Drift Boss


Drift Boss is an online drifting game where you control a car and your objective is to drift for as long as possible without falling off the road.

The game is known for its minimalist design and addictive gameplay.

NameDrift Boss
PublisherRayan Studios
PublishNovember, 2019
PlatformAndroid, iOS, Web-browser

It is a single-player game developed by Rayan Studios. It was initially released in November 2019.

How to play Drift Boss?

To start the main game you must first complete the tutorial where you are given training to control your car.

The Gameplay Mechanism of the Drift Boss is simple. There is a vehicle that automatically accelerates. It is constantly in motion, and you need to navigate through the track by drifting.

Drift Boss Gameplay
Drift Boss Gameplay

The track is bridle and you are required to quickly respond just before the corner. The longer you hold the drift, the higher your score.

Collect stars coming your way and use them to buy game boosters, when you activate a booster like – Double Score, Car Insurance, and Coin Rush, they help you to improve your overall performance and can be used for once.

Double Score multiplies your score and Car Insurance provides you an additional life after you fail without losing the current game session.

Drift Boss Boosters
Drift Boss Boosters

As a player, your goal in the game is to run your vehicle as long as you can retain it on the track. Your score is determined by the length and smoothness of your drifts. Successfully drifting through multiple turns without crashing will yield higher scores.

The game ends when you fall off the track. After crashing, you can choose to retry and attempt to beat your previous score.


Hold the Spacebar or left-click on the mouse to make the car go right.

Pro Tips

  • Ony Drift when you are close to a bend on the track.
  • Drift smoothly into turns. Avoid oversteering, as it can lead to losing control.


Drift Boss game has a built-in daily rewards system. You can return every day to earn daily free rewards.

Daily Rewards in Drift Boss
Daily Rewards in Drift Boss

These rewards basically include coins or boosters. Coins can be used to purchase boosters or better-handling cars. If you get boosters, you can use them directly in the game.

There is also a Basic Loot feature in the game which opens 1 card per minute. You can claim your basic loot offer for free.


Features of Drift Boss

  • Very simple control as you can control the game using a single button.
  • Various boosters are available that help you advance the control.
  • Played directly in a web browser, without the need for any downloads or installations.
  • The game features daily rewards for the players.

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