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Among Us: Main character, Gameplay, Tips and download links


“Among Us” is a popular online multiplayer game developed by a US-based company InnerSloth LLC. In the game, players work together on a spaceship or a base, trying to complete tasks while identifying and voting off the impostors among them.

The game features a cast of colorful and customizable crewmates, with a few default character designs that players can choose from or modify.

DeveloperInnerSloth LLC
ReleaseJune 15, 2018
GenreSocial deduction
PlatformAndroid, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS 4, PS 5, Xbox One

The impostor’s goal is to kill all of the crewmates before they can complete their tasks. “Among Us” is a unique and addicting game that has become popular among gamers of all ages.

How to Play Among Us

“Among Us” is a game where you’re on a spaceship or a base with other players. Some players are ‘Impostors,’ and some are ‘Crewmates.’ The Crewmates have tasks to do around the ship, like fixing things and chores.

The Impostors try to pretend they are Crewmates, but secretly they want to cause trouble. They can sneak around and ‘eliminate’ Crewmates. When a Crewmate is ‘eliminated,’ they become a ‘Ghost’ and keep doing tasks but can’t talk to living players.

Sometimes, players find ‘dead bodies,’ or they can call ‘meetings’ to talk. In meetings, everyone discusses who they think the Impostors are. Then, players vote to send someone out of the game if they’re suspicious.

The goal for Crewmates is to finish tasks and find out who the Impostors are. The goal for Impostors is to eliminate Crewmates without being caught. It’s a game of teamwork, trickery, and trying to figure out who’s who!

Both Crewmates and Impostors have multiple ways to win the game. Crewmates can win by either finishing all tasks or ejecting all Impostors. Impostors can win by either eliminating all Crewmates or sabotaging the ship’s systems effectively. The game’s outcome depends on which side achieves its objectives first.

The four 4 main Among Us character (s)

There are a total of 12 characters in the game, four of them are mentioned below:

1. The impostor

This is the character who is trying to kill everyone on the ship. They will sabotage systems and try to make them look like accidents. They will also try to frame other players for their crimes.

2. The crewmate

These are the innocent characters who are just trying to do their job and stay alive. They will need to work together to fix any sabotaged systems and figure out who the impostor is before it’s too late.

Among Us character

3. The medical officer

This character has the ability to revive any player who has been killed by the impostor. This can be useful for finding out who the impostor is, as they will usually not revive themselves.

4. The detective

This character has the ability to see which players have visited a certain location. This can be useful for finding out where the impostor might be hiding, or who they might have killed.

Among us online

You can play Among Us online on its official website and or on Steam. Currently, there is an offer running on Steam, if you buy this game on Steam you will get a 25% discount on the purchase.

Tips and Tricks for Among Us

Here are some tips and tricks to help you succeed in “Among Us” as both a Crewmate and an Impostor:

Tips for Crewmates:

  1. Complete Tasks: Prioritize completing tasks to help your team win. Failing to complete tasks will make it easier for Impostors to sabotage and win.
  2. Observe Behavior: Pay attention to how other players behave. Unusual behavior, like lingering near vents or not doing tasks, can be a sign of an Impostor.
  3. Stay Together: Whenever possible, stay in groups. Impostors are less likely to strike when players are together because there’s a higher chance of getting caught.
  4. Use Emergency Meetings Wisely: Use emergency meetings to discuss suspicions or gather information. Make sure you have something important to say before calling a meeting.
  5. Security Cameras: If your map has security cameras, use them to monitor areas for suspicious activity. You might catch an Impostor in the act.
  6. Confirm Visual Tasks: Some tasks have visual effects that can prove a player’s innocence. If visual tasks are enabled, watch for others performing these tasks to confirm their role.
  7. Trust, But Verify: While it’s important to work together, remember that Impostors can pretend to do tasks. Don’t blindly trust someone just because they’re near a task.
  8. Watch for Fakes: Impostors can pretend to do tasks without actually completing them. If you see a taskbar not moving after someone claims to have finished a task, they might be an Impostor.

Tips for Impostors:

  1. Blend In: Act like a Crewmate by pretending to do tasks and moving around the ship. Don’t draw too much attention to yourself.
  2. Sneak Kills: Make kills when you’re alone with someone, and there are no witnesses nearby. Use vents to quickly move to different areas.
  3. Sabotage Strategically: Sabotage can create chaos and distract Crewmates. Use it to divide them or to give you time for a kill.
  4. Lying and Alibis: Be ready with a believable alibi if someone questions your whereabouts. Lying convincingly is crucial.
  5. Accuse Others: Shift suspicion to other players by subtly suggesting they might be Impostors. Plant doubts in the minds of Crewmates.
  6. Blend in during Meetings: Act confused during discussions and agree with the majority to avoid suspicion.
  7. Play Mind Games: Use psychology to manipulate the group. Sow discord and confusion among Crewmates to divert attention away from yourself.
  8. Know the Map: Familiarize yourself with the map’s layout, tasks, and security camera locations to navigate and make kills more effective.

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Download options

Among Us game is available on Smartphones. You can download the games on your Android or iOS devices.

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Q:1 How many Among Us characters are there?

Ans: There are 12 different colors that players can select for their characters. These colors include:

  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Pink
  5. Orange
  6. Yellow
  7. Black
  8. White
  9. Purple
  10. Cyan
  11. Brown
  12. Lime

Each of these colors represents a distinct crewmate character. Players can customize their characters by selecting a color, adding hats, and changing outfits.

Q.2 Is among us cross-platform?

Ans: Yes, “Among Us” is cross-platform, which means players on different devices and platforms can play the game together.

Q.3 How to draw an among us character?


  1. Begin by sketching out the basic shape of the head and face. Add two oblong shapes for the eyes and a small circle for the mouth.
  1. Next, add some detail to the face by drawing in the eyebrows, lashes, and pupils. Give your character some personality by adding unique features like freckles or glasses.
  1. Now it’s time to move on to the body. Start with a simple torso and then add two arms and two legs. Be sure to include the characteristic red suit!
  1. Finally, finish up your drawing by adding in any final details like buttons on the suit or shadows under the feet.

Q.4 How tall are among us characters?

Ans: Among Us” characters are approximately 1.25 units tall in the game’s measurement

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