Chomsky Theory

Chomsky’s Theory of Language Development


Chomsky’s Language Theory: Chomsky was an American psychologist who presented many ideas and facts related to psychology. Out of which the commentary on his language is world-famous.

Chomsky is also seen as the father of language development and he is also called the father of modern language development.

He is also seen as a linguist or language psychologist. He was a practical thinker. According to Chomsky, the child has an innate ability to learn grammar and language.

This theory of Chomsky is also known as Psycho Linguistics Theory.

In this article, we will know in detail about Chomsky’s theory of language development.

Chomsky’s Theory of Language Development

This theory was propounded by Noam Chomsky in the year 1959. According to his theory, he believes that the ability to learn a language is innate in the child. In simple words, the ability to acquire language is inherent in the student since childhood.

This ability to acquire language lasts for a certain period of time. The language acquisition abilities of the child are effective till the first 5 years. After that, we have to face difficulties in learning any language because thereafter, the ability to learn the language keeps on decreasing.

According to Chomsky, a child has a language acquisition device (LAD). With the help of this, they are able to learn any language at a faster rate. This device is a part of our brain, which cannot be removed or seen. It is a gift of natural ability, in simple words, it can be seen as a God’s gift.

Chomsky believes that the child’s ability to learn language or grammar is innate, but the ability to learn that language is given by the environment as an implementation. That is, the environment and culture have an important place for learning a language.

Features of Chomsky’s Theory

Innate Ability – According to Chomsky, children develop the ability to learn language and grammar from childhood. This consensus is genetic and universal.

Importance of Environment – ​​Chomsky believes that although the ability to learn a language is innate, the environment plays an important role in learning and developing its principles and elements. It depends on the environment in which direction our language develops.

Relationships in Languages ​​– Chomsky believes that all the languages ​​of the world and their elements are related to each other. According to him, any type of language can be divided on the basis of nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

Language Acquisition Device (LAD) – According to Chomsky, a part of the brain (Language Acquisition Device) belongs to the LAD, which works to enhance the ability of language. This ability to learn a language is high in the first 5 years and after that its effectiveness starts to decline.

Universal Grammar – According to Chomsky, along with the learning of language, the amount of grammar learning and correctness in it also keeps on increasing. He also reiterates that the process of learning language and learning grammar is universal.

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According to Chomsky, students use two levels of language acquisition:

  • Surface structure
  • Deep structure.

Surface Level – According to Chomsky, in this structure, students only acquire knowledge of sounds and words of language but they are unable to understand its meaning. They fail to explain the meaning of that word in detail. For example, food, drink, mom, dad, etc.

Deep Level – In this, children begin to understand the meaning of words and sounds and become able to explain them in detail. Under this, students are able to choose the best words to define an object. This is the mature form of their linguistic development.


Noam Chomsky’s Theory of Language is a theory explaining the process of development of languages. Which does the work of giving a systematic description of the development of language and the ability to learn it.

According to Chomsky, the child has an innate ability to learn a language. But the work of learning or developing it is done by society.

The Language Acquisition Device (LAD) plays an important role in the learning of the language of the students. Which are more active in the first 5 years.

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