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Larry Birdle game tips and answer for today (April 2024)


The Larry Birdle Game is a puzzle game where you reveal the information of mystery NBA players. The game can be played once a day or as many times as players want without a daily limit.

NameLarry Birdle – NBA Players guessing Game
Also knows asWordle NBA Players version
Developed byJacob Tepperman

In this game, Select a player to see if you have the right player, team, conference, division, position, height, age, and number.

This game is very simple. It consists of guessing the NBA player in 8 attempts. When you solve this mystery game, it allows you to share it on your social networks with your friends!

Larry Birdle Gameplay?

The objective of the game is to try to solve a hidden basketball player in the NBA. It is a game in which the player has 8 chances to guess the mysterious NBA player without the daily limit.

Its gameplay is similar to Wordle but the difference is that in this game you need to guess the name of mystery NBA players instead of a specific English word.

Larry Birdle Gameplay

When you type on the answer box, the player’s name is shown in the dropdown menu. When you pick a name from it and submit your answer, the game system changes its color to Yellow or Green. The Yellow color indicates your guessed player’s height, age and number are all within 2 of the mystery player. The Green color implies Your guessed player’s team, conference and division are all correct.

Larry Birdle NBA is a completely free word-guessing game that doesn’t need to download anything or install the game. It has a grid system where you focus all of your attention on an NBA player guessing the word as quickly as possible. You can also try these 32 Different Games like Wordle.

Larry Birdle’s answer for today

April 5, 2024Troy Brown Jr.

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Larry Birdle Game Features

  • You get eight attempts to guess the answer
  • The green color in any column indicates a match!
  • The yellow color in the column is a clue.
  • It offers a new mystery player each day!

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