Animal Restaurant redemption codes July 2022

Animal Restaurant redemption codes


Animal Restaurant redemption codes for April 2023 are listed here. You can find all newly issued active codes and redeemed gift rewards on this page.

Animal Restaurant is an Android/iOS-supported simulation, a free-to-play game available for your restaurant to attract more customers, COD will help you buy new dishes, and furniture, and hire staff.

If you want to speed up your gaming process and win some free prizes, the new codes at the Animal Restaurant will help redeem free shopping items. So read this article to find the latest animal restaurant gift codes for the game.

About the game

Animal Restaurant is a hearty management simulation game available on both iOS and Android platforms.

NameAnimal Restaurant
Platform Android, iOS
GenreSimulation game
Official Website Click here

The game starts with a little stray cat in the forest. You took Kitty and let him work in your restaurant.

In this game, you can learn all kinds of food, furnish your restaurant with all kinds of furniture, hire cute cat staff, and much more!

As long as you work hard, your casual restaurant will have a steady stream of customers.

An animal restaurant redemption code is a gift code that developers issued to their users during special achievements or celebrations.

Please use all these working codes as soon as possible as you never know when these active codes will stop working.

Finding gift codes is very rare but we work hard to find new codes for our visitors. To get more free animal restaurant Snapchat and fb promo codes you only need to do one thing, visit this page regularly.

Animal Restaurant Redemption Code List

On this page, we have provided the details of all the release codes recently released by Chinese developer Wei Wang (iOS) aka DH Games (Android).

This gift code can be redeemed for free gift card rewards like 50K COD, X1 Speedy Cup of Tea, Strawberry Knitted Hat, Plate, Diamonds, Various Hats, and many more.

These prize players will change their animal restaurants and attract many customers who are of different species, including humans, each available through their own story card and trigger events.

Follow Reddit/Snapchat’s list of animal restaurant codes to claim various in-game items:

Active Code (s)Features
AR999Redeem this gift code for a code 50,000

Here is a list of all the codes that the developer officially released on his FB, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Some of the codes came from Reddit and Snapchat sources. Choose your desired code and reward, and follow the redemption code process to get all the free reward guarantees mentioned.

Expired Codes

Animal Restaurant CodeRewards
Redeem this gift code for Golden Ponytail (valid till July 1, 2022) (NEW)
DORISAIMEOWRedeem this gift code for Bunny Ears Top Hat (valid until May 6, 2022)
LOVEUMORERedeem this gift code for Romantic Frames (valid till March 14, 2022)
HAPPY2022Redeem this gift code for Cloth Tiger (Valid till March 1, 2022)
thx4followingRedeem this gift code for helmets (valid till February 25, 2022)
jinglebellsRedeem this gift code for Small Wooden Reindeer (valid till Jan 6, 2022)
XMAS2021Redeem this gift code for Happy Box of Gumi (Valid till Jan 24, 2022)
thanksgivingRedeem this gift code for Fried Egg (valid till December 26, 2021)
halloween2021Redeem this gift code for Strange Box (valid till November 30, 2021)
midautumn2021Redeem this gift code for Lantern Car (valid till October 20, 2021)
2ndanniversaryRedeem this gift code for Brown Top Hat (valid till October 13, 2021)
followusRedeem this gift code for Seaweed Browse (valid until October 14, 2021)
qixi2021Redeem this gift code for Fairy Chignon (valid till September 15, 2021)
celebration2021Redeem this gift code for Speedy Tkup (valid till August 20, 2021)
tsuyu2021Redeem this gift code for Yolky’s Flower Memento (valid till July 22, 2021)
happyjuneRedeem this gift code for Candy Wall Hanging (valid till July 15, 2021)
superstar2021Redeem this gift code for Strawberry Knitted Cap (Valid until July 13th, 2021)
onecodRedeem this gift code for Golden Cod (Added April 1, 2021)
love2021Redeem this gift code for Guitars (added February 14, 2021)
2021oxyearRedeem this gift code for Big Headed Stone Lion (Added February 11, 2021)
5sYtuqu7pfRedeem this gift code for PLATE +800
Tb4AAzKWGeRedeem this gift code for Diamond + 20
qVvBMyuRXKRedeem this gift code for Diamond + 100
TG2020Redeem This Gift Code for Thanksgiving Cat
xF3XbHWDOJRedeem this gift code for Diamond + 30
mooncakeRedeem this gift code for Mini Convertible

How to use gift codes at Animal Restaurant 2023?

The redemption process is the main step that players must follow in order to claim the correct prize for all active codes.

Each code can only be used once per account, so use your original game ID and enter the correct gift code on the redemption page by following the instructions below:

  • Launch the animal restaurant game
  • Go to the setting section
  • Click on the “Cat with gear question mark symbol”
  • The redemption page will pop up on your screen
  • Copy and paste the gift code
  • Finally, click on the submit button
  • COD reward will be added to your game immediately

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1 How to get more codes in the animal restaurant game?

Ans – You can follow the developers on their official social media handles to get more codes. On any special occasion or celebration, they may issue new codes. Additionally, bookmark this page and keep visiting it as we often update this page with the latest published animal restaurant codes.

Q.2 Can you play Animal Restaurant Offline?

Ans – No, you cannot play this game offline as Animal Restaurant requires users to have a stable internet connection. If you do not have a stable internet connection, you will not be able to play this game.

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