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Hindi Serials TRP: Some high TRP Hindi Serials 2022

The success of any television serial is determined by the TRP it gets. Hindi serials TRP has become quite a common term today which is given to the audience whether a particular television serial is a hit or a flop.

Of course, watching TV is not just a means of entertainment, and time passes for many people, but people get so much connected with the serials and shows that come on TV that they feel connected to it.

It becomes necessary to see how far the story of your favorite serial has progressed and how well your favorite heroine did.

What are Hindi serials TRP?

Hindi serials TRP is an index to measure and evaluate the viewership of any television serial. It is a tool through which the serial team understands how popular the serial is becoming among the audience.

Today most television serials are broadcast several times a day. So TRP also helps in checking how many times viewers are watching the serial in a day.

TRP full formTV Rating Point or Target rating point
TRP rating checkerPeople Meter Device
Checked byBroadcast audience research council
Implemented in2010

Moreover, it is the way by which the marketing team of the serial or channel gets to know how much the viewers like a particular serial that has been airing recently.

What is the full form of TRP and GRP?

TRP stands for ‘Television Rating Point’ or ‘Target Rating Point’. It denotes the audience as the target here.

The GRP refers to Gross Rating Point. As mentioned earlier, TRP or Target Rating Point is the way through which it can be measured how many viewers like a particular serial and what is the popularity of that serial or even a channel.

How is Hindi serials TRP calculated?

Broadcast Audience Research Council, also known as BARC for short, is responsible for calculating Hindi serials trip. BARC has installed a tool known as Bar-O-Meter for the calculation of TRP.

These meters have now been installed in 45,000 different houses covered in the panel. This is the reason why only the operators come to install the setup box.

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With the help of set-top boxes, it can be easily found out which channel or show has the highest TRP in a particular area.

Another way to check TRP is called picture matching, in which a part of the picture of the program viewed by the people is recorded.

This data is taken from some of the houses in which people’s meters are installed. This data is analyzed on the basis of which the TRP is calculated.

TV channel gets income from Hindi serials trp

You must already know that there is more advertising in the middle of the TV shows, while the same show is shown less. More than 80% of the income comes through advertisements for TV channels.

How much a show is earning, depends on the number of advertisements shown in the middle of that show

Now the thing is, what is the difference between TRP and advertisement, the difference is that the higher the TRP of the channel, the more advertisement will be on that channel.

Therefore, the simple thing is that the more advertisements are shown in the middle of the show, the more they will earn.

The relationship between TRP and advertising

Suppose Bigg Boss is the highest TRP show. In such a situation, big company advertisements will be placed on Bigg Boss.

The number of people watching Big Boss is very high, in such a situation, the big company can show its advertisements on the TV channels and offer money.

Most of the people working in the Bigg Boss show like Salman Khan ensure the work of advertisement. So you have to understand how a channel works between TRP and advertisement.

What is the effect on the channel if the TRP is more or less

Thousands of TV serials are telecasted on different TV channels. Only the TRP monitoring team can tell which show has the highest TRP.

When the TRP of a channel decreases, then that channel does not get good advertisements. Because of it, also decrease the conversions.

All this happens because the shows are shown on those channels which are not liked by the audience, reducing the audience to watch, so their TRP makes a difference.

What is TRP Scam?

As you know that money can buy everything, and many channels do the same thing. It has come from some unknown sources that a famous channel has tried to buy TRP officials with money.

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It is morally wrong to do this and it is also a serious nature of the crime.

Some high TRP Hindi Serials 2022 in India

1AnupamaaStar Plus3.0
2Yeh Hai ChahateinStar Plus2.1
2Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata HaiStar Plus2.1
2Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar MeiinStar Plus2.1
2Banni Chow Home DeliveryStar Plus2.1
3ImlieStar Plus2.0
3Kundali BhagyaZee TV2.0
4Kumkum BhagyaZee TV1.8
4Naagin 6Colors TV1.8
5Bhagya LakshmiZee TV1.7

Top 10 TV Personalities Of The Week (FMN Rating – Week 24)

1Tejasswi Prakash823
2Harshad Chopda820
3Shraddha Arya816
4Pranali Rathod814
5Rupali Ganguly806
6Ayesha Singh786
7Priyanka Chahar Choudhary768
8Nakuul Mehta716
9Mugdha Chaphekar711
10Gaurav Khanna703

Top 5 channel Kids (Week 24)

2Sonic Nickelodeon33
3Cartoon Network32
4Pogo TV31

Top 5 TV Channels Of The Week

1Star Plus183
2Sab TV135
3Colors TV117
4Zee TV100
5Sony TV82

Channel Wise TRP

Zee TV (Week 24)

Tere Bina JJN0.5
Bhagya Lakshmi1.7
Kashibai Bajirao Ballal0.6
Kumkum Bhagya1.8
Kundali Bhagya2.0
Radha Mohan1.0
DID Lil Masters0.9

Sony TV (Week 24)

Mere Sai0.4
Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye0.3
India’s Laughter Champion0.9
Super Star Singer1.3
Yashomati Maiyya ke Nandlala0.4
Punya Shlok Ahilya Bai0.5
Bade Acche Lagte Hain 20.5

Star Plus (Week 24)

Pandya Store1.4
Banni Chow Home Delivery2.1
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai2.1
Yeh Hai Chahatein2.1
Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein2.1
Saathiya 20.5
Kabhi kabhi ittefaq se1.1
Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar0.5

Colors TV (Week 24)

Sasural Simar Ka0.8
Swaran Ghar1.2
Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho1.0
DD Juniors0.9
Nima Denzongpa0.6
Sirf Tum0.4
Spy Bahu0.7
Naagin 61.8
Fanaa IMMJ0.5
Harphool Mohini1.0


Q.1 – Describe the full form of TRP?
Ans –
TV Rating Point.

Q.2 – How to check the TRP rating?
Ans –
By people meter device.

Q.3 – Who gets the benefit of TRP?
Ans –
the benefits of TRP are goes to the owner of that show or the channel.

Q.4 – What is the importance of TRP?
Ans –
If you want to know which serial or show is the most famous. You will need to know about TRP.

Q.5 – What are the allegations against Republic TV in the TRP scam?
Ans –
It has also been alleged that it tried to buy the officials by paying them money.

Now you must have understood why the cable operator asks you to install the setup box. Yes, big channels find out top shows with the help of TRP, so that they can earn good money through promotion or ads.

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