Withdrawal Policy - Payment FAQ

Withdrawal Policy – Payment FAQ

The payment FAQ page is governed by our Withdrawal Policy, for more details please refer to the complete Policy Documents here.

When does NCERT Infrexa pay money?

Our payment cycle is monthly. As soon you complete your withdrawal threshold and complete document verification to get paid, we’ll issue a payment between the 26th and the 30th of the month. During this time, you’ll receive an email containing the Bank “Transfer Details” and receipt of the transaction.

For Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) the standard banking time is 4-10 working days to finally settle the funds in your bank account once the payment process has been initiated from our end.

Wire and PayPal transfers can take up to 15 days to credit in your bank account.

What are the Payment methods available under Withdrawal Policy?

There are three payment methods currently supported by NCERT Infrexa –

  1. NEFT/RTGS – For Indian partners
  2. PayPal/Wire Transfers – For partners outside India
  3. Demand Draft (DD) – Local Partners

What is the minimum payment required to withdraw the amount to my bank account?


When a user is new or joins this venture for the very first time, it takes time for him to understand our method of operations like – Creating high-quality content, Products, and Services, Generating leads etc. This requires the publisher to work hard with consistency for around 3 initial months to reach the payment limits.

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Our SEO, FRO and SO along with a dedicated team of experts keep monitoring and experimenting with data and based on that study they guide you from time to time.

As long as you have learned these marketing techniques you will be able to earn a fair amount of money each month. Please note there is no shortcut to success only hard work is the key to success.

Many users complain that their earnings are low for the first 3-4 months but later when they learn all expertise and become able to earn money online they appreciate our sophisticated working method.

Winners never quit. Keep working hard and boosting your skills with Infrexa.

Can I withdraw in advance?

No! The advanced withdrawal facility is currently not available to anyone. You must have completed $100 to withdraw your earnings.

When will I get the tracking or bank reference number for my payment?

You will likely receive an email as instant we begin the payment process.

Does Infrex India / NCERT Infrexa provide official payment documents?

Yes, we provide an electronic Payment Receipt for each of your payments. You can find these receipts in your email each month subject to threshold completion and payment initiation. Note that we do not provide hard copies of any payment documents.

My EFT payment was sent to the wrong or closed bank account, what do I do?

Even though you give us the wrong bank account and we initiate payment to it, we have no control over any further stages of the process. It is your responsibility to submit a correct and operational account to us.

Once the payment is confirmed to a bank account we can not revert it back in any situation.

However, if your form of payment is EFT and the payment was issued to a recently closed bank account, normally the transfer request will get rejected by the receiver bank.

In this case, we may restore your total earnings and add them back to make them available for your next payment cycle.

As quickly, as you submit a new bank account again and after successful validation, your returned payment will be re-issued in a few days or after a week.

Notice: Alway refer to our Terms and Conditions. When you signed up for Infrexa / NCERT Infrexa you entered our Terms and Conditions and this serves as the legal basis for the interactions between you and Infrex India Group.