12 Best Horse riding schools in the World

12 Best Horse Riding Schools in the World


Horse riding is becoming more popular than ever, with people of all ages and backgrounds taking up the activity. But if you’re serious about learning to ride, it pays to find the best horse riding schools in the world.

After all, these are the places where you’ll learn from some of the most experienced riders in the business. On this page, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best horse riding schools from around the world.

From rustic ranches in Wyoming to luxury equestrian centers in England, these are the top places for aspiring and professional riders alike to hone their skills and refine their technique. Read on for a tour of some of the best horse-riding schools out there.

List of the 12 Best Global Horse Riding Schools

We did thorough research to find the “12 Best Horse Riding Schools in the World.” We looked at things like how good their facilities are, how experienced their instructors are, and the overall learning experience. We considered global reputation, facilities, the variety of programs, and the success of riders from these schools.

We also listened to stories from people who have been to these schools, read reviews from horse riding communities, and checked what achievements the schools’ alumni have in competitions. Our goal is to give horse riding fans a helpful and trustworthy guide. Here are the Top 12:

1. Hartpury College (United Kingdom)

Hartpury College, situated in Gloucestershire, not only provides an Olympic-standard indoor arena, cross-country course, and dressage arena but also offers a comprehensive range of equestrian programs at both Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE) levels.

The college’s commitment to excellence is evident through its BHS-approved Riding Academy, contributing to its reputation as a leading institution in British equestrianism.

2. Morven Park International Equestrian Center (USA)

Located in Leesburg, Virginia, Morven Park International Equestrian Center stands out with its world-class facilities. From beginner to advanced riders, the center offers a variety of courses, ensuring a personalized learning experience.

With experienced and qualified instructors, it is a prime choice for riders looking to enhance their skills in the United States.

3. Eglinton School of Equitation (Australia)

Eglinton School of Equitation is widely considered one of the best horse riding schools in Australia. The school is located in Eglinton, New South Wales, and was founded in 1982. The school offers a wide range of courses for riders of all levels, from beginners to advanced.

They also offer a variety of equestrian disciplines, including dressage, show jumping, eventing, and more. The school has a team of experienced and qualified instructors who are passionate about teaching riders to reach their full potential.

In addition to offering lessons, the school also hosts a number of events throughout the year, such as competitions and clinics.

4. Caledon Equestrian Park (Canada)

Caledon Equestrian Park is one of the premiere horse-riding schools in the world. Located in Caledon, Ontario, Canada, the school offers a variety of programs for both beginner and experienced riders.

The school has a state-of-the-art facility that includes an indoor arena, an outdoor arena, and a cross-country course.

Riders can take advantage of the beautiful surroundings by going on scenic hacks through the Caledon Hills. The school also offers a competitive show jumping program as well as a therapeutic riding program.

5. Inanda Club (South Africa)

Inanda Club is situated in South Africa and is one of the oldest and most prestigious horse riding schools in the world. The school has a long and successful history, dating back to 1882 when it was founded by Lady Anne Barnard.

Inanda Club has produced many champion riders over the years and continues to be a leading force in the equestrian world. The school offers a wide range of horse riding lessons for all levels, from beginners to advanced.

The experienced and qualified instructors at Inanda Club are passionate about horses and riding and are dedicated to helping each student reach their full potential. There are also a variety of different horses available for students to ride so that everyone can find the perfect mount for them.

Inanda Club is not only a great place to learn how to ride but also an excellent place to enjoy the sport of horse riding.

The beautiful grounds and facilities offer something for everyone, whether you want to hack out on the cross-country course or compete in show jumping competitions. There is also a fully stocked equestrian shop on site, where you can buy everything you need for your horse riding adventures.

6. Pferdeklinik Barendorf (Germany)

Pferdeklinik Barendorf, a leading horse-riding school in Germany, distinguishes itself with a diverse range of courses for riders at all levels.

The school’s emphasis on the well-being of horses is evident in its top-notch facilities and highly qualified staff. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider, Pferdeklinik Barendorf offers a supportive environment for honing your equestrian skills in Germany.

7. Pferdefachschule Bern (Switzerland)

Pferdefachschule Bern is a Swiss professional school for world-class horse riding and horse breeding. It is located in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. The school offers a variety of programs, including:

  • A three-year apprenticeship program for horse grooms
  • A two-year program for horse trainers
  • A one-year program for riding instructors
  • A variety of continuing education courses

The school has a modern facility with indoor and outdoor arenas, a cross-country course, and a large stable. The school also has a team of experienced instructors who are passionate about horses and teaching.

Pferdefachschule Bern is a great place to learn about horses and horsemanship. The school offers a variety of programs to suit all levels of experience, and the instructors are dedicated to helping students reach their full potential.

8. Centro Equestre Il CIRCOLO (Italy)

Centro Equestre Il CIRCOLO, situated in Rome, Italy, provides a rich array of services beyond horse riding lessons. From horse boarding to leasing and equine therapy, the school caters to the diverse needs of riders.

Recognized globally and featured in magazines and newspapers, Centro Equestre Il CIRCOLO stands out as a world-renowned horse-riding school, offering a safe and enjoyable environment for riders in Italy.

9. Asheville School (USA)

Nestled in Asheville, North Carolina, Asheville School is a distinguished horse-riding institution in the United States. As the second-best school in the country, it offers a variety of programs for both beginners and experienced riders. Ideal for:

  • Aspiring equestrians seeking a balanced academic & riding experience
  • Riders eager to explore beautiful mountain surroundings
  • Those looking for a supportive and inclusive riding community. Picturesque campus trails for hacking
  • Emphasis on horsemanship & responsible care

The school’s commitment to providing a range of horses and offering both English and Western riding lessons makes it an inclusive choice for riders of all levels.

10. Asia Pacific International School (Korea)

Asia Pacific International School in Korea is globally recognized as one of the best horse riding schools in the world, offering diverse programs for both beginners and experienced riders. Beyond its top-notch facilities, the school’s location in Korea provides a unique cultural experience.

You can choose English, Western, or Korean styles, no matter your experience. They teach you Korean traditions and manners, making your riding experience even better.

With a comprehensive curriculum, experienced instructors, and a focus on cultural immersion, the school is an ideal destination for riders seeking a holistic approach to their equestrian education.

11. Canterbury school (England)

Canterbury School is one of the oldest and most prestigious horse-riding schools in the world. Founded in England in 1858, it has educated some of the most celebrated riders in history. It is still considered to be one of the best places to learn horsemanship, and its alumni include Olympians and world champions.

The school offers a variety of programs for both beginners and experienced riders. Its facilities are top-notch, and its instructors are among the best in the business. If you’re serious about learning how to ride, Canterbury is the place to do it.

12. The Brook Hill School (China)

China has a long and rich history of horsemanship, and the Brook Hill School is one of the best places to learn this ancient art. Situated in the picturesque Shandong Province, the school offers students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Chinese culture and learn the skills of horse riding.

The Brook Hill School provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of horsemanship, from basic riding techniques to advanced dressage. The also has an extensive gaming area where people can play games to have fun.

The school also offers students the chance to participate in competitions and shows, giving them a chance to showcase their skills to the world.

With its world-class facilities and experienced instructors, Brook Hill School is the perfect place for anyone who wants to learn about horse riding and Chinese culture.

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