Evony (Video Game)

Evony (Video Game)


Evony is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS) developed and published by Evony Inc. It was originally released in 2009 as Civony, but was later renamed to Evony due to trademark disputes.

The game is set in a medieval fantasy world where players start with a small city and are tasked with building and expanding their empire. This involves constructing buildings, training armies, conducting research, and declaring warfare with other players.

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DeveloperEvony LLC
PublishMay 6, 2009
GenreAction, Strategy Game

Players can also interact with one another through alliances and treaties. Alliances allow players to cooperate and share resources.

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Evony Gameplay

The game is set in a persistent world, where players take on the role of a lord or lady governing a city or alliance. New players receive ‘beginner’s protection’ for 7 days or until they upgrade their town hall to level 5, safeguarding them from attacks. This grace period allows them to gather resources, train troops, and become familiar with the game mechanics.

Players have control over tax rates, production, and construction within their city. Resources include gold, food, lumber, stone, iron, and the city’s population.

Evony Gameplay

Initially, players focus on increasing population and resource production rates, constructing essential buildings, and developing resource fields. Building armies, consisting of troops like archers, warriors, and siege machines, is crucial for defense and conquest.

In Evony, items are acquired using gems, which can be purchased with real money or obtained in-game through various means. Some items enhance a player’s progress in the game. Winning items through battles is a primary method of acquiring resources and capturing cities.”

Here is how to play the game:

1. Login or Create an account

The first step is to create an account on the official website. You’ll need to provide a valid email address and choose a username and password. Once your account is created, you’ll be able to login and start playing.

Evony Facebook Login
Facebook Login

You can also use your Facebook account to login into the game.

2. Choose your server

When you first login, you’ll be asked to choose a server. There are dozens of servers to choose from, each with its own community and ruleset.

These servers are categorized as Age 1 World and Age 2 World. Pick a server that looks interesting to you and jump in!

Evony World Age 2 World
Age 2 World
Evony World Age 2 World
Age 2 World
Evony World Age 1 World (2)
Age 1 World (2)

3. Explore the game

Once you’re logged in, take some time to explore the game interface and familiarize yourself with the different features. There’s a lot to see and do in the game, so take your time and explore at your own pace.

4. Build up your city

Players develop their cities by constructing various types of buildings, each serving different purposes. These can include resource-generating structures, military facilities, research centers, and more.

City Building in Evony
City Building

5. Resource Management

Players need to manage resources such as food, wood, stone, and gold. These resources are crucial for constructing buildings, training troops, and conducting research.

6. Research and Technology

Players can invest in research to unlock new technologies, which provide various benefits including improved resource production, enhanced military units, and more advanced strategies.

7. Alliances

Forming alliances with other players is a key aspect of the game. Players can work together to achieve common goals, such as defending against attacks or launching coordinated offensives.

8. Train your troops

In order to protect your city from enemy attacks, you’ll need to train a strong army. There are many different types of troops available, so be sure to experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you.

9. Attack other players

Players can engage in both PvE (Player versus Environment) and PvP (Player versus Player) combat. This involves training armies, scouting enemy cities, and launching attacks.

Battles are automated and the outcome is determined by various factors including troop composition, commander skills, and strategy.

10. Quests and Events

The game often features quests and events that provide players with goals and rewards for completing certain tasks.

11. Hero System

Players can recruit and train heroes, who lead armies and provide various bonuses to troops and cities.

12. World Map

The game is set on a persistent world map where players can explore, interact with other players, and engage in both friendly and hostile actions.


Treaties can be made between two players or between an alliance and another player/alliance. There are three different types of treaties: Non-Aggression Pacts, Mutual Protection Pacts, and Full Alliance Pacts.

These treaties are important for establishing diplomatic relations, ensuring mutual protection, and coordinating strategies.


Evony offers a dynamic player-versus-player experience, where attacking other players’ cities is a key element, making survival challenging for those not part of alliances.

Players can expand their influence by controlling up to ten cities, achieved through earning titles that necessitate specific ranks. These accolades are acquired by collecting Medals, obtained from actions like purchasing medal boxes with in-game coins, valley conquests, or winning them through the wheel of fortune.

The game operates on a dual monetary system, with gold as the primary in-game currency. Players earn gold by training their troops, collecting taxes, and completing quests. Gold can be used to buy items in the game’s shop, upgrade buildings, or train troops.

Additionally, players can opt to use real money to acquire game cents, enabling the purchase of items and resources from the in-game shop.”

How to win in Evony?

In order to win, players must focus on developing their cities and armies. There are a few key things that players should keep in mind in order to be successful:

  1. Developing a strong city is essential. A player’s city should be well-defended, with strong walls and a large army.
  2. Attacking other players’ cities is often the best way to gain resources and improve one’s own position. Players should carefully plan their attacks, taking into account the enemy’s defenses and army size.
  3. Diplomacy is also important. Players should try to form alliances with other players in order to better their chances of winning.

By following these tips, players can greatly improve their chances of winning the game.


Evony has been met with mixed reviews. Some critics have praised the game’s depth and complexity, while others have criticized its free-to-play model and its use of scantily clad women in its advertising.

Here are some of the pros and cons of Evony:


  • Free-to-play
  • Deep and complex gameplay
  • Seven unique civilizations to choose from
  • Large and active player base
  • Regular updates and new content


  • Can be pay-to-win
  • Uses scantily clad women in its advertising
  • Can be grindy
  • Can be difficult to learn.


Some of the Top Evony alternatives include:

  1. Rise of Kingdoms: This game combines city-building with real-time strategy and features a variety of civilizations to choose from. Players can form alliances, wage wars, and explore a detailed world map.
  2. Clash of Clans: Clash of Clans is a mobile strategy game where players build and upgrade their bases, train armies, and raid other players’ bases. It’s known for its competitive multiplayer battles.
  3. Forge of Empires: Forge of Empires is a browser-based strategy game that spans different eras. Players build and expand their cities, engage in turn-based battles, and trade with neighbors.
  4. Game of War: Fire Age: This mobile game lets players build empires, train armies, and engage in epic battles. It’s known for its alliance system and emphasis on cooperation.
  5. DomiNations: DomiNations is a mobile strategy game that spans different historical eras. Players build civilizations, train armies, and engage in battles, with an emphasis on resource management and diplomacy.

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