What is Bureaucracy? Its meaning and definition


Bureaucracy is the name of the system in which different tasks are assigned to some people after organizing them to achieve a goal. Many schools also address bureaucracy by the name of red tape, but there is a difference between these two.

A bureaucracy is an organization that is run by higher officials in the country. In general, people often tend to call every person working in any office, administration, and organization a bureaucrat. Those who implement their tasks keep in mind the national interest in a particular area.

Under this, the chief officers, officers, and employees are all active to achieve any goal. Under this, the work is allotted to the people according to their merit. All of them are responsible for their respective fields and tasks.

Definition of Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy can be defined majority in two ways –

  • According to Weber – Maz Weber a German Scientist, he defines bureaucracy as ” a highly structured, formalized, and also an impersonal organization”.
  • According to Willoughby – Bureaucracy can be defined as – “a system in which the work of the public servant is organized on the basis of hierarchy and which is outside effective public control.”

Characteristics of Bureaucracy

  • It is an organization, based in hierarchical order.
  • It is a group of different people, under which people of different abilities work.
  • Under this, only people with special abilities work.
  • All of them are bound to execute the orders of their higher officers.
  • It is often worthless, that is, qualities like humanity are rarely seen in it.

What are the defects of bureaucracy?

  • The primacy of pride – Under this, a sense of primacy comes in the officers. He starts to feel special. Due to this, he proves to be unsuccessful in meeting the people and understanding their problems.
  • Red Tape – This is the biggest flaw of bureaucracy. Under this, the officers sacrifice their feelings in order to do their work within the ambit of the law. Due to this, the public has to face the problem.
  • Autocracy – Under this, the officers consider themselves to be so special that they, themselves give orders to do many things. Due to this a feeling of animosity towards the administration is born among the people.
  • Corruption – This is the defect that is seen in most administrative areas. Often on giving money (₹) many works get done quickly. Due to this, the officials consider it a burden to work without money. Due to this the work of the poor people gets delayed.
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What are the remedies to remove all these defects?

Such officers should be selected to remove all these defects. In which there is a sense of cooperation, who is humanity-loving and who is dutiful.

  • Power should be decentralized i.e. no particular level of person should be given the right to take independent decisions.
  • Such an organization should be created, where the public can register their grievances and there should be a facility for their quick resolution.

So that the officials can not do their arbitrariness and corruption can be stopped. Citizens should be given administrative education related to the duties and rights of the officers with a view to that they can become aware of the work of the government and administration.

Bureaucracy in Development

The bureaucracy is directly related to all the development works.

That is because the implementation of every scheme of the government is done by the bureaucracy itself and the complete success of any beneficiary scheme depends on its implementation and this is possible only when the bureaucracy is active and responsible towards its duties and actions.


In order to develop the feelings of national development, public development, sovereignty, and democracy, it is very necessary that the bureaucracy of the nation should be expanded because the more active and quality it is, the more development of the Nation will increase.

Friends, today you know what is bureaucracy. Its definition, characteristics, defects, and solutions. If you find this post informative, do share it with your friends and family.

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