Daily words: 500+ daily use words in English with Hindi meaning

Daily words: 500+ daily use words in English with हिन्दी मतलब


Daily words: Trying to improve English? If you are serious about improving your English, the first thing you need to do is make a list of the most daily used English words and try to memorize them slowly.

It is not so difficult to improve spoken or letter-writing English. If you observe you will find that almost all English experts whose English is considered to be mind-blowing finish their entire conversation by hardly using 2 – 3k English words only.

These words can be categorized as the “most often used English words” in daily conversation. Before we begin to know more about the daily use of English words, let us discuss the importance of these daily words in English.

Why these daily use English words are important?

It has been seen that many many people who want to improve their English, try to memorize a huge chunk of difficult English words. It results in an unbearable burden on the learner.

90% of words are the same in any conversation even if the conversation is held by a beginner or an expert.

Additionally, it is also vital to remember these 2000 – 3000 English words which will help you understand nearly 90% portion of the English conversation.

Hence, in order to improve English, it is important to learn the right vocabulary that is helpful in increasing your fluency or communication skills.

Where to find these often-used English words?

When you start collecting these daily use English words, the first question arises in your mind – where to find these daily words?

You can find these daily words –

  • Television news
  • Web articles
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines and
  • Tv debates

You should first make a habit of noting down these daily used English words as soon as you see, watch or listen to them.

Reading newspapers and watching Tv debates are the most powerful methods that may help you a lot in improving your English score.

12 Tips to Improve English with these daily words

English is a very easy language but it has been seen that many people often find it difficult to learn English not due to a lack of potential or less hard work but because of the right direction.

If you are really willing to improve your English make sure that you are following the right strategy as prescribed under the topic – “12 best tips to improve English”

  1. Start with improving tense and verbs to avoid grammatical mistakes while speaking or writing
  2. Along with your books, read English newspapers daily and as much as possible
  3. Try to listen to English news
  4. Watch English-subtitled movies
  5. Make friends whose native language is English, because they will not judge you on your errors
  6. Use the “total dry mother tongue day” method for at least a week and gradually increase it
  7. Listen to English songs and try to extract the meaning of the lines
  8. Use some online tools like – Google Translator to find the quick meaning of the English words
  9. Start thinking in English and then talk to yourself in English in front of the mirror, as it will boost your confidence
  10. Make a list of the most useful/daily words in English
  11. Participate in group discussions because this will remove your hesitation in public and will make you habitual speak in English
  12. Practice more and more

