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The Cyber Chaser is a running platformer video game where players need to run, jump, and shoot enemies and avoid obstacles preventing them from reaching the goal

The game was developed by a Georgia-based Indie Game Developer SilenGames in 2013 and was published on September 26, 2013.

NameCyber Chaser
DeveloperSilen Games
PublishSeptember 26, 2013
GenreAction, Shooting, Jumping, Enemy Game
PlatformsWeb browsers

Cyber Chaser Gameplay

In Cyber Chaser, the player controls a character who runs to reach the goal. While you are in the way you have to run, use your weapons to kill the enemies, and avoid obstacles for example – spikes and walls, falling off the edges of buildings, and being hit by enemy lasers.

Gameplay Episode 1
Cyber Chaser Gameplay Episode 1

The player requires quick action to protect him from any health impairment. The enemy laser is very dangerous and can even damage your life and end the level.

To unlock the next level you have to finish your goals and objectives. With each higher level, there are increased challenges and obstacles. While completing your goals you earn money, which you can use to upgrade your abilities and buy new weapons.

Cyber Chaser Game Abilities
Game Abilities

Weapons include – Pistols, Shotguns, Machine guns, Pulse guns, Gatling guns, acid guns, Flame guns, Laser guns, Rocket launchers, and many more.

Game Weapons
Cyber Chaser Game Weapons

The game offers various supports to the player which they can unlock by completing certain tasks in the game. Like – Medical kit, Helicopters, Mega shields and airplanes etc.

Game Support
Cyber Chaser Game Support

There are 3 episodes in the Cyber Chaser game that can be finished within a certain distance.

Cyber Chaser Game Episodes
Game Episodes

The goal of the game is to reach the end of each level, and ultimately, the final boss.

Cyber Chaser Game Controls

  • Jump – Top arrow key (↑) or right-click on the mouse
  • Slide – Down arrow key () or Space button

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