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Flagle is developed based on the famous wordplay game. Instead of decoding the letters, you would decode the image by selecting the world’s countries from the dropdown menu.

You have 6 attempts to guess the country of the day. Each time you fail, a part of the image of the national flag will appear suggesting you the answer.

Apart from the image of the national flag, there will be a distance and direction for the secret country, if you are savvy in geography, this will be a good suggestion for you to solve the mystery, otherwise, start looking for the answer.

After 6 failed attempts, the answer will appear, and you will gain more knowledge and have to wait for the next challenge.

How To Play Flagle Flag Game Online

This game can be played for free on mobile or PC in the browser. Here you can follow the complete instructions on how to play the flag word puzzle game:

For example, if the mystery country’s flag is Chile, presumably the following countries will show up with these colors.

  1. Open the official website of Flagle Game i.e. www.flagle.io or scroll up this page to the top
  2. Now you will see an empty box on the screen where you have to select the country name from the dropdown menu as highlighted in the area in red color.
Flagle GamePlay
Flagle GamePlay
  1. As you click on the down arrow a drop-down menu will show you the names of the various countries
Flagel drop-down menu showing countries
Flagel drop-down menu showing countries
  1. Each time you make a guess it will reveal another portion of the flag and give you a geographical hint. The hint tells you how far away your guess was and the arrow points towards the target country.
Geographical hint
Geographical hint
  1. The answer in this case was:
Flagel Answer Example
Flagel Answer Example
  1. You have a total of 6 tries to Guess the flagle answer. Use the geographical clue to find the correct answer.

What makes Flagle so attractive?

Knowledge – Each word-style game gives players a certain amount of knowledge. For the flag, there is knowledge about the world, the countries of the world, and the flags of each country.

When you answer wrong, you will know the distance between the secret country and the country of your choice. How far are the two countries, and in which direction? North-West-South-East? Things are clearly shown to you – all common sense is geography knowledge that you need to know.

How to win the game?

Whichever country you choose, if you can’t judge through the suggested image, pay attention to the current direction and suggested distance. My trick is always to pick my favorite country – the United States – with luck you might get it right the first time.

Otherwise, be patient and dig into the given tips and images. Apply experience from other games, apply it in practice, and decide to find your answer. If all else fails in the end, consider that you have just acquired a valuable piece of knowledge.

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Flagle Country Flag Word Game answer update

Flagle (Flag Game) New World Puzzle Update time is 12:00 AM local time and every day you will get to solve 1 country flag or region country flag map puzzle as well as unlock unlimited answers and word games by playing daily.

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