Tunnel Rush 2 is a series of fast-paced arcade games where the player must dodge various obstacles as they move through a 3D tunnel.

The game features exciting graphics and physics that will test players’ reactions to survival. This game is a great way to test you and your friends. However, before you can play this game, you must constantly learn.

Name Tunnel Rush 2
DeveloperDeer Cat Games
Genre3D Games, Arcade, Driving Games
PlatformsWeb browsers (Desktops, Tabs and Mobiles)

Tunnel Rush 2 Gameplay

Color Tunnel is a 3D Driving game where players control a fast-moving ship through a dynamic, 3D colorful tunnel. The goal is to avoid obstacles and navigate through the tunnel’s changing environment.

Your ship changes color over time. Use the A/D or Left/Right Arrow keys to move circularly to match the current color of your ship to the Tunnel Strip/Barrier. When you collide with the same color strip, the strip breaks and you go ahead.

Color Tunnel 2 Gameplay: Yellow Ship Breaks Yellow Tunnel Barrier
Gameplay: Yellow Ship Breaks Yellow Tunnel Barrier

Be careful, if your ship collides with another color strip, your ship crashes and you lose the game.

Collect diamonds and upgrade your ship to the best one. The game gets progressively faster, testing the player’s reflexes. The upgrade provides advantages. The game offers an endless mode for continuous play.


  • A/D or Left/Right arrow keys to move

If you are playing on a mobile device, Tap and hold the left or right side of the screen to move.

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Where to play Tunnel Rush 2 full screen?

You can play Tunnel Rush 2 full screen on Infrexa Games. The game is available online to play on internet-enabled web browsers (Desktop, Tab, and Mobile) without needing to download or install.

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