List of 250+ Daily Used English Words with Meaning in Hindi

Daily use wordsHindi MeaningExample
AbdomenपेटMy abdomen is hurting for the last couple of days
Abductionभगा ले जाना (फुसला या धमका कर)Abduction is a crime
AbhorrentघृणितViolence is abhorrent nature of human conduct
AbroadविदेशHis elder daughter is residing abroad
Absurdनिरर्थकI find his idea absurd
Abuseदुर्व्यवहारGirl child abuse is rampant in the world
Accomplishपूरा करनाWe have accomplished our task for today
Academicशैक्षिकIIT is an academic institute
Acceptस्वीकार / हाँ करनाThis machine only accepts 1 Re coin
Accessप्रवेश मार्ग / पहुँचनाHe has accessed my personal files on my computer
Accountखाता / हिसाब रखनाI have a current and saving account in the State Bank
Accuracyसत्यता / शुद्धताThe lawyer questioned the accuracy of my account
Acknowledgeस्वीकार करनाHe acknowledged his fault
Acquitदोष मुक्त करनाThe Court acquitted him of bank robbery
Addressपता / संबोधित करनाNote down my address so that we can communicate easily
Administerप्रबन्ध करना This company is administered by Hon. Chandan Singh Virat
Advanceफैलाव / पूर्व मेंI gave him some cash in advance
AdversaryविरोधीChandra Shekhar Aajad has defeated all his adversaries with his intelligence
Atmosphereवायुमंडल / वातावरणPolluting gases spoil the atmosphere
Atrocityअत्याचारThe atrocities committed against the innocent are uncountable
Attestप्रमाणित करनाThis document needs to be self-attested
AutocracyनिरंकुशताAutocracy leads to destruction in society
AvoidटालनाAvoid excessive exposure to the sun
Awardपुरष्कारMohan and Shohan have received an award for their excellent performance
Backवापस करनाI have a current saving account in the State Bank
Backboneरीढ़ की हड्डी He is the backbone of his party
BankruptcyदिवालाForty bankruptcies were recorded in this town last year
Bargainसौदा करनाWe will give you a good discount as part of the bargain
BarrierअवरोधCasteism is a major barrier to the development of India
Battleसामना करना / लड़ाईOn hearing about his mother’s death Sachin returned back to India
Beastनिर्दयी व्यक्ति / जानवरThe lion is called the kind of beasts
Befriendदोस्ती करनाHe can easily be-friend anyone
BeneathनीचेI dumped all my things beneath the bed
BeneficialलाभदायकFruits are beneficial to health
Birthसीट / जन्म I got birth on the middle deck
Besidesभी / के आलावाThere will be three of us at the party, besides the children
Biasपूर्वाग्रह / झुकावTipu Sultan defeated in the Battle of Seringapatnam
BiographyजीवनीHe is writing the biography of his father
Birthrightजन्मसिद्ध अधिकारFree public education should be the birthright of every American child
Bitterकड़वाThe bitter truth is difficult to swallow
Blameनिंदा करना / दोष देना Don’t blame for this loss
Blanketकम्बलThere was a blanket of snow
BlueprintरूपरेखाThe blueprint of the dam project is ready
BluntमुंहफटA lot of writing blunts a Pencil
BodilyशारीरिकThe shoulder took a risk without worrying about any bodily harm
Boldस्पष्ट / दबंगThis movie has very bold seen
BoonबरदानThe umpire was biased toward the host team
Boorishउजड्डपनShe behaves in a boorish manner, in front of everybody
Boostबढ़ावा देनाThese tips will boost your self-confidence
Borrowउधार लेनाCan I borrow some money from you?
Boundसीमित करनाBound and gagged hostages
Boycottबहिष्कार करनाThe opposition boycotted the meeting
Breachविच्छेद करना / तोड़नाParks are a good boon to children in big cities
Briefहिदायत देना / सारपत्रIn the beginning, he presented a brief of the last meeting
Broadविस्तृतA broad rule
Brotherhoodबंधुत्व In their community, there is a strong feeling of brotherhood
Brutalपशुवत / क्रूर Auto Shankar of Chennai was a brutal murderer
Burdenलादना / बोझ She was burdened with the responsibility of caring for her small brother
BureaucracyनौकरशाहीToo much bureaucracy hinders the fast progress
Capabilityसामर्थ्यHe worked to the limits of his capability
CapitalismपूंजीवादCapitalism encourages private enterprises
Captureबंदी बनानाMadhubala’s beauty captured many hearts
CarnivorousमांसाहारीA lion is a carnivorous animal
Casteजाति It’s high time we got rid of the caste system
Catastropheदुर्गति / तबाहीA lack of proper ethics and emotions will lead to catastrophe in our society
Cattleपशु / मवेशी The neighbors’ cattle strayed into our garden
Cautiousसावधान Be cautious in spending money!
Certainनिश्चित You must set aside a certain sum each week
Challengeचुनौती I accept your challenge
Characteristicविशेष He spoke in his characteristic style
Charityदान Charity begins at home
Checkजांच The police had a check o the area where the murder took place
Circumstanceहालत / परिस्थिति Be circumspect in all your actions!
Civilianअसैनिक नागरिक Civilians are not allowed to enter the military area
ClaimदावाDespite her claims of innocence, she was found to be guilty
Clarifyस्पष्ट करना I wish to clarify all your doubts
Clashलड़ाई Clashes broke out between two groups in the old city
Climateजलवायु / मौसम The month of April generally has a moderate climate
Closureसमापन Unpainted metals have a chance of corrosion
Cloudबादल The sky was full of clouds
Cluster भींड लगाना Photographers clustered around the film star
Coastसमुद्र तल There is a port on the east coast
Coincidenceसंयोग It was a sheer coincidence that he died on his birthday
Corporateसामूहिक Tomorrow is the day for the corporate election
Corpseशव The corpse was brought to the hospital for postmortem
Corridorबरामदा Some people were having tea in the corridor
Corrosionसंक्षरण The depth of the seawater cannot be imagined without a tool
