Personality: Meaning, Definition and Characteristics


Personality: What is Personality? This question is often asked by many people. Approx, every person has his own aspect regarding personality.

Its meaning is seen in two forms. First, we see a person in terms of his size and appearance like what he looks like, etc.

Second, how does that person think, how does he walk, or how does he speak?

We all determine the behavior of a person by looking at these things, how that person will be.

But in reality, its meaning is much wider than this, and today we will tell you what exactly personality is and how is the personality of a person measured.

So let us have a look at its meaning, definition, characteristics, and measurement methods.

Meaning of Personality

It would probably be wrong to guess about a person just by looking at his size or appearance.

It means that what is the vision of that person to see an object and how he thinks.

As a whole, we accept the inner aspects of a person as the personality of that person.

Definition of Personality

It has been defined by different people according to their point of view.

Every person’s point of view of thinking and seeing is different from other people’s because no two person’s thinking patterns and attitudes are the same.

So let’s know what are its definitions:


“It is the assessment of interests that give a particular personality type to a person’s behavior.”


Personality is the sum total of a person’s mental states and the tendencies, talents, qualities, etc., acquired at birth and throughout the previous lifetime of the individual. Personality reflects all aspects of a person’s life.

We can understand the characteristics of personality by categorizing them into the following parts:

  • Sociality
  • Work towards achieving a goal
  • Self-consciousness
  • Adjusting to the environment
  • Physical and mental health
  • Sustainable development
  • Great enthusiasm

1. Sociability

Sociality is a major feature of the personality of an individual. Man is a social animal and he lives in the midst of society. A person does all his activities by living in the midst of society.

2. Goal – Achievement

There is definitely some goal in the life of every person, keeping in mind that person always takes efforts to achieve that goal.

Because a person works according to his goal, therefore his goal has a great influence on the personality of the person.

3. Self-consciousness

Self-consciousness means self-reflection, a person takes care of what his image is being made in society, and how the people of the society feel about him.

A man must think about how people will make an impression on him from the activities he is doing and is always aware of his image in the eyes of the people.

From the point of view of self-contemplation, a small child is like an animal, which lacks self-consciousness.

4. Adjustment to the surroundings

An individual tries to adapt himself to the environment so that he can establish adjustment to the environment of society.

Adjustment here means – adapting yourself to the environment and adapting the environment to yourself.

5. Physical and Mental Health

For a good personality, it is necessary that the person should have good physical health and mental health.

A person’s mental health will also be good when his physical health is good because man is a psychosomatic organism.

6. Sustainable Development

As you already know that development is a lifelong process. For a good personality, the process of its development should always be good and sustainable.

Psychologists Garrison, Kingston, and Macdonald say that personality is interrelated to continuous development – ​​“Personality remains in the process of continuous development”.

7. Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is a very important unit of a person’s life. An enthusiastic person does not deviate from his path no matter what the situation may come, he remains full of enthusiasm even in adverse circumstances.

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Measurement Methods

Two methods are used to find out the behavior of a person –

  1. Non-objective methods
  2. Projective methods

1. Non-Projective Methods

Two types of methods are used under this –

  • Personal methods
  • Objective methods

In personal methods, an attempt is made to find out a person’s personality by listening to that person’s observations, interview, questionnaire, history, and autobiography.

In this type of method, research is done on the person and different questions are asked to him by calling him alone and his behavior and his attitude are ascertained based on answers received from him.

In the objective method, that person is tested by the object. In this type of method, methods like the composition method are used.

In this, the person who is being observed is tested by getting that person’s pictures and plays, etc.

2. Projective Methods

Through this method, an attempt is made to bring out the inner mind of the person. This method was first used by the psychologist Sigmund Freud.

He believed that the character of a person lies in his unconscious mind and this method is used to check the unconscious mind of the person.

In this method, the composition method and the Rosha inkblot test are used prominently. This test was discovered by Hermann Rosha in 1921.

In which an attempt was made to take out the unconscious mind of the person by some cards.


No matter how many methods we use, it is not possible to find out completely the hidden things in the unconscious mind of a person.

Yes, we can guess about anyone’s personality but it will not be completely correct or we will not call it completely wrong either.

However, developing a good personality is a must need in today world’s. Everybody should try to develop their personality in a continuous progressive way.

In this article, you came to know the meaning, definition, characteristics and methods of measurement of personality, if you have found the above information useful, please share it with your family and friends.

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