Slope Unblocked chrome extension - Set up process

Slope Unblocked Chrome Extension – Download

Slope Unblocked is a classic 3D game with improved maps, and graphics, inspired by its popularity the developer has recently released the “Slope Unlocked Chrome extension” free for its users.

Earlier, users could play Web-browser and mobile app versions of the game but now they can enjoy an amazing Slope gaming experience on their computer with the help of this Chrome extension.

Similar to the Web and app version of the game, the Slope unblocked Chrome extension is also available for free. Game lovers can add this extension to Chrome with very easy steps explained below.

How to set up Slope Unblocked Chrome extension on your PC?

The Slope unblocked game is placed under one of the Top online games available on the internet for free for its lovers. You can start your day with this new slope endless 3D running game and make your morning crazy.

The game is similar to the classic old game where the players can control the ball using arrows on the keyboard.

To learn more about how to play Slope unblocked game please visit the game page however, in otherwise case, if you do not want to add this Chrome extension to your pc, then you should visit the direct game link to play the web-browser version of the game.

Follow the below steps to add Slope Unblocked Chrome Extension to your pc –

  • Go to the Google web store directory.
  • On the left upper corner navigate the search button carefully. Type “Slope unblocked” and press the ‘enter’ button on your keyboard
  • Choose the extension based on its ratings and downloads
  • Click on the “add to chrome” button on the right top corner of the screen as shown in the below image.
Slope unblocked Chrome extension - How to add to Chrome

How to use or where do find this extension on your pc?

The chrome extensions are added on the right top corner of the chrome where all the extensions are listed. If you find difficulty locating it, please refer to this video.

Slope Unblocked popularity score

The game is very popular among users, you can learn more about Slope Unblocked Game here. Examine this data to see the last one-year trend of the game.

Why should you add a Chrome extension?

Players are at full liberty to download this extension on their pc or to play this game online by visiting Infrexa Games. The extension is sized 107 MB only and is updated regularly by the developer. The latest version of it 3.1 updated on February 7, 2023 can be downloaded for free by following the procedure explained above.

However, if you add this extension to your Chrome it will give you some benefits as the game extension, itself, is a full Unity game, not a link to a website or iframe, therefore, you can play this game offline with the help of the extension.

It could potentially save the usage of the data because it is a file and does not require your computer to be connected to the internet in order to run the game. This is a great option for daily players and those who have poor connectivity in the area as well.

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