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Flagle takes the word puzzle concept and gives it a geographic twist! Instead of letters, you’re trying to identify a country based on the image of its national flag.

You have 6 attempts to guess the mystery country. With each incorrect guess, more of the flag is revealed, and you’ll get clues about the distance and direction to the correct answer.

After six failed attempts, the answer will appear. You will gain more knowledge and have to wait for the next challenge. Geography buffs will love putting their knowledge to the test!

How the Clues Work

  • Each wrong guess shows more of the flag, helping you visualize the colors and pattern.
  • Flagle tells you how far away your guess is from the correct country, and an arrow points in the general direction.

How To Play Flagle Flag Game Online

This game can be played for free on mobile or PC in your web browser. To learn how to play the flag word puzzle game, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the official game page of Flagle Game i.e. www.flagle.io or scroll up this page to the top
  2. Now you will see an empty box on the screen where you have to select the country name from the dropdown menu as highlighted in the area in red color.
Flagle GamePlay - Showing the dropdown menu
Flagle GamePlay – Showing the dropdown menu
  1. As you click on the down arrow a drop-down menu will show you the names of the various countries. Pick a country of your choice. This is your first guess.
Showing Country from the dropdown menu
Showing Country list from the dropdown menu
  1. With each guess, pay close attention to the flag image, the distance, and the direction arrow (the arrow points toward the target country). Combine these to refine your next guess.
Geographical hint: Distance and Direction
Geographical hint: Distance and Direction
  1. For example, if the mystery country’s flag is New Zealand, presumably the following countries will show up with these colors. The answer in this case was:
Showing the final answer
Showing the final answer
  1. You have a total of 6 tries to Guess the flagle answer. Use the geographical clue to find the correct answer.

Flagle answer updates for today

April 5, 2024Bosnia and Herzegovina

This Flag Game releases a new puzzle at 12:00 AM local time. Each day, you’ll have the challenge of guessing one country or regional flag. Play daily to improve your skills and unlock more word games!

What makes Flagle so appealing?

  • Learn as You Play – With each game, you expand your knowledge of flags and world geography.
  • Challenging Fun – Flagle tests your visual recognition of flags and your ability to interpret distance and direction clues.

Tips for Winning

  • Consider starting with a country in a central location to get helpful distance clues.
  • Analyze the flag colors alongside the distance and direction hints to eliminate possibilities quickly.
  • If you don’t succeed in 6 guesses, you still gain new knowledge and a fun challenge for the next day.

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