House of Hazards Game

House of Hazards


House of Hazards is a multiplayer party game developed by NewEichGames who developed Rooftop Snipers and Getaway Shootout games.

The game is designed for local multiplayer, meaning it’s intended to be played with friends or family in the same physical space.

NameHouse of Hazards
Release DateSeptember 2020
GenreAction, 2 Player
ModesSingle Player, Multiplayer
PlatformWeb browser


In “House of Hazards,” players navigate through a series of hazard-filled environments within a house, competing in various challenges and mini-games.

These challenges often involve avoiding obstacles, completing tasks, or competing against other players in a race-like fashion. The game’s environments are filled with traps and hazards that players must navigate through to reach the end.

If you’re the one causing trouble, there are lots of things you can do to make your housemates unhappy. You can shoot water from taps, throw slices of toast, and use lasers to bother them.

House of Hazards Gameplay
House of Hazards Gameplay

You can also make lights fall on their heads. And if you want to be really mean, you can lift up their sleepy bodies from the ground and put them in a box and close it!

How to play the House of Hazards game


  • Jump: “W”
  • Move left and right: “A, D”
  • Crouch and Fire: “S”


  • Jump: “I”
  • Move left and right: “J, L”
  • Crouch and Fire: “K”

House of Hazards Alternatives


The game is known for its lighthearted and chaotic gameplay, making it a popular choice for social gatherings or online play with friends.

It’s designed to be accessible and easy to pick up, making it suitable for players of various skill levels.

The game features a Time Trial option where you can select your favorite character and play a game with it. Under the settings options, you can also enable or disable woefully wheel.

House of Hazards: Time Trial and Settings options
House of Hazards: Time Trial and Settings options

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