Stickman Hook Game


In the Stickman Hook game, the player uses a grappling hook to swing from one point to another, avoiding obstacles.

The goal is to reach the finish line as fast as possible.

Developer Voodoo
Release3 October 2018
GenreArcade, Adventure
PlatformWeb browser, iOS, Android

The player must learn how to control the speed of their swings and releases to navigate through the level without hitting any obstacles.

The game starts easy but gets increasingly difficult as the levels progress.

How to Play Stickman Hook Game?

To play Stickman Hook, you will need to use your mouse or trackpad to click and hold the left button down while using the right button to swing.

Be careful not to fall off the edge of the level or let go of your hook, as this will cause you to lose a life.


In the game. the main control is the left mouse button.

Pressing the left mouse button will make Stick-man swing his arm and release his grappling hook.

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Tips and Tricks to Win Stickman Hook’ Game

It’s important to try different angles and trajectories when swinging, as this can give you an advantage over your opponents.

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Game objectives

The objectives of the ‘Stick-man Hook’ game are to use the grappling hook to swing through the level, avoid obstacles and enemies, and reach the finish line.

The game is divided into levels, with each level becoming increasingly difficult. The player must complete the level within a certain time limit to progress to the next level.


Q.1 What is a Stickman Hook?

Ans: It is a popular mobile game that is free to download and play. The objective of the game is to swing your stickman character from one point to another, avoiding obstacles along the way.

Q.2 How do I play?

Ans: To play Stickman on mobile or tab, simply use your finger to swipe in the direction you want your character to travel.

The further you swipe, the more momentum your character will have. Time your swings carefully and try to land on platforms or other objects that will help propel you forward.

Q.3 What are the benefits of playing this game?

Ans: Playing the game can help improve hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

The game is also a great way to relieve stress and unwind after a long day. With its simple yet addictive gameplay, Stickman is perfect for quick breaks or extended gaming sessions.

Q.4 Is Stickman Hook Free?

Ans: Yes, the game is free to play. There are no in-app purchases or microtransactions.

All levels and game modes are unlocked from the start. However, there are optional banner ads that appear between gameplay sessions.

Q.5 Is the game safe for kids?

Ans: The game is safe for kids as long as they take the necessary precautions. The game does not have any graphic violence or sexual content.

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