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Top 15 games to play on Yandex Games for free


In the ever-evolving realm of online gaming, Yandex Games emerges as a versatile and dynamic platform that offers a unique array of experiences to players of all ages and preferences.

Yandex Games is a gaming platform provided by Yandex, a Russian multinational company known for its internet-related services and products. Yandex Games offers a variety of online games that can be played in web browsers.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to 15 of the best Yandex games out there.

About Yandex

Yandex is a Russian multinational corporation that specializes in Internet-related services and products. It was founded in 1997 and has since become one of the largest technology companies in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

NameYandex Games
FounderElena Kolmanovskaya, Arkady Volozh, Ilya Segalovich
Found in23 September 1997
HeadquartersMoscow, Russia
ServicesOnline Free Games
Area ServedWorldwide
WebsiteVisit Now

The company provides a wide range of services, including an online search engine, email, maps, and more. It also has its own line of products, including the Yandex Browser and the Yandex. Disk storage service.

Top 15 Yandex Games

Some of the best Yandex games are –

1. Run 3

Run 3 is a popular online endless runner game developed by Joseph Cloutier. It’s known for its unique gameplay mechanics and challenging levels. The game is the third installment in the “Run” series.

Run 3: Best Yandex Games
Run 3: Best Yandex Games

In Run 3, players control a character running through a series of tunnels, avoiding gaps and obstacles. What sets this game apart is its use of gravity-shifting mechanics. Players can jump from wall to wall, altering the direction of gravity to navigate the complex maze-like levels.

The goal of the game is to keep running and survive for as long as possible, collecting power cells along the way to unlock new characters and levels. With progressively more challenging levels, “Run 3” tests players’ reflexes and strategic thinking.

2. Slope

Slope is a popular online 3D endless runner game where players control a ball rolling on a neon-colored slope. The objective is to navigate the ball through a treacherous course filled with obstacles, and gaps.

Slope Game
Slope Game

It is one of the most played games in the United States that is available on Yandex Games for free. The game is known for its fast-paced action and challenging gameplay.

If you are looking for a fun and addicting game to play? Look no further than Slope!

3. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a popular endless runner mobile game developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games. In this game, players take on the role of a graffiti artist who is caught tagging a subway train.

Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers

To escape the pursuing inspector and his dog, the player runs along the subway tracks, collecting coins and power-ups while avoiding obstacles. You can play Subway Surfers on Yandex Games.

Cookie Clicker is a popular incremental game created by Orteil, a French indie game developer. It was first released in 2013 and has since gained a dedicated following. The game’s concept is deceptively simple yet highly addictive.

In Cookie Clicker, players start with a single clickable cookie. Clicking on the cookie earns the player a cookie, which can then be used to purchase upgrades and additional tools to generate more cookies automatically.

Cookie Clicker
Cookie Clicker

As players progress, they can unlock various upgrades, buildings, and special powers that significantly increase their cookie production.

The game’s mechanics are based on exponential growth, leading to incredibly high cookie counts for dedicated players. Achievements, milestones, and special events add extra layers of progression and objectives to the gameplay.

5. Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is a wildly entertaining online multiplayer first-person shooter. In this egg-centric universe, players embody egg soldiers armed with an arsenal of egg-themed weaponry.

Engage in frenetic, fast-paced battles across various modes including Capture the Spatula and Free For All.

Shell Shockers
Shell Shockers

The Shell Shockers game’s unique twist on traditional shooters, combined with its whimsical egg characters and explosive eggsplosives, creates an engaging and light-hearted experience.

Customize your egg, don your favorite eggshell, and crack your opponents in egg-citing battles. With a vibrant community and frequent events, Shell Shockers is the perfect blend of fun and frantic action for players of all ages.

6. Pac-Man

Pac-Man is a legendary arcade game released in 1980 by Namco. Players control a round, yellow character named Pac-Man, tasked with navigating a maze to eat all the dots while avoiding colorful ghosts.

The game’s simplicity and addictive gameplay revolutionized the gaming industry. Cherries, strawberries, and other bonus items add extra points.


Eating a power pellet allows Pac-Man to temporarily turn the tables and devour ghosts for extra points. As levels progress, the game’s pace quickens, intensifying the challenge.

With its iconic characters and enduring appeal, Pac-Man remains a beloved classic, inspiring generation of gamers worldwide.

7. 1v1.LOL

1v1.LOL is an online multiplayer third-person shooter game developed by JustPlay.LOL. It provides players with a dynamic arena where they can engage in one-on-one battles.

The game emphasizes building and shooting skills, allowing players to construct structures for cover while engaging in intense firefights.


1v1.LOL is similar in concept to the building and shooting mechanics seen in games like Fortnite which can be played free on Yandex Games.

The game has gained popularity for its competitive gameplay and the opportunity for players to hone their combat skills against opponents in real time.

8. Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a rhythm-based platformer game known for its challenging gameplay and electrifying soundtrack. Developed by Robert Topala, it requires players to navigate through a series of geometric obstacles at breakneck speeds.

Timing is crucial; mistimed jumps result in starting over. The Geometry Dash game’s intuitive controls and precise mechanics make it a test of reflexes and skill.

Geometry Dash
Geometry Dash

As players progress, the levels become increasingly difficult, rewarding perseverance with a sense of accomplishment. “Geometry Dash” also allows users to create their custom levels, contributing to its extensive and creative community.

9. Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4 is a popular game on Yandex games that has been played by millions of people. It is a dynamic physics-based platformer game where players control a red spherical character on a quest to thwart the evil Black Square’s plans.

Navigating through diverse environments, from lush forests to industrial zones, players must overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, and face formidable bosses.

Red Ball 4 game
Red Ball 4 game

The game is divided into levels, each level becoming more difficult than the last. There are also bonus levels that can be unlocked by completing certain tasks.

The game’s intuitive controls and engaging storyline add depth to the experience. Collecting stars and strategizing against enemies enhance gameplay

Red Ball 4 is a free game and can be played online on Yandex Games.

10. Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is a classic and highly popular casual puzzle game on Yandex Games. It was first released in 2002 and has since become a staple in the world of online gaming.

The objective of the Bubble Shooter is simple yet addictive: players aim and shoot colored bubbles toward a cluster of other bubbles at the top of the screen. The goal is to match three or more bubbles of the same color, causing them to pop and disappear.

Bubble Shooter
Bubble Shooter

When you shoot a bubble, it will pop and release any other bubbles attached to it. The more bubbles you can pop in one shot, the more points you’ll earn.

11. Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is the exhilarating sequel to the iconic Endless Runner game. Developed by Imangi Studios, it builds upon the success of the original with enhanced graphics, new environments, and added challenges.

Temple Run 2
Temple Run 2

Players embark on a heart-pounding adventure through diverse landscapes, including mines, forests, and cliffs, while navigating treacherous paths and evading obstacles.

With intuitive controls, players collect coins, and power-ups, and navigate zip lines and mine carts. Web browser version of the Temple Run 2 is also available and you can play it on Yandex Games.

12. Tic-tac-toe

Play tic-tac-toe online for a classic, engaging experience. Choose a reputable platform, select your opponent, and take turns placing your symbols on the grid.

Tic Tac Toe | The best game on Yandex Games
Tic Tac Toe

The goal is to get three in a row. Enjoy this convenient and fun version of the timeless game against friends or random opponents. Play the Tic-Tac-Toe game now!

13. Tetris

Tetris is a classic and iconic puzzle video game created by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984. The game involves fitting different-shaped falling blocks, known as “Tetrominos,” together to form complete lines.

When a line is formed, it disappears, and the player earns points. The objective is to clear as many lines as possible, as the blocks continue to fall faster and faster. If the blocks reach the top of the screen, the game ends.

Tetris | The best game on Yandex Games

Tetris is almost one of the most addictive video games of all time on Yandex Games, and it’s also a fun challenge to see how fast you can clear the board. Try the free Tetris online game on Infrexa.

14. Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars, developed by Madpuffers, is a thrilling 2-player basketball game. You can play with your favorite team and LeBron James, James Harden, Stephen Curry, and other basketball legends in this game.

Basketball Stars
Basketball Stars

The game is available in single-player mode and or two-player mode. You can enjoy the Free Basketball Stars game here.

15. Tunnel Rush 2

Last but important! Tunnel Rush 2 is a series of fast-paced arcade games where the player must dodge various obstacles as they move through a 3D tunnel.

Tunnel Rush 2
Tunnel Rush 2

The game features exciting 3D graphics and physics that will test players’ reactions to survival.

Yandex Games Alternatives

If you’re looking for alternatives to Yandex Games, here are five popular gaming platforms that you might consider:

  1. Poki: Poki is a free online gaming platform that offers a wide selection of games across various genres. It’s known for its user-friendly interface and extensive game library.
  2. Infrexa Games: Infrex Games is a global gaming platform that is known for high-quality browser games. It has a collection of thousands of free online games.
  3. Miniclip: Miniclip is a well-established gaming website that provides a vast collection of both single-player and multiplayer games. It covers a wide range of genres from sports to action and strategy.
  4. Kongregate: Kongregate is a community-driven platform that features a large assortment of free-to-play games. It offers a variety of genres and also allows users to upload and share their own games.
  5. Coolmath Games: Coolmath Games specializes in educational and puzzle games. It’s a great platform for learning through play and offers a variety of brain-teasing challenges.

How to play Yandex Games?

Here are the general steps on how to play games on Yandex Games:

  1. Visit the Website: Go to the official Yandex Games website using a web browser.
  2. Explore the Library: Browse through the available games to find one that interests you. You can search for specific games or explore different categories.
  3. Select a Game: Click on the game you want to play. This will take you to the game’s page.
  4. Play the Game: Depending on the game, you may need to click a “Play” or “Start” button to begin. Follow any on-screen instructions provided by the game.
  5. Controls: Use your keyboard, mouse, or any specified controls to play the game. Each game may have its own set of controls and instructions.
  6. Enjoy the Game: Immerse yourself in the gameplay and have fun!

Features of Yandex Games

  1. Diverse Game Library: Yandex Games likely provided access to a wide range of games across different genres, catering to various preferences and age groups.
  2. Free-to-Play: Many games on the platform may have been available for free, allowing users to enjoy gaming without any initial cost.
  3. Browser-Based Gameplay: Yandex Games might have offered browser-based games, meaning you could play directly from your web browser without the need for additional downloads or installations.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: The platform may have had an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for players to navigate through the library and start playing their chosen games.

Is Yandex Games free?

Yes! Yandex Games offers a selection of free-to-play games. Users can access and play many games on the platform without any initial cost.

Is Yandex Games safe?

Yes! Yandex Games is generally considered safe to use.

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