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Drift Hunters is an unrestricted, flash-player drifting game that puts you behind the wheel of vehicles such as the Toyota AE86, Nissan S13, Toyota Supra, Ford Mustang, and even the RWB 911. It’s not as detailed as modern PC and console games, but you can tune and create customs for your car to an amazing level. Because it is based on the UNITY engine, it supports 3D graphics and has somewhat realistic physics.

Game Wiki

Drift Hunters is an online drifting simulation game developed by the independent studio “Studionum43 (Illia Kaminetskyi). The game is known for its realistic drifting physics and extensive car customization options.

NameDrit Hunters
DeveloperStudionum43 (Illia Kaminetskyi)
PublishFebruary 11, 2017
GenreDriving, 3D, Simulation, Car, Drifting
PlatformsWeb Browsers (Desktop), Android and iOS

In the game, players can choose from a variety of cars and then take them to various tracks to perform drifts.


Drift Hunters includes extensive car customization. Players select cars, customize them, and drift on various tracks. There are 26 high-tech cars and 10 unique tracks where you can drift your car. Keep your car drifting as long as you can to get high points. Use the points to upgrade your cars to BMW 335i (F30), Nissan GTR (R35), and Porsche 911 GT which give high speed and performance.

Drift Hunters Unblocked- Porsche 911 GT Car
Drift Hunters – Porsche 911 GT Car

Extensive Customization

Drift Hunters offers a variety of customization options, allowing players to fine-tune both the appearance and performance of their cars. This includes front camber, rear camber, front offset, rear offset, brake balance, front height, rear height, and brake pressure.

Drift Hunters Tuning option
Drift Hunters Tuning option

You can also upgrade the body parts of your selected car to increase its performance, such as brakes, weight, gearbox, turbo, and engine.

Upgrade Body parts of car in Drift Hunters Unblocked WTF
Upgrade Body parts of the car in Drift Hunters

Game Controls

  • WASD/Arrow keys: Steer the car
  • Space Bar: Apply handbrake
  • C: Change camera position
  • Left Shift: Shift up gears
  • Left Ctrl: Shift down gears

Car List in Drift Hunters

These are the vehicles in Drift Hunters:

  1. Toyota Trueno GT-APEX (AE86)- Datsun 240z
  2. Nissan 240sx (S13)
  3. BMW M3 (E29)
  4. Mitsubishi Evolution (VIII)
  5. Subaru Impreza WRZ
  6. BMW M3 (E36)
  7. Nissan 240sx (S14)
  8. Nissan Silvia Spec R (S15)
  9. Honda S2000 (AP1)
  10. Mazda RX-7 Type R (FD3S)
  11. BMW M3 (E46)
  12. Toyota GT86
  13. Toyota Supra (JZA80)
  14. BMW 1M Coupé (E82)
  15. Infiniti G35 Coupe
  16. Mercedes Benz AMG CLA Saloon (C45)
  17. Ford Fiesta ST (Mark VI)
  18. Nissan 370z Coupe
  19. Nissan Skyline GTR (R34)
  20. Lexus IS350
  21. Dodge Challenger Hellcat
  22. Ford Mustang Fastback (S550)
  23. BMW 335i (F30)
  24. Nissan GTR (R35)
  25. Porsche 911 GT (993)


  • Different Tracks and Environments: There are ten different tracks for the car to drive on
  • Variety of Cars which includes 26 Amazing Customizable Vehicles including both real-world models and modified or fictional vehicles.
  • Incredible 3D graphics that are easily adjustable between settings
  • Capability to modify and tune all aspects of your vehicle
  • Players can upgrade various aspects of their cars, including engines, tires, suspension, and more, to improve performance.
  • Leaderboards and Rankings
  • Responsive controls

Hints For Drift Hunters

  • Prioritize upgrades that enhance drifting performance. Focus on components like tires, suspension, and brakes.
  • Use cautious acceleration as the corners move in mid-flow.
  • Use brakes judiciously and slowly.
  • To survive the flow and earn points, roll side to side on the straits.
  • Tune up your vehicles to find the sweet spot for the most haulage and points.
  • Lightly modulate the throttle it will help to maintain control and adjust your drift angle.
  • Drive through maps with enough space for long periods of uninterrupted roaming.
  • Some tracks are significantly easier to navigate and others choose the right one.
  • Pay attention to your racing line and angle of attack into corners.

Supported Platforms

Drift Hunters can be played directly on your computer browser with an active internet connection. You can also download the game from the PlayStore or App Store to play it on your smartphone.

Google Play Store Badge
App Store Badge

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  • Q1: Which vehicle is best for drifting in Drift Hunters?
    • A1: Many gamers believe that the Nissan GTR is the best drift car available, while others have had great success with the Nissan Silvia Spec-R.
  • Q2: What is the name of the most expensive car in the game Drift Hunters?
    • A2: The Porsche 911 GT (993) is the most expensive car to purchase in the game, but it isn’t the fastest.
  • Q3: Which car in Drift Hunters is the fastest?
    • A3: The Nissan GT-R (R35) is the fastest car among drifters.
  • Q4: Who developed Drift Hunters?
    • A4: Illia Kaminetskyi of Studionum43 developed the original version of this game.
  • Q5: What exactly is Unblock Games?
    • A5: These are typically .io and HTML games that can be accessed through your school or workplace computer system.

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