Father's Day 2022

Father’s Day 2024: History, Importance, and Special Tips


Father’s Day, observed annually on the third Sunday of June, is a cherished occasion to honor the incredible role fathers play in our lives.

It’s a day to celebrate their unwavering love, guidance, and sacrifices, expressing our deepest gratitude for their presence.

This year, international Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 16th, 2024, offering the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories and strengthen the unique bond you share with your dad.

History of Father’s Day

Sonora Smart Dodd was the daughter of William Jackson Smart and Ellen Victoria Cheek Smart, her mother died when Sonora was 16. Victoria passed away during childbirth at the age of 47 while she was giving birth to her sixth child.

After her mother’s death, her father William Jackson who was an American Civil War veteran raised all six children by himself managing his official duties and family obligations simultaneously.

Once she (Sonora Smart Dodd) went to the church and while listening to the Mother’s Day sermon, she realized the importance of his father and thought there should also be a special day for fathers.

Then in 1910, she approached the Spokane Ministerial Alliance and briefed her father’s struggle while raising all six children being a single parent. She requested Spokane Ministerial Alliance to recognize her father’s birthday which was on June 5 as Father’s Day.

The Spokane Ministerial Alliance accepted the concept of showing love and affection to the father and chose the 3rd Sunday of June to celebrate Father’s Day and in 1916, Washington State celebrated the first official Father’s Day.

Over the years, the tradition gained momentum, eventually becoming a nationally recognized holiday in the United States in 1972. Today, Father’s Day is celebrated in numerous countries around the world, serving as a universal expression of appreciation for fathers and father figures.

How to make Father’s Day Truly Special

Celebrating Dad doesn’t require grand gestures or expensive gifts, it’s about the small, consistent acts of love & gratitude, appreciation, and presence that truly make a difference.

Here are some thoughtful ideas to make this day truly special:

1. Personalized Gifts

  • DIY creations: Showcase your creativity and effort by crafting something special, like a personalized photo album filled with cherished memories, a heartfelt letter expressing your love and appreciation, or a framed piece of artwork you made yourself. These personal touches often hold more meaning than store-bought gifts.
  • Experiences: Plan an activity you can both enjoy, creating lasting memories together. Consider attending a sporting event he’s been wanting to see, going on a hike or camping trip in nature, exploring a new museum exhibit, or simply enjoying a relaxing day at home doing something you both love.
  • Tailored gifts: Show you care by considering his hobbies and interests. If he’s passionate about cooking, a new cookbook, kitchen gadget, or even a cooking class together could be perfect. For the outdoors enthusiast, gear for his next adventure, like a hiking backpack, camping essentials, or fishing equipment, would be appreciated.

2. Quality Time

  • Plan a special meal: Whether it’s cooking his favorite dish at home, taking him out to his preferred restaurant, or enjoying a picnic in the park, spending quality time together over a delicious meal creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for heartfelt conversations and shared laughter.
  • Engage in shared activities: Go beyond the typical and plan activities that cater to both your interests. This could involve watching a movie marathon of his favorite classics, playing games like board games or video games, attending a concert or live performance, or simply taking a scenic walk and having meaningful conversations.
  • Offer help and support: Show your appreciation by offering assistance with tasks he might need help with, like yard work, car maintenance, errands, or household chores. Taking these burdens off his shoulders demonstrates your care and support.

3. Expressing Your Appreciation

  • Write a heartfelt letter: Put pen to paper and express your gratitude for his presence in your life. Highlight specific moments or qualities you admire, expressing how much his love and guidance have shaped you. This personal touch can be incredibly meaningful and leave a lasting impression.
  • Create a personalized playlist: Compile a collection of songs that hold special meaning for you both, reminding him of cherished memories or simply evoking emotions that resonate with your relationship. This thoughtful gesture can create a unique and heartwarming experience.
  • Simply tell him you love him: Sometimes, the most impactful gestures are the simplest ones. Expressing your love and appreciation directly can hold immense meaning, reminding him of the strong bond you share.

Remember, the most important aspect of Father’s Day is celebrating the unique bond you share with your dad. Choose gestures that reflect your love and appreciation, making it a day he’ll truly cherish.

Here’s how I celebrate Father’s Day

On Father’s Day, my family and I make sure to include everyone in the celebration. That means my three brothers, one sister, and their kids all join in the fun! We also invite close relatives and friends who are special to my dad.

First, we start the day with a prayer to wish Dad all the best. Then, we all work together to prepare delicious homemade food. We make sure to cook Dad’s favorite dishes to make him feel extra loved.

After enjoying our meal together, we head out for an adventure. Last year, we went to Glacier National Park in Montana! We explored the beautiful scenery and had a great time with all 13 of us.

I love how involving everyone in the planning and celebrating makes Father’s Day even more special. It brings us closer together as a family and creates wonderful memories.

Always remember

Celebrating our fathers shouldn’t be limited to just one day. Show your appreciation throughout the year with small gestures of love and kindness.

Make an effort to spend quality time together, listen to him attentively, and offer your support whenever he needs it.

A Father’s Love: A Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

Fathers play a unique and irreplaceable role in our lives. They shape who we are, teach us valuable lessons, and offer unwavering love and support.

This Father’s Day, let’s take the time to celebrate them and show them how much they mean to us. With a thoughtful gift, a shared experience, or simply a heartfelt expression of love, we can make this Father’s Day truly special.

I’m always open to new ideas for celebrating, so I’d love to hear how you make Father’s Day memorable and enjoyable in your family!

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