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There are millions of online unblocked games games available on the internet that bring you joy. However, all these online games are not always considered suitable for online players, especially for younger kids.

Based on the above statement, the games were categorized into two parts –

  1. Blocked games: These games may not be safe for kids
  2. Unblocked games: These are considered safe for children. These games are basically designed for schools and college students in order to improve their motor skills and pass their time.

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Where can I play these games?

You can play these games by visiting the links given above. Just click on a ‘game link’ which you like to play, read the instructions and start the game.

Alternatively, you can directly visit Infrexa Games World’s website to play unlimited online games.

There are thousands of unblocked game sites that have been blocked by office administrators and school management so that employees and students can be more focused and productive in their work.

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How can I play Unblocked games on my school, college, or office computer?

As rightly pointed out above, offices and educational institutions have different restrictions for game sites, a lot of game sites are blocked on these computer devices to prevent procrastination and to ensure that students and employees are free to focus on their work.

We suggest you try sites from the second or third pages because most top sites that rank on 1st pages are blocked by the institutional management.

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How these games are blocked?

They are blocked by schools and offices by using the proxy servers that filter the requested files before serving them on your computer screen.

School authorities usually block HTTP:// sites and select HTTPS:// sites but it is almost, practically impossible to block every game site.

They only block some main sites that are so popular and ranked on the first page of Google, players can still find thousands of unblocked game sites on the 3rd, 4th, 5th or so pages on Google as most of them are still accessible. I would personally suggest you try The best 10 Unblocked games 999.

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