Empire World War III


Empire World War III is an action-packed strategy game developed by Goodgame Studios. It’s a browser-based online strategy game that focuses on building and expanding a city, gathering resources, training armies, and engaging in battles with other players.

NameEmpire World War III Video Game
DeveloperGoodgame Studios
Release June 28, 2018
GenresStrategy, Massively multiplayer online game
PlatformsWeb browser

How to play the Empire World War III game?

World War 3 is a browser-based unblocked game that can be played online on your browser just by visiting the game page.

To start the game you need to log in or create an account on the website. You can also login using your Facebook account. After successful login you begin to start the game.

Initially, you need to perform certain economic activities to earn money which can be used to build up your base and upgrade its capacity/explosive damage radius.

Train your army to be ready for the battles. There is also a world map where you can see every move of your enemy. Before your enemy attacks you, try to reduce their powers and loot their bases. The game requires tough skills to defeat the enemy. So make a proper strategy and instruct your commander to lead your army.

You can also upgrade your troops and increase their abilities to dominate the battlefield.

The game involves violent graphics and harder competition. Your entire goal is to dominate your rivals and make your territory stronger to fight the next adversary.

The different features of the game

The game features include:

  • A real-time strategy mode for large-scale battles
  • An empire management mode for developing your empire in the game
  • A hero mode where you can take control of powerful units and lead them to victory
  • An extensive tech tree that allows you to research and develop new technologies
  • Beautiful 3D graphics that bring the game world to life
  • Intense tactical combat that will test your strategic skills.

How to win the game?

In order to win the game, players must achieve one of three victory conditions:

  1. Attain total domination by capturing all enemy capitals and gaining control of their entire empire.
  2. Economic victory by accumulating more wealth than any other empire.
  3. Scientific victory by being the first to develop and launch a satellite into orbit.

Alternatives to Empire World War III

There are many alternatives to the “Empire World War 3” game. Some of these include:

  • Evony
  • Goodgame Empire
  • Roblox Unblocked
  • Minecraft Unblocked
  • Other real-time strategy games like “Starcraft” or “Age of Empires”.
  • A first-person shooter like “Call of Duty” or “Battlefield”.
  • A puzzle game like “The Witness” or “Portal”.
  • A card game like “Hearthstone” or “Magic: The Gathering”.


Q:1 What is “Empire World War III”?

Ans: It is a turn-based strategy game for the PC.

Q:2 Who developed “Empire World War III”?

Ans: The game was developed by GoodGames Studio.

Q:3 When was “Empire World War III” released?

Ans: The game was released on June 28, 2018.

Q:4 What are the system requirements for “Empire World War III”?

Ans: The game requires a Pentium 90 MHz or faster CPU, 16 MB of RAM, and a 2X CD-ROM drive. It is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP.

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