What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing and how to earn from it


Affiliate Marketing Kya Hai: It is very easy to join the Affiliate Program and earn your online earnings from it but most bloggers and YouTubers do not know about it and they only depend on Google Adsense earnings.

As a result, most beginners leave blogging after some time because when you are dependent on only one thing then you do not get much benefit.

That’s why when people start blogging, it takes at least 06 months or more to get their first payment and people start thinking that all this is useless and they quit. A few of them move to other alternatives like affiliate marketing. Let us answer this question for you – “Affiliate Marketing Kya Hai”

They also have the option of Affiliate Marketing from which they can make their side income. To do affiliate marketing, first, you have to understand what an affiliate program is and how to join an affiliate program and increase online earnings.

In this article, we are giving you complete information about Affiliate Marketing Kya Hai Aur Isse Paise Kaise Kamaye, after reading you will know what Affiliate Program is and why you should join Affiliate Program.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a system where companies provide the facility to promote their products to distant people. So that that company can increase its sales, for this the company gives you some commission per sell, so that you will also be benefitted.

For example – If you create a Tech Blog and publish articles related to Bluhost Hosting on that blog, then you get benefits only through Google Adsense. But if you promote the above Bluhost Hosting through an affiliate link in the same bog/article then you will generate more than double earnings from this blog or website.

Let’s understand it with another example – if you join Hostinger Affiliate Program and put Hostinger’s Affiliate Link or Banner Ad Place in your article and any of your visitor clicks on that link and buys Hosting from Hostinger then you get the benefit from Adsense Ads as well as Hostinger also gives you commission according to the sale.

In this way, you benefit from one article in two ways. This is called Affiliate Marketing because you had promoted Hostinger’s product and people had made hosting purchases on your suggestion, which benefited the company, then the company also gives you a commission.

How this Program Works

Affiliate Marketing was created to increase the sales of the product, so it only works to increase the sales. When you join the Affiliate Program of a company, you have to create an account of your own, which makes an ID for you.

When you create an Affiliate Link of any product of that company, you have ID codes along with that link so that the company can know by whom this sale has been done and the company can give a commission to that person.

How to earn from Affiliate Marketing

When you promote a company’s product, then through you, other people get information about that product, and the people who are interested in, buy that product.

As we have already told you when you create an Affiliate Link, then your ID code is automatically inserted with that link, in this way, the company comes to know that this sale has been done by you and then you will get the commission of that sale.


The commission of Affiliate Marketing can be from $1 to $100, which you can see only while selecting the product, how much percent commission you will get for promoting that product.

For example:- You promote the iPhone, which costs Rs. 1.00,000 and the company is offering you a 10% commission. In this case, if anyone buys the product suggested by you, then you get a commission of Rs 10000 per sale.

How to Join the Affiliate Marketing Program

To join the Affiliate Program, first of all, you have to see whether the company whose product you want to join the Affiliate Program is allowed or not because when a company provides the facility of an Affiliate Program only then you can join it.

To join the Affiliate Program, you have to fulfill some basic requirements –

  1. Do you own a Responsive Blog or Website
  2. Or you own a Facebook Page

Responsive Blog or Website

To join Affiliate Marketing, you must have a responsive blog or website so that the company can know that you can promote their products on the Internet.

Facebook Page

You can also join the Affiliate Marketing Program through your Facebook Page, but there are only some Affiliate Program Companies that provide you the facility to create an account through your Facebook Page.

We all have some questions in our mind about joining Affiliate Marketing, out of which these are some of the most common questions –

Q. 1- What should be the qualification for doing Affiliate Marketing?

Ans:- Nothing, it just depends on your marketing skill, how you promote the products, and how much you can drive the sales.

Q. 2 – Does it cost money to join Affiliate Marketing?

Ans:- No, you can create an account on any Affiliate Program, for this, you do not need to pay any payment.

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