If you love Wordle and food, get ready for Phoodle! Like Wordle, Phoodle gives you six attempts to guess a five-letter word. But here’s the twist: the answer is always related to food! It could be an ingredient, a cooking technique, a famous chef, and more.

About the game:

NamePhoodle – Food version of wordle
Developed byJulie Loria
WebsiteVisit Website

Can you guess the secret food word? Play Phoodle now but how? Read this guide. We will also give you hints and answers for today.

Phoodle Rules

  • Food Words Only: All guesses must be valid food-related words.
  • Six Guesses: You have six chances to find the hidden word.
  • One a Day: You get one Phoodle challenge per day!

How to Play Phoodle

Phoodle is available online for free. We recommend playing on the official website or reputable game sites like Infrexa Games.

  1. Go to the game page, visit the official site or simply scroll up this page and go to the top.
  2. Type a five-letter word related to food and click the enter button to submit it.
  3. After each guess, tiles change color:
    • Green: Right letter, right place.
    • Yellow: The letter’s in the word, but the position is wrong.
    • Gray: The letter’s not in the word.
  4. Use the color clues to refine your next guesses!
How to play Phoodle game?
Color hints with example
  1. After you solve (or don’t!), you’ll see how much time is left until the next Phoodle puzzle and have the option to share your results on social media (without spoiling the answer, of course!).


  • Start with words using vowels and common food-related letters like S, T, R, C, and H.
  • Think Broadly. The answer could be an ingredient, a dish, a chef’s name, or a cooking method!

Phoodle answer for today

April 5, 2024CRUST

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Tried Phoodle today? Let us know in the comments how you did and share your love for this tasty word game!

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