Correctionत्रुटि सुधारना The name correction is needed in his mark sheet
Corruptionभ्रष्टाचार There is rampant corruption in government offices
Counterfeitजाली / नकली A large number of counterfeit notes have been found from the visitor
Countlessअसंख्य She has told this method countless times
Crowdमंडली / भीड़ A crown of insects assembled around the flowers
Crueltyक्रूरता Cruelty to animals is an offense
Culpritदोषी The culprit was caught red-handed
Curiousजिज्ञासू He is curious to know the result
Deadlyविषैला / प्राणनाशक Cobra is a deadly snack
Debateवाद-विवाद करना We debated the question of abortion
Debitनिकासी He debited Rs. 5000 cash from his account
Deceiveविश्वासघात करना The Insurance company deceived me when they told me they were covering my house
Decencyशालीनता Proper decency should be shown while attending a prayer
Defamatoryमानहानिकारक He made defamatory remarks against the leader
Deforestपेंड़ो को उखाड़ना The threes should not be deforested
Defraudकपट करके ठगना The shopkeeper defrauded her by giving her a fake product
Deformविकृत The structure was deformed badly after the earthquake
Deliberatelyजानबूझकर They deliberately avoided the issue
Democracyप्रजातंत्र There is a complete democracy in India
Denoteसूचित करना / बतलाना This sign $ denotes the amount in dollars
Deplorableदयनीय The house is in deplorable condition
Depreciateमूल्य घटना The value of the rupee has depreciated against dollars
DepthगहराईHer condition deteriorated after the surgery
Desireख्वाहिस We must desire freedom
Desperateहताश / निराश They prey on the hopes of the desperate
Despiteके बाबजूदDespite being late she could manage to catch the flight
Deteriorateबिगड़ना Her condition deteriorated after surgery
Eccentricसनकी His eccentric behavior puts him down
Ecosystemपारिस्थिकी तंत्रDeforestation is damaging the ecosystem
Edibleखाने योग्य These nuts are edible
Effectप्रभाव Your scolding will have no effect on him
Elaborateविस्तार से किया हुआI have already elaborated on this topic
Eligibleयोग्य He is eligible for the contest
Eliminateहटाना / समाप्त करना Chanakya eliminated his foes
Elsewhereऔर कहीं All restaurants are full, We have to go elsewhere
Embarrassशर्मिंदा करना There has been an increase in defense expenditure for the last two years
Emergencyआपात-स्थिति There I a door in the Aeroplane
Emissionस्राव / उत्सर्जन The emission of carbon dioxide from vehicles causes ailments
Empathyसद्भावनाEmpathic inclusiveness plays a vital role in building a strong society
Eraयुग The discovery marked a new era in biological research
Eradicateउन्मूलन India has many poverty eradication programs active in the country
Erroneousगलत / अशुद्ध He has erroneous ideas about Indian philosophy
Essentialआवश्यक These are very essential tools and materials
Exitबाहर I don’t believe in the existence of ghosts
Exhaustबुरी तरह थका देना This kind of work exhausts me
Exemptsमुक्त करना The accused was exempted from all charges
Exorbitantअत्यंत / बहुत ज्यादा Last year onion was sold at exorbitant prices
Expectआशा करना We were expecting a visit from our relatives
Expenditureव्यय Rose is one of the best flora
Extentसीमा He did not work to the extent of his knowledge
Extraordinaryविशेष / अनोखा Your performance was really extraordinary
Fabricated बनाना / गढ़ना The criminal has fabricated a story after the murder
Facilityसुविधा The assembly plant has the enormous facility
Faithfulवफादार A dog is a very faithful animal
Fancyपसंद करना I fancy colorful stamps
Fatalप्राणघातक The fatal train accident took a heavy toll on life
Fictitiousफर्जी / काल्पनिक This story seems to be fictitious
Firewood जलाने की लकड़ी In the village people still use firewood for cooking
FlexibleलचीलाHe keeps his body flexible through regular exercises
Flightहवाई यात्रा Due to the war, there was a fight among residents from the border areas
Flora वनस्पतिA deficiency of fluid may lead to health issues
Fluidद्रव पदार्थ Ram is the only heir of the Dodo dynasty
Foreignविदेश She learns foreign languages during vacations
Forfeitजुर्माना The session court has to forfeit him Rs. 5000
Formallyऔपचारिक रूप से He was formally invited to the party
Fortuneसौभाग्य May fortune be with you
Fraudछल He earns money through fraud
Fraudulentधोखेबाज He wanted to make fraudulent medical bills
Frequentlyबहुधा He comes to my house frequently
Frivolousहल्का / झूंठ के बराबर He leveled frivolous allegations against me
FundamentalमूलभूतWe have a fundamental right to speech
Funeralशव यात्रा / क्रिया-कर्म He took part in the funeral
Fungusफंफूदी Alae is a fungus
Generallyसामान्यतः I do not generally like to travel in the summer months
Generosityउदारता Indians are known for their generosity
Genocideनरसंहार There are reports of genocide in many African countries
Gestureहाव-भाव It was a very kind gesture by him to offer a seat to the lady
Grabपकड़ना The police grabbed the thief
Graduallyधीरे-धीरे Gradually you will learn all the tricks of the game
Graveगंभीर He is in grave danger of being attacked by the terrorists
Greatबड़ा Gandhi Ji was a great human being
Grievanceशिकायत My grievance is registered yet
Grossसकल Stop making such gross errors
Groundमैदान The balloon came back to the ground
Habitatप्राकृतिक वास Forests are the best habitat for elephant
Habitualआदत Playing football is a habitual task of mine
Hardlyशायद ही / मुश्किल से I wake up at 5 am hardly
Hazardousखतरनाक Working in an explosive factory is a hazardous task
Heinousजघन्य / घृणित Breaking the modesty of a woman is a heinous act
Hairउत्तराधिकारी Immerse the potatoes in water for better cooking
