Play Fortnite on Geforce Now

Can you play Fortnite Game on Geforce now?


GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service that allows you to play games on your computer or mobile device without the need for a high-end gaming PC. All you need is a good internet connection and you’re good to go.

If you’re a fan of the popular video game Fortnite, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s a way to play it on your computer, even if you don’t have a top-of-the-line gaming rig.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a popular video game that is available on many platforms, including PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. The game was released as an early access title in September 2017, and it has been steadily gaining popularity ever since.

One of the unique features of Fortnite is that it allows players to connect with each other and play together in a shared virtual world.

Fortnite Game Overview:

Game NameFortnite
DeveloperEpic Games
Released onSeptember 26, 2017
GenreSurvival, Battle Royale
PlatformsAndroid, Windows, macOS, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and 5

This feature has made Fortnite one of the most popular games in the world, with millions of players logging in every day to play.

How to play Fortnite on GeForce now?

To play Fortnite on GeForce Now, follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up for a GeForce Now Account: Visit the official GeForce Now website and sign up for an account.
  2. Download and Install the GeForce Now App: Download and install the GeForce Now application on your compatible device (Windows, macOS, Android, or NVIDIA Shield).
  3. Launch GeForce Now: Open the GeForce Now application on your device.
  4. Log In: Log in with the account you created in step 1.
  5. Search for Fortnite: Use the search function within the GeForce Now application to find Fortnite.
  6. Select Fortnite: Click on Fortnite to start the game.
  7. Log In to Your Epic Games Account: If you have an Epic Games account, log in. If not, you’ll need to create one.
  8. Start Playing: Once logged in, you can start playing Fortnite on GeForce Now. The game is streamed to your device from NVIDIA’s servers.

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The great thing about playing Fortnite on GeForce Now is that you’ll benefit from the high-end graphics and performance of NVIDIA’s gaming PCs, even if your own computer isn’t up to scratch.

System requirements

Here’s what you’ll need to run the game on GeForce Now:

  • A compatible device. GeForce Now supports most Windows PCs, Macs, SHIELD TV, and Android devices.
  • A strong internet connection. We recommend an internet connection with at least 25 Mbps download speed for a smooth gaming experience.
  • Make sure that the latest version of the GeForce Now app is installed on your device.

Minimum System Requirements:

PlatformOperating SystemProcessorRAMGraphics Card
WindowsWindows 7/8/10 64-bitIntel Core i34 GBIntel HD 4000
macOSmacOS 10.10 or newerIntel Core i34 GBNVIDIA GeForce GT 640M, ATI Radeon HD 7730M
AndroidAndroid 5.0 (Lollipop) or newerARM Cortex-A152 GB
NVIDIA ShieldAndroid 7.0 (Nougat) or newerNVIDIA Tegra X13 GB
ChromebookChrome OSIntel Core i34 GBIntel HD 4000

Keep in mind that these are the minimum system requirements. For the best experience, NVIDIA recommends using a system with higher specifications, especially for graphics-intensive games like Fortnite.

How to download and install GeForce Now on your PC?

This is a PC game streaming service that allows you to play Fortnite on your PC without having to download or install it.

How to download and install GeForce Now on your PC
GeForce Now availability on devices

Here’s how to get started:

  • Go to the official GeForce Now website (
  • If you don’t have a GeForce Now account, sign up for one. If you already have an account, log in.
  • On the GeForce Now website, find the “Download Now” button or navigate to the “Download” section.
  • Once the installer is downloaded, run the executable file to begin the installation process.
  • The installation wizard will guide you through the process. Follow the prompts and select any preferences if asked.
  • Open the GeForce Now application and log in with your account.
  • Customize settings like language, preferred graphics quality, and streaming resolution.
  • Use the search function within the GeForce Now application to find and play your desired games.
  • Click on a game to start playing. The game will be streamed to your PC from NVIDIA’s servers.

How to play Fortnite on Chromebook without GeForce now?

You might be wondering how you can play the game on your Chromebook without using GeForce Now.

While it’s not currently possible to play Fortnite on a Chromebook without GeForce Now, there are a few workaround methods that you can use to get the game running.

