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Age Calculator Date of Birth is a free online tool that allows you to calculate your age with just a single click.

Enter your DOB and the date you want to calculate your age. The online age calculator will display the results based on the input entered by you.

Age Calculator

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Enter your DOB and the date you want to calculate your age. The online age calculator will display the results based on the input entered by you.

What is an Age Calculator Date of Birth?

Age calculator is an online tool that helps you to calculate your present age with the help of your date of birth.

This calculator measures the time difference between two different points of time and shows you the results in YYMMDD format.

When you enter your Birth date, this calculator processes your request by computing the time difference from the initial date to the present and then shows your age in terms of Years, Months and Days elapsed.

Although this calculation can also be done manually, however, it involves human-generated errors when calculated manually. Our Age Calculator Date of birth runs very quickly and displays the most accurate results within seconds on your computer/mobile screen.

How to calculate your age using Age Calculator Date of birth

Using ‘Age Calculator Date of birth’ is very easy as it does not require any technical skills for checking your age.

Enter your date of birth in DDYYMM Format in the above tool, these short forms denote your date of birth as below –

  • DD – Days
  • MM – Months
  • YY – Years

For example, let’s say your date of birth is – the 15th of August 1996 then your should select –

  • the day of the month as – 15 in the first column
  • select the name of the month from the dropdown menu as – August
  • Then enter your birth year – 1996 manually

Now press the ‘calculate’ button and the online free age calculator will tell you that you are – 25 years 8 months 22 days old.

Let’s also understand with another example –

The United States got independent on July 4th, 1976 and if you want to know the age of independence of the United States right now, then you need to input this data in the above age calculator tool and it will show you that the US is independent since – 45 years 10 months 3 days.

(Note: Reference date is 7-05-2022 for both above cases)

Working principle

This age calculator basically works by measuring the difference between two points in time. For example, your date of birth is 15-08-1993 and today’s date is – 07-05-2022.

The online age calculator tool assumes these times as point A and point B then it measures the difference between the two in terms of the duration of the time.

Understanding age difference

Age difference refers to the distinction between the ages of two people which can be measured by differentiating between the two dissimilar points of time i.e days, months, and years as time variables.

For example – Neha was born on February 15th, 2001 and Riya was born on September 20th, 2020 then the difference in age between the two will be 19 years, 1 month 5 days.

Another example – A veteran Actor, Heath Ledger who played the role of Joker in The Dark Knight movie died on January 22, 2008. His actual date of birth was April 4, 1979. Using the above Age Calculator Date of birth we can find the total span of life he lived.

In this case, the DOB calculator will pick his date of birth as point 1 and the date of death as point 2. By differentiating them the calculator will show you the result – 28 years 9 months 18 days which means Heath Ledger lived his life only 28 years.

Please note, that similar dates indicate no differences and in the case of 0 difference, the calculator will not show you the result or it may show you 0 outputs.

How to use Age Calculator Date of birth

You can use our online calculator date of birth in the very easy steps mentioned below –

  • First, visit the age calculator page here
  • Select day of birth from 1 to 31
  • Choose the name of the month from the dropdown menu
  • Enter the year of birth manually
  • Hit Calculate button

The online age calculator will display the results based on the input received by the user.

Other uses of online age calculator

You can use our online Age Calculator Date of birth to calculate your age and for other purposes as well, like –

  • To calculate how old are you
  • Marriage anniversary or to calculate how long you are living together in a relationship
  • Age of independence of a county
  • Age of death etc

Calander reference

This tool is based on the Gregorian calendar where the days of the year are divided as a week (7 days) and Sunday (Monday in a few countries) is considered the first day of the week.

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