Diagnostic Test

Diagnostic Test: Types and Needs of diagnostic test


The diagnostic Test is the test by which the problems of the students are selected. The medium of this test is multiple-choice questions. Through this, the problems of the students are diagnosed, hence it is called a diagnostic test.

This can be done both formally and informally. It helps in checking the intellectual ability of the students and finding out the problems of the individuals.

In this article, we will know about the diagnostic test of genitalia and its definition.

What is Diagnostic Test

The initial word for diagnostic test ‘nidan’ is the Hindi adaptation of the English language word ‘diagnosis’. Which means to remove a problem or difficulty.

No matter what the problem or whatever it is. Methods like inspection method, test method, interview method and cumulative record are used in this test.

These tests are a result of the development of educational modernity and innovation methods. It serves to show the weakness of the students in a specific subject or specific topic.

This test is used in both community or individual forms. Once the problem is detected, the work of diagnostic testing is over and the work of remedial testing begins.

The structure of questions in the diagnostic test is as follows – objective-type questions, true-false and blank-fill questions.

Definition of Diagnostic Test

1. According to Gud – “Diagnosis means to determine the nature of the problems and deficiencies related to learning.”

2. According to Mercell – “The teaching in which special efforts are made to diagnose the specific problems of the students, is called diagnostic testing.”

3. According to Gur and Braffy – “It is the process of diagnosing the specific nature of the problems of the students in teaching-learning and carefully checking their answers.”

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There are mainly two types of diagnostic tests – observational tests and diagnostic tests.

1) Inspection test – This is the test under which students are called personally and after observing them, they are directly asked about their problems. Through this type of test, teachers try to know the problems of the students.

2) Diagnostic Test – This type of test is a real test as it tests the intelligence, interest, growth and vocational skills of the students. Under this, objective questions are asked to the students and they answer them according to their knowledge.

Needs of Diagnostic Test

With this test, it becomes easy to assess the intellectual ability of the students. Through this test, the real problem of the students is found and remedied. So that the quality of education can be continuously improved.

This test measures the academic ability of the students. It helps the teacher to know which point of the topic the students have been unable to know. Once this is known, the teacher can bring appropriate changes in his methods of teaching. So that future education and teaching can be made effective.

Importance of diagnostic testing?

The modern age is a disease of educational priority. That is why, every nation is working to make its education system effective and in this way, diagnostic tests have always played an important role.

The most important function of this test is to find out the problems of the students. Only after the problem is detected, remedial tests are arranged in the appropriate direction. Through this test, the knowledge acquired by the students is assessed.


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It is very important to solve the problems of the students properly. But this test takes more time. Due to this, it is not possible to do this test every time and its reliability quantity is also less.

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