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Zombie Royale.io is a Zombie-Themed Battle Royale online game where players are placed in a world infested with zombies and must compete against each other to be the last person or team standing.

It’s a survival and battle royale-style game with a zombie twist.

Developer New Games
ReleaseJun 25, 2021
GenreAction, Adventure, io, Survival
PlatformAndroid, Web browser
DownloadAvailable on Play Store with 1 M+ Downloads

How to play ZOMBIE ROYALE.IO game?

In this game, the players are required to help Survivors and kill zombies and bosses. To kill them drag your mouse and go near the zombies. They will automatically be shot, once they die just move.

After killing the zombies go near the survivor and help him. He will join your team and fight for you. When you kill a zombie you earn money and can use it to upgrade survivors. Survivors help you to fight and kill zombies.

Features of the game

  1. Zombie-Themed Battle Royale: Players are dropped into a map along with other participants. The goal is to survive and eliminate other players while dealing with hordes of zombies that continuously spawn and chase you.
  2. Weapons and Items: You can find weapons, ammunition, and various items scattered throughout the map to aid in your survival.
  3. Zombie Evolution: Zombies may evolve or become more powerful as the match progresses, making it increasingly challenging for players to survive.
  4. Leaderboards and Achievements: The game often includes leaderboards and achievements to track your progress and compete with other players.

Alternatives to ZOMBIE ROYALE.IO

There are many alternatives to the popular game Zombie Royale. Some of these alternatives include:


  • WASD or arrow keys on your keyboard to move

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