Obviously, we couldn’t start this Pacman games compilation with the original games available on the play store. In addition to the classic and original game, it also includes a story mode, adding new challenges every week.

Just like in the classic, during our walk through the maze, we find power-ups, that give us extra speed and allow us to eat ghosts that threaten our existence.

Play Pacman Doogle online on your computer
DesignerToru iwatani
ProgrammerShigeo, Funaki Shigeichi Ishimura
Artist’sHiroshi Ono
ChainPac man
MusicianShinichi Ishimura, Toshio Kai

In addition, it allows us to customize the appearance of our characters like ghosts, it includes an adventure mode and the classic mode that comes to arcade machines is also available.

The title has an average rating of 5 out of a possible 4 stars after receiving one million ratings. The problem with this low score is due to the large number of ads and frequent purchases that the game invites us to make.

Ms. Pacman

Pac-Man came to the market to attract the world of women to the world of video games, albeit with little success, as this world has always been associated with men, at least until a few years ago.

In this title, we put ourselves in the place of Mrs. Pac-Man.

The player’s objective is the same as the previous one: collect points on the map while avoiding Pacman ghosts. It doesn’t offer any special game modes or that deserve special attention.

Ms. Pac-Man is available on the Play Store for 3,19 euros and has an average rating of 5.000 stars out of 5 after receiving just over 4.4 reviews. Obviously, being paid doesn’t include ads.

Play Pac-man 256 Endless Maze

Pac-Man 256 Endless Maze is, as its name suggests, classic Pac-Man with a map that never ends and where our goal is to get as many points as possible to avoid being captured by Pacman ghosts.

To keep the game from getting too repetitive and tedious, during our journey, we have 15 different power-ups to ward off the ghosts.

This version was recognized by Google as one of the best games of 2015. It is compatible with the controls, so it will be much easier and simpler to enjoy this title than to interact on the screen.

PacMan 256 Endless Maze is available to download completely liberated of charge. Like all other Bandai Namco games, it contains ads and in-app purchases.

It has an average score of 5 stars out of a possible 4.4 and you can download it through the following link.

Pacman Google Doodle

Pac-Man via Google Games famous doodle. To be able to enjoy Pac-Man without having to install any games, this Google Doodle is great, as it allows us to play from both a mobile device and a computer.

Play Pacman Flash games

Among the Flash games Pac-Man, they are also an interesting alternative to playing other versions of Pac-Man that are based on the same game system. You can also consider playing 7 Best Selling Video Games all time.

Pac games

Pac-Man is the same game as the classic Pac-Man on the Infrexa Games World’s website. To enjoy this title, all we have to do is access this link.

Pac-Axon Dilution

Pac-Xon Deluxe is one of the other titles available on the My Games website that allows us to play the classic Pac-Man through 50 levels without installing any applications.

Nugget seeker

Nugget Seeker takes us inside a mine where we must collect gold while avoiding other miners not getting it. The game system is the same as the classic Pac-Man but without the power-ups.

We start with titles that aren’t under the Bandai Namco umbrella with, a title that replaces Pac-Man with a sort of inverted C where our aim is the same as in classic Pac-Man.

Play: Google tic-tac-toe: Play Full-Screen Game now

It is compatible with controllers and optimized for mobile devices as well and the same is available for completely free download, there are no purchases involved, but no ads.


Forget-Me-Not is inspired by the classic Pac-Man with monsters and adding huge shots and maps. Our objective is to collect the keys to be able to leave the map without getting caught by the monsters.

This title includes 5 different game modes, so if you like this type of game then you will never get tired of playing this title.

Forget-me-not is available in the Play Store for 4,19 euros, it does not contain ads or purchases of any kind within the application.


EVAC gives us a completely different aesthetic to the classic Pac-Man without giving up on themes and operations.

In this title, we have to go through the neon corridors escaping the security forces through 32 levels that put at our disposal new abilities in arcade, action and puzzles.

Evac is available for you to download completely free, and does not contain any kind of ads, but if you make an in-app purchase get access to all levels.

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