Hilariousहास्यप्रद This act is really hilarious
Hinderबाधा / रोकना Casteism hinders the development of a nation
Idealपूर्ण She is an ideal person
Illegalगैर-कानूनी There are many illegal immigrants in our country
Immatureअपरिपक्व Immature fruits should not be plucked
Immerseडुबाना Immerse the potatoes in water for their better cooking
Immoralअनैतिक Uneducated & illiterate persons are immoral in their character
Immunityप्रतिरोधक क्षमता Artificial immunity s given to people suffering from diseases
Impactप्रभाव Her speech made a tremendous impact on everyone
Impairविकृत करना Too much alcohol impairs your ability to drive
Impartialनिष्पक्ष Impartial justice is provided to everyone in a secular state
Impatientबेचैन The patient was very impatient to meet the doctor
Importआयात करना Technical equipment is imported from abroad
Impoundजप्त करना The police impounded his car as evidence
Inactiveनिष्क्रिय Some animals are inactive during the daytime
Inadvertentlyअसावधानी से / गलती से He did not attach the DD in the letter inadvertently
Induceफुसला कर राजी करनाHe induced a child by showing a chocolate
Inexpensiveसस्ता Widow locks are inexpensive but good
Injuryघाव This injury should be immediately attended to
Intendइरादा रखना I intend to complete this work by the evening
Judicialन्यायिक There will be a judicial inquiry into the train mishap
Justifyसत्य ठहराना Her excellent performance in the exam has justified her ability to succeed
Lawfulकानूनी He has acquired his wealth only through lawful means
Legalकानूनी We do not know the legal issues related to the problem
Liabilityदायित्व / देयता Now it is his liability to pay back the debt
Likewiseवैसे ही The teacher writes in capital letters. The likewise students are asked to do likewise
LimitसीमाPlease limit your behavior
Logicalतार्किकHis arguments were very logical
Loyalस्वामीभक्त He is loyal to me
Luxuryभोग-विलास He lives in luxury
Magicianजादूगर P Sorcar is a renowned magician
Magistrateमजिस्ट्रेट He is a magistrate in the court
Maidenयुवती / अविवाहिता She is a pretty looking maiden
Maintainबरक़रार रखना Please maintain your body language
Majorityबहुतायत The majority of the members voted for the motion
Mandatoryअनिवार्य Wearing a helmet while driving a bike is mandatory by law
Manipulateहेरा फेरी करना
He has manipulated the investigation
Misunderstandगलत समझना Why do you always misunderstand him
Misuseदुरुपोग करना Don’t misuse public property
Mobभीड़ The police have found it difficult to disperse the mob
Mythकाल्पनिक It is a myth that ghosts are there
Nabपकड़ लेना The police nabbed the criminal from his home
Narrateबयां करना / सुनाना I narrated the whole story to my mother
Nationalityराष्ट्रीयता My nationality is American
Naturallyसंभाविक रूप से He speaks quite naturally
Navigateदिशा-ज्ञान कराना How can I obtain my parents’ permission?
Necessityआवश्यक The government should recognize the necessity for pollution control
Negligentलापरवाह He gave us a negligent answer
Neighborhoodपड़ोस This is a beautiful neighborhood
Noiseशोर don’t make noise
Normsमानदंड We must adapt to the norms of the society we live in
Notoriousबदनाम The notorious dacoit Vinod later turned into a politician
Nowadaysआज कल Nowadays, I am confused about the weather
Oathशपथ A witness takes an oath before giving evidence
Obligatoryजरूरी It is obligatory to cover your head before you enter a Gurudwara
Obnoxiousअप्रियThere was an obnoxious smell
Obtainप्राप्त करना How can i obtain my parents’ permission?
Offenseअपराध He has been charged with a serious offense
Outcomeपरिणाम What will be the outcome of the war?
Pact समझौता He made a pact with me to divide the property
Pandemicमहामारी COVID-19 is a new pandemic
Participateभाग लेना I love to participate in social activities
PaternalपैतृकDue to his father’s death, he was deprived of paternal love
Patronसंरक्षक He is a patron of art and music
Peacefulशांतिप्रिय She passed a peaceful evening in the meadows
Prejudiceपूर्वाग्रह Social prejudice is one of the major obstacles in the development of India
Painदर्द I have pain in my left arm
Qualificationयोग्यता Her qualifications for the job are excellent
Quiteकाफी The new actress is quite beautiful
Randomएक के बाद कोई और I picked up these books randomly
Rapidतेजी से There has been a rapid increase in the population of India
Reconsiderफिर से विचार करना Please reconsider my job application
Relevantसुसंगत Reading relevant study material to pass the Civil services is vital
Responsibleजिम्मेदार Ram is a responsible person
Rural ग्रामीण Rural areas in India are not developed so much
Sacrificeबलिदान / त्याग A mother sacrifices her all luxuries for her child’s education
Scopeगुन्जाइस There is great scope in this organization
Seduceबहकाना Ramu seduced the workers to work with low salary
Seekमांगना I seek this job
Sensitiveसंवेदनशील You are very sensitive
Sentenceवाक्य Make a proper sentence
Significanceअर्थ / महत्त्व It’s very difficult to grab the significance of his remarks
Taleकहानी frequent strikes forced the management the closure the factory
Talentगुण He is an orator of great talent
Tariffशुल्क लगाना The government has given a new tariff for the electricity
Taxationकर लगाना The government puts taxation based on income
Techniqueतकनीकी The doctors learn various techniques in medicine
Temporalलौकिक Sages are not attracted by the temporal desires
Temporaryअल्पकालिक He has a temporary job
Tenantकिरायेदार I have to collect the rent from my tenant
Terminateसमाप्त करनाThe attendee was terminated from the service

