Run 3



In Run 3, players control a character known as the “little alien” who runs through space, exploring the galaxy. The game features straightforward mechanics:

  • Running: The character runs forward automatically. Use the arrow keys to navigate.
  • Jumping: Press the spacebar to jump over obstacles and reach higher platforms.
  • Sprinting: Double-tap the left or right arrow key for a short speed boost, useful for difficult obstacles.

Game Controls

  • SPACE or UP Arrow: Jump
  • LEFT Arrow: Move Left
  • RIGHT Arrow: Move Right

Play Run 3

You can enjoy Run 3 online on various platforms, including Cool Math Games. For a seamless full-screen experience, visit Infrexa Games. Players who play this game on Infrexa also like playing the Krunker game.

About the game

DeveloperGM Media
ReleaseJune 20, 2022
ModeSingle Player
GenresRun, Runner, Running
PlatformAndroid, iOS, Web-bowser

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