(5864) is a free multiplayer snowball fight game where players roll around a snowball, collecting snow and growing larger, with the goal of knocking other players off the shrinking platform.

It’s a simple yet addictive game that’s easy to learn but offers a surprising amount of depth and strategy.

Game History

The game was developed by Geisha Tokyo and initially launched on September 25, 2018, for iOS. Following the initial release, the game became available for Android in November 2018.

Subsequently, the game was released for WebGL in January 2019. As of February 2024, its web-browser version (unblocked version) is accessible for free play.

DeveloperGeisha Tokyo
Publish25 September 2018
Rating4.8 Games, WebGL, Platform, Snow, Action, Multiplayer
PlatformsWeb browser, Android, iOS

A notable feature of the game is its user-friendly nature – it is easy to play with just an internet connection and a device that supports web browsing.

How to play

Initially, your character is represented by a small snowball. As you collect more snow and build your ball bigger, it becomes harder for other players to knock you down. The player’s objective is to hit opponents with snowballs, knocking them off their platforms and eliminating them from the game.

As you progress through different levels, the gameplay becomes increasingly challenging, requiring strategic thinking and quick reflexes to outsmart your opponents.

Use your mouse or finger to move around the screen and aim your snowball toward other players. Release your mouse button anywhere on the screen to throw a snowball. The last player standing wins!

Be careful not to get hit too many times yourself! If another player’s snowball hits yours enough times, you’ll lose all of your accumulated size and have to start over from scratch.

Remember that speed is also important in this game – try moving quickly around obstacles while keeping an eye out for other players who might be trying to sneak up on you!

Play: Roller Baller

Control Keys

Mouse: Hold the left mouse button to move and make a snowball then release it to shoot.

The pros and cons of playing the games


  • Simple and easy to learn gameplay
  • Addictive and fast-paced action
  • Lots of fun in short bursts
  • Free to play


  • Can get repetitive after a while
  • No voice chat
  • Can be laggy at times

In addition, since it is an online multiplayer game, there’s always a chance you may encounter toxic or unpleasant players who ruin the experience for everyone else.

Pro Tip for Winning at

To improve your chances of winning in, keep an eye out for special items like speed boosts and shields scattered on the map. Personalize your character by trying out new skins. Whether you’re playing on the internet or your phone, is one of the best online games for quick play!

The game demands a mix of strategy, skill, and quick reflexes. Your goal is to eliminate all other players by hitting them with snowballs while dodging their attacks. While it may be challenging initially, with practice, anyone can become an expert snowball fighter!

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