Which is the best book for English grammar?

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List of additional 250+ Daily words in English with meaning in Hindi

Below are the additional 250+ daily English words that are most often used in a conversation –

Daily use wordsHindi MeaningExample
Uncertainअनिश्चित The orphans seem to have an uncertain future
Ultimateअंततः Virat sir has an ultimate personality
Unacceptableअस्वीकार्य One can see uniform tall white buildings on MG STREET
Unaccountableअनुत्तरदायी For some unaccountable reason, they never come
Unanimousएकमत The decision at the meeting was unanimous
Unavoidableजिसे टाला न जा सके The meeting was postponed due to unavoidable circumstances
UnawareबेखबरHe seems to be unaware of the political developments in the society
Uniformवर्दी / एकसमान Poet shelly wrote an ode on Zephyr
Unlawfulगैर-कानूनी He was charged with an unlawful transaction of goods
Unnaturalअप्राकृतिक His mother’s death was an unnatural death
Unnecessaryअनावश्यक I took an unnecessary leave today
Vacateछोड़ना / खाली करना Students have to vacate the hostel
Vacuousविचारणीय He made a vacuous laugh
Vacuumशून्य स्थान Vacuum prevents oxidation
Velocityवेग The velocity of the wind is terrible
Veracityसत्यता Harishchandra is known for his veracity
Verifyसत्यापित / प्रमाणित करना The examiner verified all the answers
Violationतोड़ना Violation of human rights should not be encouraged
Violenceहिंसा Children are exposed to a lot of violence on Tv
Wageमजदूरी / बेतनWorkers get nominal wages
Weaponअस्त्र Terrorists use weapon
Weatherमौसम Let’s go out. The weather is pleasant now
Welfare कल्याण / हित We have to work for the welfare of the needy-
Witnessसाक्ष्य देना You have to witness the scene
Xenophobiaविदेश द्वेष Some German patriots suffer from xenophobia
Yearवर्ष This year I will purchase a BMW car
Yearlingनन्हा बच्चा / गधा I enjoy the race of yearling
Yieldहार मानना The militants yielded six Indian soldiers to the Army
Zealotकट्टरपंथी Taliban of Afghanistan are religious zealots
Zealousसरगर्म / जोशीला He is zealous in helping the poor
Zephyrमंद-मंद हवा Poet Shelly wrote an ode on Zephyr
Zodiacराशि चक्रThe signs of the zodiac are used in astrology and horoscopes

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