Motivation: Meaning and Sources


Motivation is the name of internal encouragement, for example – when we are inspired and excited by our own mind to do some work, it is called Motivation.

The person has some personal purpose behind doing any work because he fulfills his needs by doing that work.

Those needs act to motivate him internally. This is a good example to understand the meaning of motivation.

Meaning of Motivation

The English translation of motivation is ‘motivation’. Which means, intrinsically motivated to do some work.

Motivation is the name of energy that creates the behavior of man and works to provide stability to him.

We see that if a person does some work related to his choice or interest, then he enjoys doing that work as this interest or work motivates him to do it. These elements act as motivators of motivation.

Similarly, in every field, there are many motivators such as teachers, needs, interests, etc. who motivate the person. It gives that person the energy to do that work.

Psychology: Meaning, definition and its importance
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Definition of Motivation

Motivation can be defined as the below –

1) According to Woodworth – “It is a state of a person which compels him to perform certain behavior and to achieve certain objectives.”

2) According to Lavelle – “Motivation can be more formally defined as a psycho-physical process, which is initiated by a need and gives rise to that action by which that need is to be fulfilled.

3) According to Guilford – “A motivator is any particular internal factor or condition which gives rise to and sustains an action.

4) According to McDougall – “Motivation is such physical and mental state within a human being which motivates him to act under certain conditions.

Sources of Motivation

Stimulation Incentive – The things that fulfill the need of a person. All of them are called stimuli in psychology. For example, the need for food in feeling hungry. According to psychology, a person responds only to the occurrence of a stimulus. It is also called SR Theory.

Needs – Man needs many tools and things to make a living and that person does various work and efforts to fulfill all these needs. The realization of all these needs creates energy in him.

Driver – Driver is the name of that thing, by getting which the need of the person is fulfilled, that is, by getting food, his hunger is satisfied, or by getting water when he is thirsty.

Motivational Motive – All those elements are included under the motivator, which helps the person to do some work and keep doing that work continuously, these elements are as follows –

  • praise
  • interest
  • punishment
  • arrogance
  • jealousy
  • emotion
  • joy of success
  • curiosity etc.

Similarly, there can be many motivators that motivate the person to do some work.


Motivation has the below characteristics –

  • Motivation is an energy that acts to motivate a person internally.
  • It is found in both negative and positive forms.
  • Motivation is used to achieve a certain purpose and goal.
  • It is a process in which a person has to go through various stages.
  • In psychology, it is also defined as stimulus-response.
  • It is used to do the work smoothly and to provide stability in that work.
  • It is analyzed on a psychological basis.

Motivation and Education

Motivation acts as a tool for education. By this, an effective education system is established and education is given a stable form.

It is needed to build the personality and behavior of the students, to ensure the education-learning system, and to change the mood of the students.

Without it, it is not possible to achieve the objectives of education fully. It is needed for the fulfillment of various tasks of education.

It is also needed in creating an environment of discipline in the classroom, in building the personality of the students and in leading the students towards education.


Motivation is the name of the energy that helps a person in making impossible tasks possible and plays an important role in fulfilling the needs of the person and building his personality.

In this article, you have learned in detail about the meaning, definition, and source of motivation. We hope, we have been able to explain the topic in very simple words.

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