ProtocolsChameleon™, OpenVPN, WireGuard®OpenVPN, NordLynx, IKEv2OpenVPN, WireGuard®Lightway, OpenVPN, IKEv2OpenVPN, WireGuard®OpenVPN, IKEv2
Free TrialNoYes (30 days)Yes (45 days)Yes (30 days)Yes (7 days)Free tier available
Security FeaturesAdvanced Encryption, Chameleon™ Protocol, DNS Leak ProtectionDouble VPN, Obfuscation, Advanced EncryptionAES-256 Encryption, DNS Leak Protection, Malware BlockerPerfect Forward Secrecy, Lightway Protocol, AES-256 EncryptionAES-256 Encryption, WireGuard® Protocol, DNS Leak ProtectionSecure Core Servers, Multi-Hop Connections, AES-256 Encryption
ProsUser-friendly, Chameleon™ Protocol, strong privacyLarge server network, affordable, security featuresBudget-friendly, unlimited connections, user-friendlyFast speeds, top-notch security, user-friendlyUnlimited connections, WireGuard® support, affordablePrivacy-focused, free tier, built-in security tools
ConsFewer servers than some competitors, slightly slower than someNot as user-friendly as VyprVPN, no Chameleon™Occasional connection drops, weaker encryptionMore expensive, smaller server network, limited split tunnelingOccasional performance issues, smaller server networkRelatively new, slower speeds, limited server network

How to download VyprVPN

If you’re ready to try VyprVPN, follow these steps to download and install the VPN:

  1. Visit the Official website and click on “Get VyprVPN.” Create an account, or sign up using your mobile phone.
  2. Choose a plan for 1 Month or 12 Months and click on “Continue.” Provide your email address and password to create a VyprVPN account.
  3. Enter your name, email address, account password, and a valid phone number. Click “Continue” to proceed.
  4. Provide payment details; you can choose to pay using PayPal or your credit/debit card.
  5. After a successful purchase, follow the instructions to download the VPN.

VyprVPN FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Privacy & Security Related Questions:

Q.1 Is VyprVPN a no-log VPN?

Yes, the company adheres to a strict no-log policy, meaning they never track or store your online activity or personal data.

Q.2 How does VyprVPN protect my DNS requests?

It features built-in DNS leak protection to prevent accidental exposure of your true location and identity through DNS requests.

Q.3 What encryption protocols does VyprVPN use?

It offers a range of secure protocols, including Chameleon™, OpenVPN, and WireGuard®, catering to your choice of speed and security.

Features & Functionality Related Questions:

Q.4 Can I choose which apps use the VPN and which don’t?

Absolutely! VyprVPN’s split tunneling feature allows you to direct specific apps and traffic through the VPN tunnel while others access the internet directly.

Q.5 How many devices can I connect with VyprVPN?

You can protect up to 5 devices simultaneously with a single VyprVPN subscription, covering your mobile, laptop, desktop, and more.

Q.6 Does VyprVPN offer a free trial?

No, it doesn’t currently offer a free trial; however, it does have a 30-day money-back guarantee. This allows you to try it out risk-free.

Pricing & Plans Related Questions:

Q.7 How much does VyprVPN cost?

VyprVPN plans start at $15 per month. Longer-term plans offer discounted rates, with the best value found in the annual plan.

Q.8 What payment methods does VyprVPN accept?

It accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, and even Bitcoin for anonymous payments.

Q.9 Do it offer student discounts or other promotions?

VyprVPN occasionally offers special promotions and discounts. Keep an eye on their website and social media for the latest deals.

Technical Support Related Questions:

Q.10 Does VyprVPN offer customer support?

Yes, it offers 24/7 customer support through live chat, email, and a comprehensive knowledge base.

Q.11 Can I get help setting up VyprVPN on my device?

Sure! It provides detailed setup guides and tutorials for various devices and operating systems on its website.

Q.12 What if I have technical problems with VyprVPN?

Contact their support team.


Choosing the best VPN ultimately depends on your individual needs and priorities. VyprVPN offers a good balance of features, including its unique Chameleon™ protocol, while its competitors each shine in specific areas like large server networks, budget-friendly pricing, or top-notch security.

Compare your priorities with the strengths and weaknesses of each VPN to find the perfect match for your online needs.

How do I create this information?

I checked out VyprVPN’s website, read reviews, and looked at user forums to find answers to common questions. Having used different VPNs like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, IPVanish, ProtonVPN, and more, I shared my experiences through app testing and analysis.

By blending research with insights from VyprVPN’s knowledge base, I put together this info and FAQs to offer clear, simple answers and help users make smart choices.

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