  • One method is to use an Android emulator like Bluestacks or NoxPlayer. These emulator programs will allow you to run Android apps and games on your Chromebook, which means you’ll be able to play Fortnite.
  • Another method is to use a cloud gaming service like, Parsec or Vortex. These services will let you stream games from a remote computer, which means you can play Fortnite on your Chromebook as long as there’s a compatible computer nearby.

Of course, the best way to play Fortnite on your Chromebook is to use GeForce Now. This service allows you to stream the game from NVIDIA’s servers, which means you’ll be able to enjoy all the features and graphics of the PC version of the game. However, if you don’t have access to GeForce Now, these other methods should help you get by until you’re able to upgrade your Chromebook or get a new one that’s

GeForce Now vs other cloud gaming services

GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service provided by NVIDIA that allows you to stream and play existing PC games on various devices.

Here’s a comparison between GeForce Now and other cloud gaming services like Google Stadia and Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming (formerly known as Project xCloud):

ServiceProviderModelSupported DevicesGame LibraryPricing
GeForce NowNVIDIAStream games you ownPC, Mac, NVIDIA Shield, Android, ChromebooksWide range (requires game ownership)Free tier, Paid subscription
Google StadiaGoogleCloud-based gamingPC, Mac, Android, Chromebook, ChromecastShut Down on 18 JAN 2023Unavailable
Xbox Cloud GamingMicrosoftStream Xbox Game Pass titlesPC, Android, Smart TVs (with Xbox app)Extensive Xbox Game Pass libraryIncluded in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription
Now.ggNow.ggBrowser-based game streamingPC, Mac, Android, iOSWide range (see compatibility)Free

Is ‘Geforce now’ free?

GeForce Now offers a free tier and a paid subscription tier.

The free tier of GeForce Now allows users to play supported games on NVIDIA’s servers for up to one hour at a time. After the one-hour session, users may need to join a virtual queue if the servers are busy. It’s worth noting that this tier may have limitations in terms of priority access and session length.

The paid subscription tier, called GeForce Now Priority membership, offers benefits like extended play sessions (up to 6 hours at a time), priority access to servers, and the ability to play even during peak times. This subscription is available for a monthly fee.

Is it safe for kids?

  • Fortnite Game Content: Fortnite is rated as suitable for players aged 13 and older. It’s important to be aware that the game features combat scenarios where players engage in battles to be the last one standing. Parents should consider whether this content is appropriate for their child’s age and maturity level.
  • GeForce Now: GeForce Now itself doesn’t have content or interaction features. It’s a platform to stream games, so its safety depends on the games played through it.

Both Fortnite and GeForce Now have parental control options. Parents can set up restrictions on in-game purchases, communication, and access to certain features.

Pros and Cons

There are many benefits to playing Fortnite on GeForce Now. For starters, the game is extremely well-optimized for the service, which means that you can expect smooth performance and excellent visuals.

Additionally, the platform, Now allows you to play Fortnite on any compatible device, including PC, Mac, Android, and even some TVs. This means that you can take your Fortnite experience with you wherever you go.

However, there are also some drawbacks to using the platform. One of the biggest is that the service is not free; it costs $19.99 per month (or $99.99 for six months).

Additionally, because it streams games from the cloud, you will need a strong internet connection to get the most out of it. finally, while there are many compatible devices, not all of them are supported by GeForce Now.


1. What does the term ‘Geforce now Fortnite’?

“GeForce Now Fortnite” refers to the ability to play the popular battle royale game Fortnite on the GeForce Now cloud gaming platform provided by NVIDIA.

2. How does it work?

GeForce Now allows users to stream and play games on various devices, even if the device itself may not meet the hardware requirements to run the game locally.

This means that players can enjoy Fortnite on devices like low-end laptops, Macs, or Android devices, as long as they have a stable internet connection.

3. What are the benefits of using GeForce Now to play Fortnite?

  1. Device Versatility: It enables Fortnite to play on various devices, regardless of hardware capabilities.
  2. Instant Access: No need for installations or updates, offering immediate gameplay.
  3. High-Quality Graphics: Leverages powerful NVIDIA hardware for top-notch visuals, even on less powerful devices.
  4. Cross-Platform Play: Allows seamless switching between devices while retaining progress and settings.
  5. Reduced Latency: NVIDIA’s optimized servers minimize input lag for a smoother gaming experience.

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